Actress Brittany Murphy Dies


Actress Brittany Murphy passed away on Sunday morning in Los Angeles at the age of 32. People just don’t typically die at 32 of natural causes!!!!!!! So we know that in the next few weeks we will find out all of the real dirt of what was really going on.

This is absolutely devastating to me cause I was such a big fan of hers since her  “Clueless” days. But I must say this comes as no surprise! She lives in Hollywood…

Perez Hilton said we, and those who knew Brittany personally, saw this coming. That does not make this any less horrible. Murphy reportedly went into full cardiac arrest and her husbands’ (Simon Monjack) mom immediately called paramedics to save his wife. Murphy was announced dead on arrival at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles after paramedics and doctors could not revive the 8 Mile actress.

My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends during this extremely difficult time. Here’s one of my favorite scenes.

Usher And Tameka’s Baby Naviyd First Birthday


The other day our friends over at posted these pictures of Usher and Tameka’s  baby first birthday. Usher and Tameka, who are still good friends, hosted their son Naviyd’s  Egyptian themed first birthday party in the ATL at the compound. Yall know I tried to get there but it was a no go. But I was told that the party was off the chain… lil Naviyd  is growing up so fast.  Here are some of the pic’s…



Lady Gaga Fame Monster Deluxe Album Artwork


This is a shot for the Fame Monster Deluxe Album artwork booklet. Dope work by photographer Dave Chapelle. I find myself lost for words as I look at all the pictures. I then ask myself, what is the artistic vision behind this shoot?

This shoot depicts Kanye West carrying the eccentric Lady Gaga.  This is an eclectic piece of artwork, but I think there is a deeper meaning to the photo. Like, why is this man holding this chic with a volcano behind him in the jungle barefoot? lol Maybe I missed the point…

Tell me what you think….What do you see when view this picture? Shot out to the homie for the pic’s

Eurweb is reporting that Sinbad is in really deep doo-doo with the IRS. According to the Detroit News, the Benton Harbor native owes more than $8.15 million in delinquent federal taxes and the U.S. Attorney General’s office wants his house sold to help satisfy the debt, according to federal court records.

On Dec. 10, an assistant U.S. attorney asked a federal judge to foreclose on several tax liens and determine whether the 53-year-old comedian is the true owner of a $1.5 million home in Hidden Hills, Calif.

Sinbad, whose real name is Sinbad Adkins, rose to fame on “Star Search” in the 1980s before starring in a string of movies like “Houseguest” and tv shows, really owns the property, the government claims.

On Dec. 11, the day after the government filed the case, Sinbad filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy in California, listing between $10 million and $50 million in liabilities and less than $50,000 in assets. That might cause a slight hiccup for the IRS in pursuit of a settlement.

The IRS claims Sinbad filed federal income tax returns for years 1998 through 2006 but failed to pay the reported taxes.

Here’s a breakdown of his IRS debt:

* 1998: $2,358,563
* 1999: $1,136,002
* 2000: $1,170,451
* 2001: $953,758
* 2002: $626,045
* 2003: $542,942
* 2004: $612,367
* 2005: $157,934
* 2006: $599,663

It’s REALLY a Different World for Sinbad now…

Nike Straps Up The Blazer High


Sneakers with straps were a huge success this year thanks to Kanye West. Nike took the strapped approach with the Blazer High and this is the result. A dark cinder color-up with five straps are featured on these Blazers. Perfect kicks for the cold winter days! They are now available at select Nike accounts. Ripped from

gucci mane jail

Atlanta rap star Gucci Mane isn’t letting his lack of freedom prevent him from planning a big 2010. MTV News recently spoke to the incarcerated emcee, who says he will be dropping two new albums next year. He states, quote, “I got an album coming out April 2010. It’s called ‘The State vs. Radric Davis: The Appeal.'” Gucci says the album is already recorded, and is currently being mixed and mastered. The “Spotlight” rapper adds that his “The State vs. Radric Davis” series will be a trilogy, with the third installment arriving next December. Gucci Mane explains, quote, “The final [will be called] ‘The State vs. Radric Davis: The Verdict.’ That’ll be [in stores] December of 2010.”

Gucci Mane began serving a 12 month jail sentence for a probation violation last month. The rapper’s lawyer, Dwight L. Thomas, tells MTV that he’s hoping Gucci will be released sometime early next year. Gucci Mane’s “The State vs. Radric Davis” album arrived on December 8th. It debuted at number ten on the Billboard 200 chart after selling 90-thousand copies.


Lil’ Wayne got caught in some mess the other night after his bus got pulled over when drug dogs smelled weed around his bus . The Border Patrol says Wayne and the others were questioned and charges are pending. His lawyer tells TMZ that while some people did receive citations, Lil’ Wayne was not one of them.

Lil’ Wayne, along with 11 other people, was detained yesterday in Falfurrias, Tex. by the United States Border Patrol after marijuana was discovered on board his tour bus.

Wayne pled guilty in October to attempted criminal possession of a weapon stemming from a 2007 traffic stop of his tour bus. He is set to spend a year in jail and will appear for sentencing in February 2010.

UPDATE — The Laredo Entertainment Center, where Lil’ Wayne was supposed to perform last night but didn’t, tells TMZ he will perform there tonight to make up for the canceled show.

VH1+Summer+Soul+Concert+Benefit+VH1+Save+Music+u-yY1t_kmfwl told you a few months ago that Mathew and Tina Knowles marriage was over. Well Tina’s made it official!!!

Last month we learned that Tina Knowles filed for divorce from Beyonces’ dad Mathew last month. With every divorce, there is a divison of finances, and there is a lot of money to split between the two due to the enormous success of Beyonce.

As Beyonce’s manager, Mathew got approximately 25% of Beyonce’s $150M earnings during her career, which amounts to $37.5 million to date. Beyonce is set to sign a $300 MILLION deal with Las Vegas’ Wynn Casino. If that deal goes through, Mathew stands to get $75 MILLION.

BUT, after recently getting one of his jump offs pregnant, child support is going to hit Mathew in the head anyway.


Legally, Tina has a right to a portion of the funds, but I’m quite sure she is finacially secured as well. The lawyers will ensure she gets what she deserves. In the end, Mathew will lose more than his marriage…but also his money.

So, is it about love, or money? Shot out to for the tip. Let me know what yall think…