Check out Neffe’s new look for the 2nd season of The Frankie n Neffe Show!  At first, I was told by different sources that the show might not be airing, but yes, it looks like things are changing for the dynamic duo.  Neffe will be bringing a new Attitude, new Look, and new NEFFE, so yall watch out, cuz she aint playing! I must say I am loving these photos that were sent over by her Glam Team… Neffe lets her hair down and as she would say, “give  it to yall bitc*es …”

What yall think?

Naomi Campbell As….Iron Woman??


Naomi Campbell recently did a shoot with Giampaolo Sgura. I must say I love the pic’s but I didn’t really understand the concept. It is very abstract…there is no true cohesiveness amongst the photos. It looks like random shots of her winding down, undressing and blowing out candles. Then out of no where, she throws on the Iron Man helmet with her rockets out blasting. Yall tell me what yall think….

T-Pain Looking For Dancers For World Tour


Hip-hop star T-Pain is giving a few talented dancers the chance to join him on the road. From now until February 16th, T-Pain fans can visit for a chance to serve as a dancer on the singer’s next world tour. The “Blood, Sweat, and Dance” contest requires interested participants to upload a one minute video of themselves dancing to Omarion’s “I Get It In,” as well as a 30-second clip that showcases a separate talent. T-Pain will review the entries himself, and on February 19th nine finalists will be announced. The finalists will take part in one last audition on February 22nd in Miami, and on February 25th one male and two females will be selected. … Click here to find out all the info


Stevie Boi’s Futuristic Shades



At first glance, there are one million thoughts that come to mind when you see this picture. I have NEVER seen a shoot like this. The fog, combined with the hightop blond box, “tetris shaped” shades, and screw face is a whirlwind of “different” upon first glance. But this is Celeb Eyewear Designer Stevie Boi, who is releasing his new eyewear line entitled “Fallen Angel” February 6th 2010 on .

This new eyewear line features cameo’s from many celebs as-well as sponsors such as Rasheeda, Tiny, Toya, Trina, Lil Kim and many others. More will be released mid February. Stevie Boi will be teaming with Deola Sagoe at Fashion week, February 13th at Bryant Park. Check out the pics and tell me what yall think…lol

I have to say if I was paying taxes over in the Filipins I would be really pissed that inmates were spending all their time learning dance routines… Here is Michael Jackson’s long-time choreographer Travis Payne, with dancers Daniel Celebre and Dres Reid, who taught over 400 inmates a routines from “This Is It.”..

Shouldn’t they be out picking up trash.. Check out their other videos.. READ MORE

Nivea & Rasheeda Let Yall Know They Still Got It…


I must say I love me some Nivea & Rasheeda. The two came out to give their  support  by using their talents to help the victims of Haiti. They performed for the first time together and I have to tell yall. This was my first time hearing Nivea sing …she’s got a voice — Check her out…

The two are about to record a video to their new hit single  “Say Sumthin Baby Remix”. I cant wait to see it …  Here are all the pic’s


The photos taken by Jordan Miles’ mother show his face covered with raw, red bruises, his cheek and lip swollen, and his right eye swollen shut.

A bald spot mars the long black dreadlocks where the 18-year-old violist says police tore them from his head.

Now, 10 days after plainclothes officers stopped him on a street and arrested him after a struggle that they say revealed a soda bottle under his coat, not the gun they suspected, his right eye is still slightly swollen and bloodshot. His head is shaved. The three white officers who arrested him have been reassigned. And his mother says she is considering a lawsuit.

“I feel that my son was racially profiled,” Terez Miles said. “It’s a rough neighborhood; it was after dark. … They assumed he was up to no good because he’s black. My son, he knows nothing about the streets at all. He’s had a very sheltered life, he’s very quiet, and he doesn’t know police officers sit in cars and stalk people like that.”

I must say I was so moved as I watched Beyonce sing Halo for the Hope For Haiti Telethon… It was like she sang every single word in the right key… Their were no notes that where shaky or off key… Hate on her if you like, she is one of the best singers alive…

Here are some pic’s of her and Jay spotted holding hands/oranges while walking through an airport in France yesterday evening.  Shot out to Necolebitchie for the the pic’s