Is This Your Son: Diva Derek J. & His New Bag


Ladies the one and only Diva Derek J hit the streets of ATL to find him-self a new man. One that can keep him with a new high priced bag and pumps. P.S. Yes that is a $2500.00 vintage Valentino  bag, “so gone head and hate bitches”.  He said he is “Giving it to yall A$$” with his fish net stocking and BCBG pumps, he’s ready to take on the world.


On Sunday evening, Lil Wayne’e mom – Jacida Carter – T-Pain’s mother – Aliyah Najm – and Ne-Yo’s mom – H. Loraine Smith – will be presented with a humanitarian award in music and television at the “Queens in our Communities” celebration. They will be the first recipients of the award. The ceremony will be held at Atlanta’s Historic Highland Inn & Ballroom. It will include a dinner and entertainment gala that will feature performances from celebrity guests.

All the money generated from “Queens in our Communities” will benefit programs that serve to develop a networking system for female entrepreneurs around the world. Program Director Carla Barnes remarks, quote, “The event is designed to ignite the fire and inspire a whole new generation of empowered women across the country.” Tickets for “Queens in our Communities” range between 20 and 50-dollars and can be purchased at I am so happy to see 3 people who I always see giving back be honored.

Diddy Stalker Arrested In The Hamptons


A Florida woman is facing charges for allegedly stalking hip-hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs.  Cemelia Green was arrested on February 22nd after she was found on Diddy’s East Hampton property for the second time in a month. READ MORE

“XXL” Magazine Reveals Top 10 Freshmen Of 2010


Some of the hottest up and coming names in the world of rap will be appearing in the upcoming issue of “XXL” magazine. If you are a HIP HOP HEAD, you should WANT this issue. Earlier this week the publication announced its list of the top ten freshman rappers of 2010. This year’s collection features a wide array of emcees, with talented rappers from coast-to-coast appearing on the list. West coast artists Jay Rock, O.J. Da Juiceman, Nipsey Hussle and Fashawn made the list, as did Pittsburgh’s Wiz Khalifah. Pill, Donnis and the FLAME spitter J. Cole are holding it down for the south, while Big Sean and Freddie Gibbs represent the midwest. “XXL’s” Editor in Chief Vanessa Satten says each year’s class is completely DIFFERENT, telling MTV News that the 2010 group is, quote, “a little bit more street” than 2009. “XXL’s” ten freshman of 2010 issue will be on newsstands March 16th. Looks like we got a new line up for the Leaders of the New School. Do yall think these cats are really DESERVING of the freshmen of the year title?


It appears as if Dr. Conrad Murray hasn’t revealed the ENTIRE story about Michael Jackson’s (RIP) final hours. is quoting sources who say Murray may have attempted to cover-up what really happened based on evidence found in a SECRET CLOSET  in the late pop star’s bedroom. Murray told police he had administered two-point-five milliliters of the powerful anesthetic Propofol to Jackson shortly before he died. READ MORE

“Let’s Talk About Pep” Wrap Party


The cast of VH1’s “Let’s Talk about Pep” partied at Comix in New York City yesterday for the season finale of the serious based on the lives of Sandy ‘Pepa” Denton (from the group Salt N’ Pepa) and her friends Jacque Reid, Kitty, and Joumana. The homies over at posted the party pictures which was in celebration of the show’s success with guests including DL Hughley, Gayle King, RHOA Dwight, and MTV’s Sway. I wish Salt was there…Spinderella too…put that DYNAMIC treo back on the map. I mean, they WERE the BEST selling female rap group of all time. Yeah, all time.

Look at Gayle King. She looks wasted! Party, party, party..Free GUCCI!…


For the longest, I have been in love along with most of  the men of America with Lisa Bonet. Denise Huxtable is still on FIRE. The Homies over at posted these pic’s of actress Lisa Bonet, along with her boyfriend Jason Momoa and their daughter Lola, who were spotted out on a picnic over the weekend  in Santa Monica, California. Mr. Momoa better go ahead and wife this WINNER up.

Lisa has three children: Nakoa Momoa,1, Lola,  and daughter Zoe Isabella, 21, with musician Lenny Kravitz. I can remember when I first saw her on “The Cosby Show”. Maybe that’s when I started digging LIGHT SKINNED CHICKS. LOL  j/k

Below are also pictures of Jason Momoa, Lisa Bonet, Lenny Kravitz and Zoe Kravitz at Entertainment Weekly’s Party to Celebrate the Best Director Oscar Nominees held at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, California.


I got to say the homie Trey Songz don’t take NO MESS. He and R&B singer Jarvis partied it up the other night when a disrespectful party goer had to be put in line after coming INCORRECT. Trey who told the Drunk DISGRUNTLE person “please stop pushing him“. He then reacted… and my mane isn’t one of those celebrities that needs security to fight his battles, he will whoop yo A$$ himself…put them HANDS on you. Got to love the fact that he don’t need someone else to fight for him… LOL

Here is his new video  “Neighbors Know My Name