Robin Thicke’s new album Sex Therapycame out with little to no fanfare.  But do not count out his ability to make hits like he always does.  That really sexy baby making damn I can’t wait to see you again music.  My favorite song on his new album is “It’s In the Morning” produced by Teddy Riley and featuring Snoop Dogg.  Take a listen to Robin’s take on the things that can happen in the morning!!  And be sure to go out and get his new album!!!  I think this should be his next single…

“It’s In The Morning”

So you heard it…what do you think?  Was it hot as I said it was?  Let me know!

By: That Retail Chick


Fans of  Chris Brown and  T.I. will have to wait a few more months to see their latest cinematic effort. According to, the duo’s upcoming film, “Takers,” has been pushed back to a May 14th release date. The project, which was previously titled “Bone Deep,” had been scheduled to arrive next month. “Takers” focuses on a group of criminals who plan a heist at a money depot while looking to shake two detectives hot on their trail. The film also stars Matt Dillon, Paul Walker, Idris Elba, Hayden Christensen, and Zoe Saldana.  Shot out to for the pic’s..

Both Chris Brown and T.I. are looking to put a difficult 2009 behind them. Brown was arrested for assaulting his ex-girlfriend Rihanna last February. He later pled guilty to felony assault and is currently serving five years probation. This past May, T.I. began serving a 366-day sentence for federal weapons charges. He was released to a halfway house last month, and is expected to be a free man by the time “Takers” hits theaters.


Atlanta police said Monday that a million dollars in jewelry and electronics were stolen from singer Usher Raymond. The incident happened across the street from one of Atlanta’s busiest shopping malls. Raymond and a second man told Atlanta police that their vehicle was broken into on Dec. 14 when the pair stopped at an AT&T store near Lenox Mall.

According to the police report, the vehicle was described as a black GMC Yukon. Raymond said and there was over a million dollars worth of jewelry, $50,000 in furs and closing and about $20,000 stolen. A witness said they saw a Chevy Impala with tinted windows drive up next to the SUV. The witness told police a man got out of the Impala and popped open the door to the SUV.

The incident is still under investigation. Shot out to myfoxatl for the story …

Kasim Reed’s… Thank You Toast


The friends of Kasim Reed gathered together to throw a toast for the new 59 Mayor of Atlanta, and I have to say I was so honored to be in the building. I know yall are like who are these people but let me say ..They are people of power, and the people who own the jobs you work at… LOL 4real


I got to tell yall for the longest I thought Jamie Foster Brown the owner of sister 2 sister mag was single, cause she’s always flirting with someone, but just to let yall know she’s married and this is her husband …

Here are all the pics

bow wow


Bow Wow hasn’t been in the news for good music lately.  He’s actually been on twitter venting his frustrations with others.  I really need these artists to practice a little more self control!!  I mean come on folks!!  Is it just me, or have artists been acting a FOOL on twitter?  Shout out to Gyant for his report on that. 

Now as far as his music goes, I have to give it to him.  He has some HOT music out there!!!  Check out this new song “No One Else Matters” with Gudda Gudda from Young Money and tell me what you think.  Does it have press play power???  Would you put it on repeat???

ATL Blog: @Bowwow614 Calls @DJDrama A “Cock Sucker” Lashes Out At The Haters!

Bow Wow Twitter

Bow Wow – “No One Else Matters”

By: That Retail Chick


Today the homie Elite sent over an email that talked about the love she has for her family, and how people think they know whats going on but have know idea. Here is the email…

To: All Those Who Are On The Outside Looking In,

Now I cant speak for others I can only speak for myself. I have done Absolutely nothing wrong! I was asked a question by Fans and I Responded with a Truthful and Honest answer! It is K.C’s choice not speak and have no communication with me for her own Personal Issues! I Believe that My Son and My Sister Neffe’s Children should not be Involved.I have supported My Sister Keyshia in her Career,became her Personal Assistant at one point,love her genuinely,and even Supported her decision on dating Mr.Gibson! Ive Earned and Worked for everything i have received in the last 4years. I Pray someday we will all realize that we are Family and must stick together! Hopefully Keyshia will allow her Biological Family be apart of her New Family, I would Hate to miss out on the joy of her New Addition(Baby Boy Or Girl) After all we’ve been through,were all human,no one is perfect,no family is exempt! Indeed My Mother Frankie needs Help and I Intend to do everything I can, but i will never Disown nor give up on her just because of the Judgement of people cold/cruel Hearts. She gave me Life and I Respect her for that.

I Trust, Believe and have Faith in GOD which is why I’m blessed(Appreciative and Grateful) Through all the Challenges that comes my way their is a Lesson Learned, I’m taking notes and ready to take these Challenges Head On. I have not used anyone!!!!!!! Held my own even before the Lights, Camera, Action! My Mother has done things that any parent would for her children but she does not take care of me under any circumstance(nor anyone else for that matter) My son is well taken care of by me and his father as well. No one owes me anything! I GRIND daily and will continue to do so while still have a Loving,Supportive Adoptive Family By My Side who has been there since birth. When you have PEACE and HAPPINESS within yourself then their is nothing no one can do or say to take that away……No Love Lost……Live to Love Life ELITE NOEL

New Air Jordan Spizikes


Michael Jordan has revolutionized the shoe game, turning his brand into a multi-million dollar empire. I have always been a fan of J’s. This time, he has team up with his long time friend Spike Lee to release the Air Jordan Spizikes. Spike’s part in the rising of the Air Jordan was very crucial.What makes the Air Jordan Spizikes so special is the fact they are made up of a total of six different Air Jordan, the Jordan III (midsole), Jordan IV (Wings), Jordan V(Uppers), Jordan VI(Tongue), Jordan IX(Pull Tab).

What yall think about these new J’s? Pretty fresh.

Be sure to check out the Retro Jordan and Spike (Mars Blackmon) video below!!


Over the weekend the homies  Scrappy, Diamond, Kandi, Rasheeda, Toya, and the new love of her life Memphitz got together to throw Scrappy a suprise birthday party. Scrappy who was lost for words knew nothing of the party and just thought that we where all out to bowl lol…


I got to say I had a good time kicking it with my homies. While there I got to chill with Toya’s new BF who is one of the coolest peep’s I’ve ever met, and I have to tell yall she and he are very much in love.  He’s the Vice President of Jive A&R, and he signed T-Pain and J-Kwon to the Jive label.  So yall need to quit hating and just be happy for them.


…  In other news Diamond and Scrappy are very much engaged and recently got each others initials … Here are all the pic’s ….