I really dont understand why 50 keeps coming at folks like this, but this is a funny guy. Don’t yall think he need to be trying to make friends instead of enemies considering his track record? Well I guess once you take 9 hot pieces of lead all over your body, you tend to talk ish about everyone and everything…whenever you want. One thing I know for sure, 50 doesn’t back down for NOTHIN!

Yall think 50 cent still relevant?



Eve took to her twitter the other day to announce that she left Interscope Records and is a “free agent.”  Although fashion and television have taken up a lot of her time these past few years, the former Ruff Ryders’ First Lady says there will be an album out this year!




I have to say I miss my homie Tiny since her boo got out  she been missing.. But I guess when you dont see someone, they are working hard… Tiny Recently open  her nail salon and is currently back in the studio working on a new album that is said to be coming out this fall… I cant wait to hear it.. Tameka  “Tiny” Cottle recently had a photoshoot with celebrity fashion photographer Robert Ector!

I know you are wondering what the hell type of shoes she is wearing, they are Roberto Cavalli and they cost a pretty penny… Tip, she knows how to break the bank… WOW her shoes almost cost more than my car..  Shot out to TamekaTinyCottleOnline.com


Check out the pics and here are the credits!

New Music – Shawty Dreek “What I Do”

Alright Freddyo.com readers there’s plenty of new music out here and we want you to decide if it’s a hit or not.

First up is Shawty Dreek with his new single ” What I Do.” 



“What I Do”

If you like that, check out more of Shawty Dreek at www.myspace.com/shawtydreek and don’t forget to tell us wht YOU think!


Jay-Z Got Some Explaining To Do…

Jay-Z has some serious explaining to do. Check it out!

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Amber Rose Takes Over Traxx ATL

Picture 8
Amber Rose came out and did her thang for some of her biggest fans in the ATL over the weekend. She worked the stage and showed love to her 4000 fans who field the room… While their my homie got a chance to speak to her and she said that “she’s just happy so many people came out to the club”. While at the club they had an Amber Rose look alike contest… WOW … look at the winner..
Traxx’s ATL is one of the biggest Alternative promoters in the world, and wanted to thank Amber for coming out.. So many celebrities act as tho they can’t come to their club because of reticule, but yet want their music played and movies seen, but dont want to support them… So they wanted to thank Amber so much for all the love she gave ..

Shot out to THAT RETAIL CHICK for the pic’s.. I also got to thank Traxx Atlanta,  & Traxx Girls for the exclusive invite courtesy of my homie Avian

Come Get Your Daughter

Picture 6

The homies over at Mediatakeout always push me to work harder to find crazy stories .. But I have to say this was one of the most disturbing videos I have ever seen … Yall I got only two questions?… Why  she doing all of that for 40 dollars, and why in the hell would MARTA Let her on the train wearing that … {MARTA is Atlanta’s transit line}… Yall have got to watch the video ..

RunDown Of 2010 Golden Globe Awards

Actress Halle Berry poses in the press room at the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 17, 2010 in Beverly Hills, California.
Yall know I dont know nothing about fashion but I can tell yall who I was feeling at the 2010 Colden Globes . Halle Berry, Zoe Saldana, Gabby Sidibe, Chisina Aguilera, Mariah Carry,and many more shut it down on the Golden Globes red carpet at the Beverly Hilton in L.A.

Halle was wearing a Kaufman Franco gown with lace insets and an open back.

Zoe Saldana looked great in a Louis Vuitton wine-colored strapless gown with a ruffled hem. She and the rest of the cast of Avatar won the award for Best Motion Picture Drama. Congrats to her.

Gabby Sidibe didn’t win for Best Actress in a Drama, but she looked nice nonetheless. Shot out to JustJared for the pic’s …