Did Gary Coleman Penis Bailed Him Out Of Jail?…

Gary Coleman’s penis was the key to his freedom after being jailed Sunday — this according to the movie producers who claim to have paid Coleman’s bail … movie producers who have a serious hole in their story.

The producers sent out a press release bragging that they forked over the cash after Coleman agreed to allow them to use nude footage of him in their movie.

But several reputable media outlets in Utah are reporting the person who fronted Coleman’s bail isn’t a movie producer at all — he’s a fan who owns a loan business. Click Here for Gary Naked Pic… READ MORE

Christina Milian’s 81-year-old neighbor claims he was mauled by one of her dogs back in 2008 — and now the man wants Christina to pay for the canine’s alleged brutality.Leo Skolion filed a lawsuit against Christina and family earlier this month in L.A. County Superior Court, claiming the family’s negligence lead to the attack that left him with “severe personal injuries.” READ MORE

Yung Joc & Frank Ski Party It Up At UTOPIA


Frank Ski & Yung Joc partied all night long at one of the hottest spots ion ATL on Saturday night along with “Stomp The Yard” movie producer Will Packer.   Yo you can see all the pic’s from that night on Frankski.com

Charlie Sheen Dropped From Hanes


Charlie Sheen is no longer a good fit for Hanes undershirts.

The actor’s Christmas Day arrest on domestic violence charges sent his sponsor scrambling to pull commercials featuring him and basketball star Michael Jordan over the holidays.

The ads for the “Comfortsoft” line of Hanes undershirts were last scheduled to air on Jan. 1 of this year, according to a Hanesbrands spokesperson, but after the arrest most of the commercials disappeared.

“We suspended the commercials on Dec. 28,” spokesman Matthew Hall says. “Some were seen on the 25th, 26th, 27th as we could not reach the networks over the holiday weekend.”

Dang Charlie…chech Out The Hanes Video with Michael Jordan and Charlie Sheen


Tila Tequila says she’s pregnant and she’s willing to confirm it — for a price. WOW …people are willing to pay for anything these days. Tila is shopping an ultrasound around and is even willing to give an interview to prove she’s having a baby.

What’s next the sex tape, of her making the baby?… I thought that she was just getting married to a women last time I checked… women on women action can’t make babies… Hummm…

P.S. I was also told she will be selling her soul for a year from now after she’s had the baby – – She’s only here for the cash…

In other news Tila recently broke her silence about the death of her lover Casey Johnson… Here is the interview.. READ MORE

Go Diddy!  You buy roses for the ladies!  You bless the homeless man with $100!!!  I could use some of that charity you up north giving out!  What about ya’ll?

In addition to him giving out all those goods…check out the 2 songs he released by his new group Dirty Money.  One features Lil Wayne and the other features Drake!



Check out Neffe’s new look for the 2nd season of The Frankie n Neffe Show!  At first, I was told by different sources that the show might not be airing, but yes, it looks like things are changing for the dynamic duo.  Neffe will be bringing a new Attitude, new Look, and new NEFFE, so yall watch out, cuz she aint playing! I must say I am loving these photos that were sent over by her Glam Team… Neffe lets her hair down and as she would say, “give  it to yall bitc*es …”

What yall think?

Naomi Campbell As….Iron Woman??


Naomi Campbell recently did a shoot with Giampaolo Sgura. I must say I love the pic’s but I didn’t really understand the concept. It is very abstract…there is no true cohesiveness amongst the photos. It looks like random shots of her winding down, undressing and blowing out candles. Then out of no where, she throws on the Iron Man helmet with her rockets out blasting. Yall tell me what yall think….