Is Alicia Keys Using Beyonce For Her Fame And ?

Lately we have seen Alicia Keys and Beyonce around each other A LOT. The question is, Is Alicia Keys attempting to be the next Beyonce, or are they just GOOD friends? I mean, Keys has been touring pretty regularly with Jigga man…maybe she wants to be close to BOTH of them. {Didnt she already take someone else man ‘B” needs to watch out}

For the past few months, we have seen the two Light Brights together pretty often….Is Bey preparing Alicia to take over her shine as she goes on RETIREMENT for a minute? Although we love Alicia and she is a VERY talented artist…at the end of the day, I don’t think she can replace Bey in the mean time. What do yall think?

Check out these pic’s of Alicia Keys and Beyonce filming scenes for their upcoming video, “PUT IT IN A LOVE SONG” in Brazil.

I Am A Queen Royalty Productions


I Am A Queen Royalty Productions officially launched in January 2010. The concept of the company is to essentially transform girls between 10-18 into queens through empowerment.  The launch consisted of a program with various musical performances, guest speakers and fun activities for the girls to participate in. The brain child and founder of IAAQR Productions is Queen Aftan Williams. Her bio can be found at Kudos to Ms. Williams for taking a step in guiding our young ladies.


Tamika Scott of R&B group X-Scape hosted the event while the guest speakers included Choreographer Victor Jackson who spoke on fashion,  Recording Artist Sammie who spoke on education, Meet The Browns’ Logan Browning who spoke on living your dreams, Author Lisa Washington spoke on health and beauty and Celebrity Publicist April Love, who spoke on over coming hardships. Cymia of Cymia’s World performed along with Michaela Robinson.

Drake Announces “The Away From Home Tour”


Rapidly rising rap star Drake will be heading out on the road this year. is reporting that the emcee will kick-off his “The Away From Home Tour” in the spring. The trek begins April 6th in Charleston, Illinois, and will feature 25 shows with stops in Orlando, Boston and New Orleans. The tour will also include stops at 15 college campuses as part of the “Campus Conscious Tour.” Included on Drake’s “The Away From Home Tour” is Canadian rapper K-OS and New York pop band Francis & The Lights. Drake has also partnered with the non-profit organization Reverb to adopt eco-friendly policies for the tour. Biodiesel fuel and biodegradable and recyclable products will be used on Drake’s tour bus and backstage. An “Eco-Village” featuring environmental groups will also be included on “The Away From Home Tour.”
Drake went out on tour last year as a part of Lil Wayne’s “Young Money Presents: America’s Most Wanted Music Festival.” Unfortunately, the rapper injured his knee during the tour and was sidelined for part of the trek. Drake is currently working on his debut album, “Thank Me Later.” The record is expected to hit stores sometime this year.

The homie necolebitchie posted Young Money came out in support of Lil Wayne last night at Dolce for his official “Going Away Party” in Miami. As you may recall, Wayne was arrested in 2007 on gun charges. He will be formally sentenced this Tuesday (tomorrow) and is expected to begin his jail sentence at Rikers Island immediately afterwards.

Here are the dates for Drake’s “The Away From Home Tour”:

Bobby V & His Jump Offs Naked Pic’s EXPOSED…WOW


Bobby V has really PISSED someone off. Over the weekend I got an email... I was lost for words after I saw what was in it. Folks are not playing games nowadays when it comes to “getting some get back”. Apparently one of his Ex’s has decided to get the ultimate revenge and wants the world to see all his jump offs and their goods….damn, damn, damn Bobby (in your best Ester Rolle voice)….

The scorn woman sent an email which stated:

Ladies it is time for us to wake up and see these men for who they are. This is one of many emails to come! Remember in life you must make choices; love the one you are with and stop thinking people will never find things out… cause your actions always come to the light.

Love M.C.

That boy Bobby getting it in, but at what PRICE? I could not imagine what I would do if this happened to me. Ladies, tell me if I am wrong, but…There is nothing, I repeat, NOTHING like a woman SCORNEDPeople, please watch where you put and leave your phones

Click Here To See All The Other Pictures (and Jump offs)!!! READ MORE

Are Chris Brown & Keri Hilson Secretly Dating?


Chris Brown and Keri Hilson were enjoying each other’s company over the weekend. E! News is citing sources who claim that Brown was, quote, “all over,” Hilson during Sunday’s post-Super Bowl party at Axe Lounge at Liv in Miami. Insiders say the two were “grinding each other” on the dance floor, adding that Brown, quote, “insisted on her being in a photo with him as well.” The two were seen leaving the party together with a group of friends. Hilson has since denied that she’s getting romantically involved with Brown, tweeting, quote, “LMAO paps think they slick!! Gone ask CB & I to tk a pic on carpet then asked da crew if we datin!! LHLAB so, no! I’mma let yall know now : p”

The homie Necolebitchie posted this  pic of the two all booed up at LIV.. I must say I think the 2 would work… What yall think?
Shot out to Polo for hooking them up..

Remember Me: Miki Howard


I really didn’t know who Miki Howard was but after listening to all her hits I have to say, “she was that it girl back in the day”… Miki Howard  is an African-American singer and actress who had a string of Top Ten hits in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The daughter of gospel singer Josephine Howard of The Caravans, and Clay Graham of Pilgrim Jubilees, Howard was discovered by R&B group Side Effect at age 16. About 1985, Howard decided she was ready to begin a solo career. A demo landed a recording contract at Atlantic Records. She is 48 and still looking good.  Here is one of her hits


The Rev. Ricky Kirton, the pastor who performed the marriage of Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren, has a message for the troubled couple: “Forgive each other. Be there for each other, and it will work out.” After learning of the pair’s marital troubles, which came to LIGHT after the pro-golfer’s Thanksgiving car crash, the Barbados-based preacher “started to pray for them,” he tells PEOPLE.

Well, would YOU stay if your husband OR man CHEATED on you with 15 women, and everyone in world knows (or can know) about it? Would you stay because of the money, the kids, or LOVE?? Ladies, I need yall to chime in HARD on this one. EXPRESS YOURSELF!!

My home girl was telling  me yesterday that she was going to stay with her cheating RICH man regardless.. no matter what folks said. I mean, would you stay for the money…money and the cars…cars and the clothes…with the  HOES? I don’t know…yall tell me!


According to, looks like Faith Evans will be stepping from behind the mic and in front of the CAMERAS! Reality shows seem to be the latest craze among celebrities, and an even greater number for R&B singers. Kim Kardashian, Hugh Hefner, Ice T and CoCo, Ray J, Monica, Keyshia Cole, and Fantasia have placed their lives on the flat screens for the world to see. Now, Faith Evans will join them when she releases her 6th album and debuts her own reality show called “It’s All About Faith.”

As one of the original cast members of Bad Boy, Faith will let viewers into her home as she prepares to return to the spotlight after a 5-year hiatus. Years since the death of her husband Notorious Big,  Evans will reveal her personal side in a reality show that introduces fans to the mother, wife, and entreprenuer sides of the already established singer.

The reality show and new studio album will be released through E1 Television and E1 Music.


On another note, Actress Maia Campbell–who was last seen on a scary and erratic PROSTITUTE SPEECH looking a complete METH wreck–was spotted on Melrose Ave. Word is she was placed  in a rehab facility to get help. Looks like it’s working. She’s starting to look like that sweet chic from “In the House”with LL Cool J. Ms. Campbell was truly DOWN BAD. This is beautiful REDEMPTION. What do ya’ll think?