Apparently Larry Platt has made quite a name for himself among music industry professionals because he is performing at the GRAMMY’S in LA!  I can’t believe that!  THE GRAMMY’S IS A BIG DEAL!  Come on ya’ll what’s up with the music industry!

P.S. Larry is planing to sue all the TV stations that have been playing his song without his permission… WOW … He’s going to need help with that one…

Here is the Homie DJ Herbs Remix to Platt’s new hit single …


A very excited Mary J Blige attended was in L.A. for the Essence Black Women In Music Celebration.  Essence magazine always celebrate the black woman in style.  Take a look at some of the pics from their Black Woman In Music Celebration in LA.

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R-Kelly Is Suing Michael Jackson Estate Over Video


I have to say I wish I could have had the chance to meet MJ, but I guess I will just have to meet him through the video and pictures that he left behind… While on the homie website, I ran across this story about how R-Kelly is suing MJ’s estate for a video  that was taped. In the Video MJ was dancing to one of R-Kelly’s songs while riding in a car…

What has the world come to when people can try to sue you for any little thing… Here is the rest of the story:

Michael Jackson’s estate has a new creditor’s claim — thanks to one R. Kelly. Michael sang Kelly’s song “Ignition” in his car as part of the TV show, “Michael Jackson’s Private Home Movies” — but never paid for it.

Universal Music Publishing Group, which owns the rights to the song, wants Jackson’s estate to pay $3,000. Universal attached a contract to the creditor’s claim, showing the fee in black and white.

Here is the Video… READ MORE

New: Nike Air Trainer SC “Bo Jackson”

Nike Air Trainer SC Bo Jackson

The homies at posted a new pair of Air Trainer SC that are now available in stores. This is the same shoe that Bo Jackson endorsed back in the day.

Available now in black/pine green for $105.

Big Sean “Supa Dupa Lemonade Freestyle”

Kanye’s artist “Big Sean” goes in over Gucci Mane’s Lemonade track. Word is, Big Sean is going to be on XXL’s 2010 Freshmen cover. Sounds like the G.O.O.D Music member is going to be making good music this year. Check it out!

This has to be one of the most painful stories to hear. “The harsh reality of prison rape is examined in this shocking and sobering documentary from filmmaker Jonathan Schwartz. Inside Alabama’s Limestone Correctional Facility, five inmates talk candidly about sexual abuse as a part of life on the inside. The long-term causes and conditions that perpetuate prison rape are examined, as well as the use of sex as a commodity, for comfort and for protection from the feared and brutal prison culture. ”

WOW.. You always hear about stuff like this but you never really thought it happen… I now look at every man that went to jail and will always think in my head… I wonder? Damn Damn Damn….

Zelda Rubinstein From The Movie Poltergeist Has Died


I just got news after reading Dlisted that one of my favorite actresses who won my heart after I watched the movie Poltergeist, Zelda Rubinstei had died.  RIP Zelda you will be missed… This is what Dlisted said:

Zelda Rubinstein, best known for making your skin tingle as Tangina Barrons in Poltergeist, passed away early this morning at the age of 76. Zelda’s agent tells Fox31 in Denver that she died of natural causes at Barlow Respiratory Hospital in Los Angeles. He went on to say that Zelda was hospitalized two months ago after she suffered a heart attack.

Zelda’s breakout role was in Poltergeist in 1982, and she went to star in other jewels of our childhood including Sixteen Candles, Frances and Teen Witch. Zelda was also a regular on Picket Fences.

ABC Cancels ‘Ugly Betty’

Sad news for all yall Ugly Betty fans. The show will end after this season, which was announced to the public yesterday. Here is what the shows producers said:

“We’ve mutually come to the difficult decision to make this Ugly Betty’s final season, and are announcing now as we want to allow the show ample time to write a satisfying conclusion,” ABC and the show’s producers wrote in a statement. “We are extremely proud of this groundbreaking series, and felt it was important to give the fans a proper farewell.”

The ABC show will be cut from 22 episodes to 20 for its fourth and final season, according to EW’s Michael Ausiello. The funny thing is last week I watch the show for the first time and didn’t think it was bad. I actually liked it and was planning to watch it again… Do yall like the show?

Here are some pic’s of America Ferrera (who play’s Betty) and Vanessa Williams filming Ugly Betty today in NYC…

Shot out to JustJared for the story..