Big Boi’s Big Kidz Foundation has joined forces with the CARE-humanitarian aid agency to party with a purpose.  Antwan “Big Boi’ Patton and Atlanta City Councilman Kwanza Hall at RARE.

Other surprise celebrity guests in the building include  Sammie and Terri J. Vaughn  … I got to say big ups to Big Boi’s Big Kidz Foundation for going out of there way to make a difference. All proceeds benefit Care’s Haitian Relief Efforts. Visit for more information.

In other news, Big Boi wanted yall to know that he just got the release datef or his new album “Sir Lucious Left Foot” which  will be dropping on MARCH 23 2010. It will be well worth the wait.


Now this is an old banger. This is Rakim and Eric B’s “Don’t sweat the Technique”, released in 1992 off Geffen Records. As you can see, this video marks the beginning of an era where women and sexuality are combined with rap. The women look extra cheesy with the flower print bathing suits…I guess when compared to the soft adult film produced by 2010 video vixens. Be sure to catch a cameo of Haitian Superstar Wyclef rockin the baseline and base in the first few seconds of the video. Yeah, he’s been on the scene for a minute. Be sure to support Haiti…they still need our support. For all my old school heads, this one’s a banger with a great message for the haters….Dont Sweat My Technique. Enjoy.

By: meX


About two years ago I met a young man named Markice “Kesan” Moore at Luckies Night Club  and I got to tell yall that he is one of the most cocky people I have ever met… But I could tell he meant well and was just happy someone knew who he was..  According to Cobb County’s most wanted list, former contestant of the MTV Reality show “From G’s To Gents”  snapped. “Kesan” recently got himself in a world of trouble and is wanted by Georgia police for one of the most disgusting crimes imaginable — the brutal, bone-breaking beating of his infant daughter…..    In a exclusive interview he and his people reached out to me to tell the world he didn’t do it…

As he broke down in tears, saying over and over I didn’t do it, he wanted yall to know :

“My friends and family know that is not the type of person I am.. I love my family,- – my daughter makes me so happy and like any loving father I would never hurt my child… This is all crazy I don’t know whats going on…  I am about to turn myself  in to get everything right… please tell everyone you know I didn’t do it that’s not me”…

His phone then hung up … He and his people didnt want to go into details just yet  but I will have a sit down interview with him when he gets out… Kesan was working a new movie.

Monique Explains Her Manly Legs


Mo’Nique and her manly legs caused alot of  buzz on the internet after she showed them off  at the Golden Globes. But I have to say after hearing her tell why she doesn’t shave after seeing the video on, I must say, Mo I love you but you know that’s lazy. Here’s what she had to say on the view:

Air Jordan 1 Alpha + Jordan Spizike

Jordan 1 Alpha

Looking for a fresh pair of J’s. You might be interested in the new Air Jordan 1 Alpha or the Jordan Spizike. The Jordan 1 Alpha is an updated version of the Jordan 1. Jordan heads can expect new technology and maximum comfort. The shoe that pays respect to Spike Lee is back in a new fire red colorup. Both J’s are now in stores, Jordan 1 ($125) and Spizike ($175).


Jordan Spizike

Meet Mr Booty Talk Jay Alien


I know alot of yall are wondering if I listen to all the music  that yall send, and I  have to say, –  most of it I do. Every now and then I run across a song that makes me say what the hell were you thinking… so for the song of the day I must tell yall to listen to  Booby call as Jay Alien sings off key the whole time … LOL… Just Playing…

Where’s The Love? Obama’s 1st Year: Hope Vs. Reality


It has been a year since President Obama became President of the United States. Republicans have used the president’s kindness as weakness. He tried to bring everyone together, but many remain partisan. He opened the doors to open talks with the opposing party, and they still gave resistance. He is not a miracle worker, but I feel overall, he has done the best he can during his first year with the situation he was placed in (2 wars + recession). I say give President Obama a round of applause…he still has 3 yrs left. There is still hope, and we are progressing. You are the inspiration to millions. Do your thing Mr. President…do your thing.

What do yall think about President Obama’s first yr in office?


Monica ripped the stage for all of her Traxx fans. She is getting yall primed for her new album, Still Standing, slated to be released in Spring 2010. The club, which was jammed packed with over 5000 people, had nothing but love for Mo as she ripped the stage doing all of her hits for the 2010 MLK Weekend Celebration.

And Make sure yall watch the season finale tonight of her hit show “Still Standing”

Check out the pictures below