Is This Your Son?


Hair and make-up stylist Guru @DarielLoves From the “Frankie and Neffe show” has a secret life. Apparently Neff and Elite’s bestfriend DARIEL has gotten sick of his manly ways and decided to be a woman part time…I repeat….a WOMAN PART TIME…

He dresses in DRAG as a women for his underground life called the “BALL ROOM SCENE” where they have competitions and win prizes. I would hate to know what the prize is. I hope he DOESN’T try to go to a regular club like that, I dont think it would be nice…For real…


Is Ke$ha On Drugs & Need To Be Arrested??


Ok, so I have to say I really don’t know much about the artist Ke$ha other then she has a new hit record out. From the looks of this video she’s on some thing unnatural… Hint Hint… Anyway the songstress declared that she was going to play the ultimate prank on Hollywood by coving the letters of the hollywoood sign with her name. Ummm, riiiight….


Look, if this is how people act that live in LA,  let me say,  this is not my first time seeing this happen. I am good in the ATL… Clearly you have to be high on some type of drug to CLIMB a bobwire fence… Someone please help her before its to late …

Above is her hit song she is know for….



Jean Paul Gaultier puts on a stellar show with his latest “Haute Couture Collection”. It consists of tribal themed ensembles with CRAZY outladish head pieces. The intricate weaving patterns and textures come from a mix of cultures; signature Gautier ensembles.

But ladies, the question is…DO YOU SEE YOURSELF WEARING THIS?? Where, and for what event?



Shawty Lo‘s New video “A-Town” came out today. This is the video to his single “Atlanta, GA”, which features Ludacris, The Dream and Gucci Mane. The trio held it down for incarcerated rapper Gucci Mane, as did other local artists and producers who made cameo appearances such as Cee-Lo, Big Gipp, Soulja Boy, Mike Bigga (formerly Killer Mike), Wacka Flocka, Yung Ralph, Insane Wayne and Zaytoven.

Here are some of the pictures from the shoot … Click Here To See The Rest Of The Pic’s


I must say I have never seen a bad picture of Rihanna; she always looks GREAT (besides that mugshot in February 09)… that being said – –  RiRi is in Miami, for all the Super Bowl weekend festivities. Rihanna was spotted chilling out backstage at the Pepsi Super Bowl Fan Jam Concert.

The “Russian Roulette” babe looked cool and calm as she greeted fans and enjoyed some downtime, sporting a grey and tan ensemble. I don’t know what it is…but that dress with the stomach peaking out is EXTRA SEXY. Check out the Leapord print pumps with the inconspicous tat on the left foot…she’s doing it…


I almost missed my homie Melanie Fiona who came to the ATL for just one night for a private Lexus listening session… The event was off the chain, and I definitely want to give big props to Lexus for giving the public a free live concert with artist who really have talent… The event honored [Universal Records executive] Sylvia Rome… Also at the event was Joe, Mika Means and Derek Blanks.


Melanie Fiona talked to the homie Ryan Cameron and let the world know that she will be going on tour with Alicia Keys after being asked by Alicia… I can’t wait, hope I get to go Mel … Hint Hint … LOL

Here are all the pic’s…

Chinese Zoo Feeds Cow To Tigers As Live Attraction


LOOK, I was lost for words after I saw this story on about a zoo in China  now facing criticism for allowing visitors to participate in an unlikely form of entertainment: They pay to see tigers feed on a live animal. WHERE THEY DO THAT AT??


He witnessed chickens served as appetizers to the tigers (at a cost of $5.50), followed by a live cow (at a cost of $205)–dumped from a truck–and pounced on immediately. China trying to get PAID however in 2010.“It was dragged to the ground within seconds,” he told The Sun. And tourists relished in the attraction–taking photos and watching with binoculars from a bus nearby. People will LITERALLY pay money to see ANYTHING nowadays. Click Here To watch the Video  and see all the pictures…smh.


Keyshia Cole Is Still Pregnant..


Twitter  was in an up-ROAR after rumors were going around that Keyshia Cole had her baby… Well after I reached out to my people I was told that although they are happy that everyone sent their love, support, and congratulations, she DIDN’T have the baby just yet… I was told the baby should be coming sometime next month they hope?