BET TV Special SOS – Help For Haiti Benefit Concert


The homies over at be on it for posting the latest news.Various celebs participated in the BET SOS Saving Ourselves. They even had my man killer Mike Tyson in the building, pioneer of the facial tat


The Help for Haiti benefit concert and telethon was hosted at American Airlines Arena on Friday night (February 5) in Miami, Florida. It was one of the many relief benefit events going on in Miami right now during Super Bowl Weekend. Peep more photos below.

Free Quween!!


The homie over at recently posted a story about the world famous homeless ladie Quween who was arrested yesterday in LA. If ya’ll dont know by now Quween is the protector of the stars when the quote, “‘eval paparazzi” come after them… She always jumps in and saves the day.. Only this time it went really bad.

This what Dlisted had to say:

LeAnn Rimes was behind Quween’s arrest! You see, the “posarassi” were trying to get pictures of LeAnn, and Quween swept in to protect her. Or maybe Quween was protecting the camera lenses from LeAnn’s hideous ass face (sorry, I’m mad at the bitch right now).

When Quween tried to cover LeAnn with her arms, the cops stepped in and put our pap-fighting hero in handcuffs. One of the paps said that Quween was arrested for solicitation. LeAnn just kept walking to her car. THAT BITCH! LeAnn already wrecked two homes, and now she’s the reason why Quween was ripped out of her own home today. LeAnn is ruthless!


Dr. Conrad Murray was in a Los Angeles courtroom Monday afternoon, as the physician was finally charged in connection with the death of pop icon Michael Jackson. The former doctor to the “King of Pop” was arraigned on involuntary manslaughter charges and released on 75-thousand dollars bond. Members of the Jackson family including mother Katherine, father Joe, and brothers Tito, Jermaine, and Randy were present during the hearing. As the judge considered bail, prosecutors noted that Murray had missed court appearances in Las Vegas and asked that bond be set at 300-thousand dollars. Murray’s attorney countered, saying his client is not a flight risk.
The Los Angeles County coroner’s office has identified Jackson’s death as “acute propofol intoxication.” The drug is a powerful sedative generally administered only in a hospital setting by an anesthesiologist. As a condition of bail, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Keith Schwartz said Murray can not be in possession of, or prescribe, anesthetics. The doctor had to surrender his passport as well. Following the session the California Medical Board moved to have Murray’s medical license revoked. Murray is due back in court April 5th. A preliminary hearing date will be set at that time.
Murray’s attorneys are feeling confident that their client will be exonerated in the case. Speaking outside of Los Angeles’ Airport Court on Monday, Murray’s attorney Ed Chernoff said the long delay in filing charges against Murray signals an uphill battle for prosecutors.

Saints Defeat Colts In Super Bowl 44

The New Orleans Saints are celebrating the team’s first Super Bowl title in franchise history. The Saints clinched the championship title game with a 31-17 victory over the Indianapolis Colts at Miami’s Sun Life Stadium, becoming the ninth team in history to win their first Super Bowl appearance and first since the Buccaneers in Super Bowl 37. Drew Brees threw for 288 yards and two scores, including a go-ahead, two-yard touchdown toss to Jeremy Shockey with 5:42 to play to give New Orleans a 24-17 lead. Tracy Porter sealed the win for the Saints with a 74-yard interception return for a touchdown with 3:12 remaining.
Brees was named the MVP, going 32-for-39, with his completions tying Tom Brady’s Super Bowl-record against Carolina in Super Bowl 38. The Saints won three postseason games this year, after winning only two in the team’s previous 42 years of existence.

Did You Know? “Who Had The First Tattoo?”


The first tattoo was discovered by scientists in 1991 on a 5,000 year old frozen body in the Alps, named “Otzi”, with tattoos on his back, knees and ankles. Tattoos have become a common place in todays society. It seems as if it has turned from a fad, to an obsession, to common place in many professions (Sports, rap, etc). I remember back in the late 90’s when every woman and their mother wanted to get tattoos on their lower back…then it was the shoulder and hip…then you started seeing sleeves and whole body art. Artists like Lil Wayne, Soilder Boy, and Rick Ross have taken the body tattoos to another level.  So, the next time you see people with a tattoo, you can say to your friends…”Did you know”?

Sometimes people REGRET the tattoos that they get, and try to cover them up. Like Pharrell recently went through a laser removal procedure…which requires big bucks. Sometimes, the damage is too severe, and you got to live with your d*ckhead situation

Click here to see the rest of the story…


Is This Your Son?


Hair and make-up stylist Guru @DarielLoves From the “Frankie and Neffe show” has a secret life. Apparently Neff and Elite’s bestfriend DARIEL has gotten sick of his manly ways and decided to be a woman part time…I repeat….a WOMAN PART TIME…

He dresses in DRAG as a women for his underground life called the “BALL ROOM SCENE” where they have competitions and win prizes. I would hate to know what the prize is. I hope he DOESN’T try to go to a regular club like that, I dont think it would be nice…For real…


Is Ke$ha On Drugs & Need To Be Arrested??


Ok, so I have to say I really don’t know much about the artist Ke$ha other then she has a new hit record out. From the looks of this video she’s on some thing unnatural… Hint Hint… Anyway the songstress declared that she was going to play the ultimate prank on Hollywood by coving the letters of the hollywoood sign with her name. Ummm, riiiight….


Look, if this is how people act that live in LA,  let me say,  this is not my first time seeing this happen. I am good in the ATL… Clearly you have to be high on some type of drug to CLIMB a bobwire fence… Someone please help her before its to late …

Above is her hit song she is know for….



Jean Paul Gaultier puts on a stellar show with his latest “Haute Couture Collection”. It consists of tribal themed ensembles with CRAZY outladish head pieces. The intricate weaving patterns and textures come from a mix of cultures; signature Gautier ensembles.

But ladies, the question is…DO YOU SEE YOURSELF WEARING THIS?? Where, and for what event?