It appears as if one-time hip-hop couple Nas and Kelis aren’t as filthy rich as some fans might expect. The couple was in court for two days earlier this week for a divorce hearing, and both parties revealed that they have a few financial shortcomings. Kelis acknowledged during the proceedings that she recently signed a 175-thousand-dollar contract with Interscope Records. The “Bossy” singer’s attorney claims, however, that the majority of the contract was paid to managers, leaving Kelis with only 50-thousand-dollars. Kelis would go on to admit that her career is nowhere near where it was in 2003 when her hit track “Milkshake” was heating up the charts. The singer cites her latest single, “Acapella,” which was quietly released via her Twitter account. Kelis’ annual income could not be determined because she has not filed an income tax return in years.


Nas also acknowledged that he has some serious financial obligations. The rapper stated that he owes 700-thousand-dollars to his manager and two-point-five-million-dollars in back taxes to the IRS. Nas went on to testify that he would not release a solo album next year, but did not discuss whether or not that included his Damian Marley collaboration, “Distant Relatives.” Following the hearing, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge David Cunningham ordered the emcee to pay Kelis 51-thousand-101-dollars a month in spousal and child support. Nas was reportedly paying nearly 40-thousand-dollars a month in temporary support. Wednesday’s ruling did relieve Nas of having to pay the 13-thousand-dollar a month mortgage on the pair’s Los Angeles home where Kelis currently lives.

Nas and Kelis tied the knot in 2005. Kelis filed for divorce this past April citing “irreconcilable differences.” The singer gave birth to a baby boy named Knight in July, which is the couple’s only child.


Brandy is having fun taking on a new musical persona. The singer is featured on Timbaland’s new album, “Shock Value Two,” under her new alias Bran’ Nu, and says she loved getting the chance to showcase her rap skills. She tells MTV News, quote, “What I’m doing on the album is a little bit different than what everybody knows me for,” adding, quote, “It was a great experience. I got a chance to be another part of myself.” Brandy says her verses are all her own writing, adding that she has been rapping as a hobby for her friends for several years. Brandy recently posted a video of herself rhyming on her YouTube account. That’s how Timbaland discovered she could flow. Check Out all the Pics… READ MORE

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast members NeNe Leakes, Lisa Wu Hartwell, Sheree Whitfield and Kandi Burruss  hosted a reception at Atlanta’s Atlantic Station for the opening night of the GHRI on TOUR exhibit.  The exhibit is a fun, interactive , traveling exhibit that demonstrates what it takes to earn the Good Housekeeping seal. Visitors will see the various tests that products must go through to earn the seal to be featured in Good Housekeeping. All the money will benefit a local children’s hospital.


In other news fans of The Real Housewives of Atlanta should be warned: NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak — who got in a bit of a physical scuffle last season — might not be returning for Season 3. The New York Daily News cites a source who says the twosome are asking for more money than Bravo wants to pay them. In return, Bravo might not pay them at all.

“Bravo has been taking meetings with some notable and wealthy Atlanta women about possibly joining the show,” says the insider. “They’re trying their best to keep the process under wraps, but they’re gearing up to make a major move in the third season.”

The source says that the newcomer will either be an added presence to the show or be a replacement for NeNe or Kim.

“Things with NeNe and Kim have been intense,” says the source, “but Bravo feels the show is about the franchise as a whole and won’t let one person stop it.” NeNe is going to give me an interview so stay tuned.

Rihanna Goes Topless For GQ Magazine


RiRi been working hard and keeping that body right these days. Here are some of her naked pic’s from her shoot with GQ magazine, but hey, she’s trying to increase album sales. Shot out to RihannaDaily for the pic’s.

A hip-hop fan who was reportedly punched by Kid Cudi over the weekend says it’s all water under the bridge. “Could be me, I got to give it to the guy”, says Michael Sharpe, who doesn’t plan on filing charges against the “Pursuit of Happiness” rapper for allegedly beating him. Sharpe states, quote, “I’m not upset, I’m not going to be that person. I just want to meet him and be like ‘I’m the guy you punched.’ I’m not going to press charges.” The alleged incident occurred during Kid Cudi’s Saturday night set at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, British Columbia. Sharpe claims that a person behind him threw a wallet on stage, prompting Kid Cudi to toss it back into the crowd. Sharpe wound up catching the wallet and heaving it behind him, at which point Cudi allegedly entered the crowd and began punching him.

Kid Cudi is currently out on the road with Lady GaGa on her Monster’s Ball Tour. The alleged punching incident took place at a special Kid Cudi show that was not part of his trek with Lady GaGa. The two will be in Las Vegas this Thursday, performing at the Pearl at The Palms.

Hicks Of The Day


Why would anyone ever take a picture like this… I bet she told her husband that if he Tiger Woods her ass that it was on and popin.. Shout out to the homies over at Dlisted for the pic


Chris Brown lost it and really is having a hard time these days, he even deleted his twitter page. is reporting that over the weekend, the singer, 20, had a mini-meltdown online after he visited a Walmart in Connecticut and didn’t find his new album, Graffiti, on the shelves. “But they had Alicia Keys album ready for release for this Tuesday,” he Tweet-griped. “BUT NO SIGN OF GRAFFITI. BS.”

He exploded on Twitter in a profanity-laced series of posts. “I’m tired of this s—-. Major stores r blackballing my CD. Not stockin the shelves and lying to costumers. What the f— do I gotta do.” To the record business, he added: “The industry can kiss my a–.” A visit with the Walmart store’s management brought him no satisfactory answers, he says.

But store employees told PEOPLE and other news outlets that particular Walmart did in fact stock Graffiti – but it sold out, as one worker said to MTV News, “as soon as it hit the shelves.” I really cant say I dont blame him I know I would have done the same thing… I just hate it for his fans they really loved his twitter page… Hold yo head up pimp they are always going to try to bring you down dont let them, just take their paper…


Grizzwald "Grizz" Chapman

One of the actors on NBC’s hit comedy “30 Rock” is battling a serious health issue. The “New York Daily News” is reporting that Grizzwald “Grizz” Chapman is suffering from kidney disease. The 35-year-old plays a member of Tracy Morgan’s security team on the show. Chapman is currently on dialysis three times a week for severe hypertension. The actor — who is six-foot-eleven and 378 pounds — is on a waiting list for a kidney transplant, but must lose 75 pounds to be considered a candidate. Chapman admits that he has ignored his high blood pressure and refused to take medication for more than a decade.


Grizz Chapman is scheduled to talk about his disease on Tuesday’s “The Dr. Oz Show.” Dr. Mehmet Oz discussed having the “30 Rock” star on his program saying, quote, “He’s got a winning spirit, and if we follow his story carefully, everyone’s going to learn a lot from it.” Despite his kidney disease, Grizz Chapman will continue his duties on “30 Rock.” All-new episodes of the hit series can be seen Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. Eastern on NBC.

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