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In an attempt to come back, Young Buck has been putting a lot of music out online.  In his new song “Sooner or Later”  he’s going in on 50 Cent and some of the newer members of G-Unit.  Buck has been in the news the past couple of days about being secret lovers with Ray J and took to twitter to clear his name. 

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“Sooner or Later”





The homies over at posted the followup story about the crazy lady that went off at a McDonalds. Here is what they said…

Remember the girl we told you about last week who went buckwild and berserk in McDonalds over a burger order gone bad? Well snitches helped police catch her and now she’s been charged for an estimated three stacks worth of property damage. Full details under the lid. Jackson County prosecutors charged a woman with property damage Tuesday for allegedly tearing up a McDonald’s lobby after being served a “messed up” cheeseburger. Kansas City police arrested Alesha McMullen, 19, on the felony charge Sunday at an apartment where she was hiding in a closet, according to court records. She was identified through calls to the TIPS Hotline after police released video surveillance of the Dec. 27 outburst at the restaurant at 3255 Main St. According to police, McMullen ordered the cheeseburger snack wrap, a newer menu item, but received a regular cheeseburger. Employees made another burger for her, but she allegedly refused it and demanded a refund. After employees said no, she allegedly threw a water dispenser and a plastic wet floor sign over the counter before knocking three cash registers off the counter, breaking one. Damage was estimated at $3,000. When questioned by police, McMullen admitted throwing things because the restaurant messed up her order, court records say. Detectives said McMullen said she was having a “bad day.”

In case you missed it the first time. Here’s the video of the incident:

Come Get Your Daughter


I love a women with confidence but after looking at this pic I have to say I know she knew something wasn’t right … LOL Click Here To See More Pic’s… READ MORE


Hip-hop diva Kelis is claiming that her estranged husband Nas is in contempt of court. The “Bossy” singer is alleging that the rapper hasn’t made child support payments since December 1st. Kelis’ attorney, Laura Wasser, has filed papers in court stating that Nas did not pay nearly 60-thousand-dollars in spousal and child support. Last July, Nas was ordered to pay 55-thousand-dollars to cover the living expenses for Kelis and the couple’s newborn son, Knight Jones. Nas was also required to pay for his former flame’s prenatal expenses and medical bills, as well as paying 35-thousand-dollars to Laura Wasser.


Apparently there is a phone application that will allow the user to see through clothes. I wonder how many people will try to purchase this app. Hummm, millions perhaps?

Good lookin WSHH.


Atlanta’s Own “Pants on the Ground” Larry Platt



For those of you who missed this weeks episode of American Idol, here is a lesson in common sense. 63 year old General Larry Platt goes hard with his viral hit “Pants on the Ground”. I understand fashion statements and all, but saggin TIGHT ass pants is for the birds, or any pants at that…for real. If folks knew the history behind saggin, they wouldn’t do it.  Too bad the the general surpassed the shows age limit to perform in Hollywood. Could have gotten some of those young whipper snappers in check. lol

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Old School Jam Of The Week

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The old school Jam of the Week is dedicated to all the 80’s babies. You rememeber back in highschool when you had a crush on that fine someone, but you were scared to holla? Or you did holla and might of gotten shot down? Or you might have just been that dude or chic, and got everyone you wanted…yeah, those were the days. This is my man Slick Rick with Teenage Love. Take a trip down memory lane…

Video for Slick Rick’s Teenage Love…

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Think about the last time you went out.  The mall, the club, a family gathering and I bet you each time there was someone there saying “Hey, I’m doing this music thing now…check out my mixtape!”  And you think to yourself “Damn!  You too!’  I truly wonder how any of these new rappers plan to make it if their target audience is a group of other new rappers.