Come Get Your Daughter

One word…FAIL. This has to be one of the most disturbing video interviews I have ever seen. The interview shows a pregnant crackhead who has so CLAIMED to have had unprotected sex with At-least 1 million men, including “Eurpeans and Mexicans”, but she ENJOYS having sex with her…get this…her son the MOST! One word….FAIL.

In the video she talks about how  her son has the biggest “JOHNSON”she has ever scene, and how she is fron Missouri and lives in room 6… I mean, a pregnant crackhead…just does’t ring well when you say it. You’ve got to watch the video and tell me what you think…Crack Is One Hellova Drug…

Shanell Says She’s Not Pregnant


After talking to several sources that are close to her, they tell me Shanell is not pregnant from Lil Wayne. Earlier I spoke with Shanell’s people…. after they laughed in my face saying it was all a LIE… they then went on to say Shanell is not pregnant and wants all to know she SIMPLY had drinks that night…(maybe those events led to her thinking she was prego…IDK…) They also told me they have gotten over 30 people asking to do interviews, but they declined because it was all a lie and not worth their time even talking about …. I have to say I really dont know if they were lying and trying to throw ya boi off. TIME WILL TELL…But I will say I do know for a fact that the two WERE talking at some point in time

Wayne, who has now started A SERIES of u-stream vids went off on someone after they kept asking where Shanell was… I was also told that Wayne really wants to keep his relationships quiet because he feels it might mess up his OTHER relaltionships. Hummm…what yall think? Let us all HOPE for her sake she is not PREGO for real…that’s NOT  a good look…seeing as he had a few more additions to his SQUAD of children in 09 already…

Former President Bill Clinton Hospitalized


Bill Clinton was rushed to a hospital in New York City today for a condition related to his heart, is reporting:

Clinton, 63, was transported to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan. Sources told ABC News that he was being treated “likely for a stent procedure,” ABC News’ chief political correspondent George Stephanopoulos said.

No other information was immediately available.


In other Lil Wayne news, the “Lollipop” rapper is denying reports that he’s been having a difficult time selling his Miami condo. The emcee recently spoke with BBC Radio’s Tim Westwood, and said his marijuana use and hip-hop lifestyle isn’t hurting his property’s value. He explains, quote, “We’re not having trouble selling it, but all the other stuff is true.” Wayne goes on to say that people have actually found his residence to be appealing, adding that many people want to buy a piece of the rap world.

Last December, a prospective buyer described Lil Wayne’s crib to the “New York Post” stating, quote:

“Once we got there, a member of Wayne’s posse opened the door to the overwhelming smell of marijuana. Two hot, rap-video-looking girls were walking around in nothing but a bra and underwear, blasting hip-hop. We just went in and looked around and tried not to stare.”

It is not known if Lil Wayne’s three-point-one-million-dollar Miami condo is still on the market.

Check out video of Weezy’s Miami Beach Mansion


A Look At The 2010 Nike All Star AF1’s

Nike All Star Forces

As you all know, this weekend is All-Star Weekend, and Dallas will host the 2010 NBA All-Star Game. Nike has their hands in the All-Star Game footwear as usual. Not only did they make special kicks for NBA players, but they also made a limited edition All-Star Air Force 1 Collection.

Thanks to we have a detailed look at the AS AF1 kicks. Check out the images, and you can find these kicks at select Nike retailers this weekend. If you live in Atlanta, you can find them at the NikeStore in Lenox Mall. If you live in Dallas or will be in Dallas this weekend, you can find these shoes at Adikt Footwear.

See more 2010 Nike All Star shoes by clicking here

Whitney Houston Takes Over Japan


Whitney Houston is on tour and loving the stage in new photos from a recent show in Japan. As reported earlier this year, the diva has embarked on the “Nothing But Love” tour, which will make rounds through much of Europe and Asia by April. The tour is also Houston’s first world tour in over five years. I cant wait till she comes to the ATL. Ms. Houston hit the stage in Saitama, Japan yesterday. Shot out to for the Pic’s.

Listen To her sing “I  Will Always Love You” and tell me, do YOU think she still has it?

Here is video of her first TV performance : READ MORE

holyfield_1023_1_390001c just received word that boxer Evander Holyfield’s wife has asked for a RESTRAINING ORDER against him.

Here’s what popped off. Candi Holyfield, Evander’s third wife, claims that she and Evander got into an argument over the amount of money that she has been TITHING to the church of MULTI-MILLIONAIRE Creflo Dollar.


A few weeks ago, the Holyfield’s had to have the HEAT turned off in their Atlanta mansion, it’s not clear why. When Candi started complaining that the cold home was dangerous for her and their children Evander snapped – claiming that the reason she was cold was that she HADN’T BEEN TITHING ENOUGH to the church.

Here’s how Radaronline describes what happened next:
The deeply religious boxer accused her of being disrespectful when she pulled the covers over her head and he said that she needed to “start putting God first” in her life.

Holyfield refused to let up, arguing about payments made to their church and asking his wife if she had been tithing. He demanded she show him the check stubs of her payments to the church and after she refused, Candi alleges that Holyfield hit her in the face on the back of the head twice and on her back also.


Fashion Designer Alexander McQueen Found Dead

Alexander McQueen, one of Monica’s favorite  british fashion designer, has died aged 40, his company confirmed today. He was found dead in his home this morning.

One of London’s most talented and respected designers, his death comes on the opening day of New York fashion week. He was due to show his autumn/winter 2010 collection in Paris in March.

The son of a taxi driver and one of six children, Alexander McQueen was born in the East end of London in 1969. He left school at 16 to begin an apprenticeship on Savile Row with the tailor Anderson & Sheppard. His major breakthrough came when he was discovered by the Vogue stylist Isabella Blow in 1991. She bought the whole of his MA collection and promoted it within the pages of the fashion magazine. When Blow died in 2007, McQueen dedicated his spring/summer 2008 collection to her memory.