Rap star Asher Roth is clearing up recent rumors about his sexuality. Over the past few days, speculation has been spreading throughout online blogs and websites that the “I Love College” rapper is gay. The rumors began after Roth reportedly made a remark in support of openly gay vocalist Clay Aiken. Following his comments, several web sites and blogs began reporting that Roth attended a gay right’s parade with Aiken, Lady GaGa, and members of Blink-182. It was then rumored that Roth was set to announce his sexuality in an E! News special that would air over the weekend. Asher Roth’s label, SRC Records, are now speaking out against the rumors. They tell MTV News, quote, “Asher Roth is not gay, and is not scheduled to be interviewed on the E! Channel.”
SRC adds, quote, “Asher has not been dropped from SRC Records, and is a top priority at the label after having sold over a million copies of his ‘I Love College’ single.” Asher Roth is currently working on his second studio release, although a title and a release date for the project have not been announced.

Actress Alaina Reed Hall-Amini Has Died


I was on when I saw her post on one of my favorite TV actresses. Actress Alaina Reed Hall-Amini, who appeared on Sesame Street as Olivia & popular African-American NBC sitcom 227 as Rose Lee Holloway has died. I have to say that I have been watching her on TV almost every week of my life. She will be missed.

Tila Tequila Says She’s Pregnant As A Surrogate Mom


In a Twitter post on Sunday, the reality-TV star wrote that she is serving as a surrogate mother for her brother and his wife. “That is my xmas present to them. Im pregnant!!!!” she wrote.

The nature of the surrogacy is unclear. Presumably she’s carrying the couple’s child (as a so-called “gestational surrogate”), though it could be her own biological child, removed from the couple entirely, that she would then relinquish to them.

However, Tequila, 28, doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to pregnancies announced on Twitter. Over the summer, she reportedly started a rumor that she was pregnant with a late-night Twitter post that was quickly taken down.

She later wrote on her blog: “The point is … maybe I was pregnant, or maybe I wasn’t pregnant. I think that is something very personal but I’m going to clear that up now and say that I am not currently pregnant.”
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Tiger Woods Is Still Sleeping With Lover Rachel Uchitel


I must say, Tiger dont give a damn about the world finding out he cheats. He’s surely  getting his… LOL In Touch Weekly is reporting that the scandalous life of Tiger Woods hasn’t stopped just because the world has found out how dirty he is. The mag is reporting that Tiger has still been spending time with his original sex kitten, Rachel Uchitel. A friend of Rachel’s confirmed that the pair have been “sleeping together the entire time since the scandal broke,” and have hooked up rather recently at her condo.

According to sources, this is actually where Tiger has been hiding the last couple of a weeks. He’s been staying on a yacht docked only 500ft away from Rachel’s condo!

How convenient!

Well, during these rough times, we guess it is important to keep your friends close and your whores closer.

Here is a picture of what Michael Jackson would have looked like if he had stayed black. Pop icon MJ has been named MTV’s 2009 Man of the Year. has been unveiling its list of the top nine men of 2009 over the past few weeks, and over the weekend they announced that 2009 belonged to the “King of Pop.” The Jackson buzz began in early March when the pop superstar announced plans for a series of comeback concerts in London. Three months later his name would dominate global headlines when he unexpectedly died from cardiac arrest on June 25th. Following his passing, Jackson’s incredible collection of music took over the charts. His 2003 compilation album “Number Ones” was the top selling album in the U.S. for six non consecutive weeks, selling nearly three-million copies during the first ten months of the year. Yo Check Out All The Crazy pic’s Click Here.. READ MORE


Wow, this is really getting out of hand… some of these  celebs think that they can do anything these days. Hip-hop dancer Shane Sparks, a choreographer on Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance” and a judge on MTV’s “America’s Best Dance Crew,” was arrested Friday in Los Angeles and charged with eight counts of felony child molestation.

The 40-year-old, whose legal name is Melvin Sparks, was taken into custody by detectives at about 8 a.m. at his North Hollywood home on a felony warrant.

His bail, set at $590,000, was posted Saturday night. His lawyer says he is ready to fight what he calls “extortion, Hollywood style.” Steve Meister says the charges against his client “are completely without merit” and that Sparks “knows he is innocent and will fight to clear his name.”

The investigation surrounds a decade-old incident involving a teenager. Jane Robison, a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, says a criminal complaint was filed by the alleged victim, whose full name they are withholding because she was a minor at the time.

“There’s one victim, and it occurred in the ’90s. I believe it started in ’94 and went on for several years,” Robison tells E! News. “It’s an underaged girl. She was under 15 when the alleged crimes occurred. She is an adult now and came forward to authorities.”


Actress Brittany Murphy Dies


Actress Brittany Murphy passed away on Sunday morning in Los Angeles at the age of 32. People just don’t typically die at 32 of natural causes!!!!!!! So we know that in the next few weeks we will find out all of the real dirt of what was really going on.

This is absolutely devastating to me cause I was such a big fan of hers since her  “Clueless” days. But I must say this comes as no surprise! She lives in Hollywood…

Perez Hilton said we, and those who knew Brittany personally, saw this coming. That does not make this any less horrible. Murphy reportedly went into full cardiac arrest and her husbands’ (Simon Monjack) mom immediately called paramedics to save his wife. Murphy was announced dead on arrival at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles after paramedics and doctors could not revive the 8 Mile actress.

My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends during this extremely difficult time. Here’s one of my favorite scenes.

Usher And Tameka’s Baby Naviyd First Birthday


The other day our friends over at posted these pictures of Usher and Tameka’s  baby first birthday. Usher and Tameka, who are still good friends, hosted their son Naviyd’s  Egyptian themed first birthday party in the ATL at the compound. Yall know I tried to get there but it was a no go. But I was told that the party was off the chain… lil Naviyd  is growing up so fast.  Here are some of the pic’s…