While at the Hawks vs Cavaliers game, I happened to spot the homies Usher, Chris Brown, Polo Da Don, and Akon chillin courtside. There were so many people there, you would have sworn it was playoff season. Apparently Usher and Chris were hungry as hell for some chicken wings…

The Hawks put up a great effort holding Lebron James to only 14 points, but lost the game 95 to 84.

Also in the building was Jeezy, Chris Tucker, Jerious Norwood of the Atlanta Falcons, and Atlanta’s new mayor Kasim Reed. Shout out To Zabo for the pic’s..

Check out the pics below…


Our homie Necolebitchie.com posted a story about  music producer Teddy Riley and the big fight he had with his daughter. The 18-year-old daughter of R&B producer and artist Teddy Riley has received a temporary restraining order against her father. Dang Teddy…tried to break his foot off in his daughter’s ‘rumpshaker’.

Taja Riley alleges that on December 23rd her  father abused her and her older sister by “stomping, punching and bashing them” inside of his Los Angeles home. According to documents filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Teddy Riley at one point, quote, “lifted a ‘Rock Band’ guitar and threatened to kill person(s) (with) it.” Dang, negroes getting beat with Christmas toys… Taja Riley says the incident has left her with several injuries. And all of the drama took place on twitter

Teddy Riley rose to fame as a member of the R&B groups Guy and Blackstreet. He has also had a successful career as a music producer, working on tracks like Bobby Brown’s “My Prerogative” and Michael Jackson’s “Remember The Time”, and several other major hits in the 1990’s. Here is one of his throw back hits…

TI And Club Crucial 2009 Bike Giveaway


For the past 4 years since TI and his uncle Derrick have owned club crucial they have worked hard to give back to the community in what ever way they can… This year Tip couldn’t come out but he did send his love and support by teaming up with his uncle to purchase over 500 bikes, wagons and scooters to give away to the Kids of Bankhead…


I had only one problem with the event….It was upsetting to see the people yelling at Tip’s uncle Derrick and his staff because they couldn’t get the  bike they wanted, but instead got a scooter or wagon. I think sometimes people have to remember when someone is giving things from their heart you should always just be thankful take it, smile, and say thank you. Or just take it to the pawnshop get the money and go buy what you want… 4real!!!

Big ups to Tip his Uncle D and Aunt Trish Love Yall.

Check out the pics below…

Are These Your Sons: Sex On The Train

Is this Your Son

I have to say people  its a time and a place for everything and having sex in-front of everyone on a train is not the place… I really don’t know why he and she couldn’t wait till they got home… I have to say our friends over at Dlisted .com always post the crazyest pic’s go check them out…

Click Here To see all the nasty pictures READ MORE

New Couple Alert Lil Wayne & Shanell From Young Money


Ok so I know I am going to get some calls about this, but hey its still news… Apparently I am one of the only people in the industry that didn’t know that Shanell and Wayne were talking. I must say if yall ever meet Shanell yall are going to be like damn she’s one of the coolest girls you will ever meet and if your her friend she’s always going to look out…


I was told by my sources:

“Wayne  is so in loves with that girl, I dont know what she did, but he is just mush when it comes to her, He loves her drive, Personality, and  the fact that she’s so talented.  She’s one of his best friends” …

If yall ever see them on stage together  you can see that they are so in love, its all over there faces… Shanell is currently out promoting her new album “We Are Young Money” which was released in December, so make sure yall go pick up a copy .

More Info about Shanell, better known by her stage name as Shanell,or SnL is an American singer and songwriter, who was born in Atlanta, Georgia. She attended Tri-Cities High School, a school for the performing arts. Woodgette is also the sister of D. Woods from the pop group Danity Kane. Make sure yall follow her on Twitter @Shanell_SnL

Here’s one of her songs…

Young Dro Is Engaged & Ready To Walk Down The Aisle


It looks like TI wont be the only person in Grand Hustles walking down the aisle this year … The king of Polo was all back stage booed up with the new love of his life Teresa  the other night.


While at the concert the other night I got a chance to meet the three loves of Young Dro life his Mama Miss Thomas, his daughter  Taylor  and lovely fiance Teresa…

Kobe Bryant Takes Over GQ Magazine


Los Angeles Laker Kobe Bryant is trying to let the people know that he is a man of all trades… Kobe has now decided to move his brand towards modeling and has a fashion spread in the new issue of GQ Magazine. He can be seen here rocking Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and other famous fashion brands. Shot out to my homies over at Gossiponthis.com

I gotta give it to the photographer, these shots are dapper as hell. Check out the Kobe with the black rock…

Khloe Kardashian Is Not Prego!

khloe k

I figured Khloe was going to try to get pregnant soon after her sister Kourtney was prego. But no bread in the oven….

Following bouts of morning sickness, Khloe confided in Kim that she took a pregnancy test and the results came back positive. But after being sworn to secrecy, Kim immediately spilled the news to Kris.

But as she prepared to become a mom, Khloe was dealt a hard blow when she realized during dinner with Kourtney and Kris that she was not pregnant. “I know everything happens for a reason and God has a plan for everyone, and when the time is right, Lamar and I will have a beautiful baby together,” she said.

Hopefully, by that time, their relationship will be real with a sound foundation, for Lamar’s sake….SMH

What yall think about this situation…???