Floyd Mayweather Try’s To Beat Up Rick Ross In Vegas

Floyd Mayweather_rick_ross232

I got to say Floyd Mayweather don’t give a damn how big you are he’s willing to fight  anyone. Apparently he and Rick Ross got in to it in Vegas over the weekend and Floyd’s ready to rumble… Here is what Sources are saying

It all went down at the grand opening of Vanity nightclub in the Hard Rock Hotel — which was hosted by Diddy. We’re told Floyd Mayweather rolled over to the party to see Diddy, when he literally ran into rapper Rick Ross.

Sources tell TMZ one of the men “bumped” into the other man and their entourages immediately became “confrontational.” But as things started to heat up, we’re told Diddy swooped in between the guys and calmed everyone down.

We called Mayweather’s camp for comment and his father, Floyd Mayweather Sr., told us there’s been beef between Floyd and Ross for a while because Ross has allegedly been, “talking s**t.” We’re told both Mayweather Jr. and Ross eventually went back in the club and partied the rest of the night away without incident.

WOW… Here are some throwback  pic’s of  Ross and Mayweather…

B2K’s J-Boog Arrested For Domestic Violence

Former member of the R&B group B2K is facing charges related to a domestic dispute. is reporting that J-Boog, whose real name is Jarell Damonte Houston, was arrested Monday afternoon at his home in Los Angeles for domestic violence. Law enforcement insiders say the 24-year-old singer was apprehended for “corporal punishment on a spouse” in addition to outstanding warrants pertaining to his driving record. Neighbors reportedly heard screaming coming from the house earlier in the day. Police arrived with six or seven squad cars, and left after about an hour. It is not yet known if anyone else was arrested. J-Boog is unmarried, but he’s reportedly still dating the mother of his three children.

J-Boog released a statement to his fans today: READ MORE

Inauguration Of Atlanta’s 59th Mayor Kasim Reed


Back when Kasim Reed was just starting his campaign, my homie Hannah Kain pushed a man I knew little of but heard great things about. I always wondered why people took heed to what he was doing, and soon noticed  the powerful positive energy he was giving off. I was proud to take part in this new movement of Atlanta’s new Mayor Kasim Reed.

I received a special invite to cover his inauguration. While there, I saw the homie Monica, who sat front row, and was moved to tears as he gave his speech. Also in the building was Kandi, Devine Stephens, Joseph E. Lowery ( who gave one of the most moving speeches), former mayor Shirley Franklin, and many many more.


I recall Kasim giving thanks for the support he has received during his campaign, going from only 3% of the vote to becoming the 59th mayor of Atlanta. I love how he incorporated his parents into the ceremony, as the held the Bible while he took the oath of office. A strong family is what the future needs for the children of today, and his parents are a clear example of this strength. I hope his term is as successful as his campaign for mayor.

Yo I have to say this has to be the most violent children’s movie I have ever seen.. Or at least I thought at first it was for kids, didn’t you? I really dont know much about this film but I must say movie producers dont give a damn about showing people heads getting cut off these days…

I can remember when there was a time when people didn’t get to see stuff like this at all on screens, but not now. I wonder is this why Crime is so high. I bet this film is going to cause alot of problems at different schools across America…

Tales Of The Homeless: Tanisha Harding


Tales of the Homeless is a journey through the slums of the United States. We are telling the story of the overlooked people who have no money, jobs, or shelter. These individuals are ignored by society due to their circumstances, and do what they must to survive. You will witness real confessions by real people; no actors, just unscripted truth. By doing these videos, we hope to bring new light to these forgotten souls.

This is the story of Tanisha Harding. She is a 52 year old woman living under the West End bridge in Atlanta, Ga. Listen to her story. Learn from her life.

Please tell me what yall think.

Stay tuned for other installments of Tales of the Homeless.

New Artist Kai Holmes

Check out this new artist I found out about from a home… Tell me what yall think?


Lil Wayne and T-Pain will join forces later this year for a special animated project. Wayne and Pain will be starring in the upcoming Cartoon Network special “Freakniks.” T-Pain will play the Spirit of Freaknik, while “Weezy” will assume the role of Jesus Christ in a parody music video titled “Ghetto Commandments.” Adult Swim creative director Jake Escobedo says the cartoon will resurrect Atlanta’s annual “Freaknik” festival, which was eventually called off in 1999. He states, quote, “It’s all drawn, and T-Pain plays the ghost of spring break, the Spirit of Freaknik. He brings this party back to Atlanta and the artists have done all this music for it, and it’s amazing.” Cartoon Network’s “Freakniks” is slated to air on March 21st.

Unfortunately for Lil Wayne, he will be forced to try and watch “Freakniks” from his jail cell. On February 9th, the emcee will be officially sentenced for gun charges in New York City. He is expected to serve eight to ten months assuming good behavior.

Are yall going to let yall kids watch it?


Last night I received calls and emails from  my friends telling me that Alfamega family had been attacked on Christmas Eve. My sources said that a new war was about to take place on the streets of Georgia. I was lost for words and have to say people please think, you don’t want anyone that did nothing wrong hurt. This is what they email me:

On late, Christmas Eve, Two of Alfamega’s children, were victims of a tragic altercation while inside of a club in Decatur. Very reliable sources say, that this incident involved more than 20 individuals. His daughter was stabbed three times, which caused her lungs to collapse. His son received a broken jaw as he was punched in an attempt to rescue his sister from any further injuries. As news broke to Alfamega days later after being out of town for the holidays, sources stated that due to this tragic incident, it has been said that “2010 will be a crazy year”.