Ke$ha Feat: 3OH3 New Video “Blah Blah Blah”

Still high off the success of her first single “Tik Tok,” pop singer Ke$ha debuts her brand new music video for “Blah Blah Blah,” the second single from her debut album Animal, which peaked at #1 on the Billboard 200 in its opening week. Shot out to Gossiponthis for the video let me know what yall think?


The Homie  Soulja Boy sent me a special invite to come  to the set of Roscoe Dash new video shoot “All The Way Turnt Up”, which was shot in the ATL … Here are some of the pictures…  Roscoe Dash is signed to  Zone 4.  They really getting money AHHH… Here The Video

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Rihanna Is Getting Ready To Be A Movie Star


After having what most people in the music industery would call a flop album Rihanna may soon be coming to a theater near you. During a recent interview with MTV News, the “Hard” singer said she would love to start a career in film. She states, quote, “I would love to get into comedic movies, as well as action. I love action. I would love to play a badass one day.” Rihanna doesn’t have a particular co-star in mind, but says she has a fondness for comedian Sacha Baron Cohen. She remarks, quote, “I love him. I watched ‘Bruno’ and ‘Borat’ 50 million times.” A career in movies isn’t the only thing Rihanna has on her horizon. The R&B vocalist says she would also like to dip her feet into the world of fashion. She explains, quote, “I always wanted to do a fashion line of my own, because I love fashion,” adding, quote, “it’s another way for me to be creative.”

Rihanna is currently promoting her “Rated R” album. The record dropped last November selling 181-thousand copies in its first week. Rihanna was spotted arriving at Heathrow International Airport in London, England here are some of the pic’s.

Why Amber Rose Try’s To Be Grace Jones?


I really cant make sense of why Amber Rose is trying to recreate Grace Jones legendarily Album cover what do yall think.


This is what is reporting: READ MORE

I love Louie  but have not worked the nerves up to by any of there over priced items. I must say when I do finally buy something it will be for my Mom and Granny, they are the only people I know that I am going to spend $1500 and up for a bag on. Who would you spend that type of money on and why? Here are some pictures of their Spring 2010 Campaign. P.S. All the bags in the pictures below start at $1500 and go up to $3500 … WOW…  Do yall think thats a waste of money?

mike-vick is reporting that playgirl spokesman Daniel Nardicio submitted the offer to Vick late last week but hasn’t heard back from vick. Playgirl spokesman Daniel Nardicio told Life and Style magazine:

I sent the request to Michael Vick on Wednesday. But we haven’t heard back yet. I figured he paid back society for dog fighting, but what about the animals?

This way he could donate a large sum to PETA and all he’d have to do is pose for the magazine! It’s kind of a win-win situation!

If he accepts, he won’t be the first NFL star to strip for animals. Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez stripped down with his wife as part of an anti-fur campaign last year. Do yall think Vick should do it?

Is This Your Son: Too Many Drinks Not Enough Clothes


I must say at what point do you put the drinks down and  back away from the yard chair cup holder … Clearly it is when you start taking off your clothing and thinking you are a 300 pound stripper … One of my readers sent me these pictures cause they new I would love to post them. This is what went down at the party….

Hi I have some photos from a birthday party that took place “IN THE HOOD” ; ) and there was suppose to be a stripper coming to teach a class and everybody was to try out the pole. Well once the liquor started pouring and everybody had had their taste clothes started coming off and all cares were thrown out the door. Well needless to say Joe is a flaming man and looks a flaming hot mess in this photo!!

My only question is why is he the only one naked, was it a set up – – were the ladies trying to get a peak of his goods? LOL … Joe I think they set you up …


This sounds like a cover up to me. Bossip is reporting the media is quick to jump on drama and create any type of controversy that can come from it.
When a video appeared of a woman, that was allegedly rapper Nicki Minaj before she hit the mainstream, talking about her sexual relationship with Remy Ma, many believed that Ms. Remy engaged in the accusations.
Since then, Minaj has denied the claims that she was the woman in the footage.
Calling Jenny Boom Boom and DJ Craig G from Hot 93.7, Martin, who is doing an 8-year bid was able to finally address the situation.

“That video came out years ago. I was home when it first surfaced and I don’t know who that is. The crazy thing with me is that it’s been out for so long and I’m still waiting for somebody to like type in, like on the computer, like I know here, she lives next door to me…I don’t even know what the logic was behind that.”

In regards to Minaj, the jailed rapper states that she is happy for her success and only wishes that she was back out recording so she could give Barbie some competition.

“I’m happy for her. I rather her than any of these chicks that are put under a rock falling back out. I’m actually happy for her. I like Nicki, minus the gay stuff.”

What yall think?