Daughter Finds Fathers Who Is Now A Women


I know some people who have wanted to look for their father. But I don’t know what they would do if they had the same endind as Emily Wallis. Emily had waited years to meet the man her mom described as an “Italian Stallion” but instead she met a hair flowing, pumps wearing tranny named Chloe. LMAO thats right after her search for her father came to an end she found out her once very manly dad, was now a very womanly woman named Chloe. I don’t know what I would do in this situation, but Emily I guess took it kind of well. She said she didn’t quite know what to say so she said. , “You look better than me… and I really like your shoes.” Wow what a way to meet a long lost parent. I don’t think I could handle the dad I’ve always wanted to be a man. what about ya’ll?

David Banner Done With Rap? For Now!!!


The big dawg David Banner recently came out to Luckie Lounge which is the best place to party on a friday night in the ATL! While there i had a chance to catch up with him and inquire about his new album. But I’m not sure if there will be a new one anytime soon. According to Banner himself, he wants to put his rap career on hold to focus more on acting and producing. I know for some of ya’ll out there that hurt a lil bit, but no worries he didn’t say he was giving it up completely. I wish him all the luck with his acting in the future, and we already know he got the producing thang on lock.  Here g some pics form Luckie Lounge that nigh.

What do ya’ll think about a lot of these rappers turning to actors?

Lil Wayne… Father of The Year?


Although the public make it seem like Lil Wayne is a deadbeat dad, I have to step up and say he is definantly NOT. Recently Lil Wayne threw a party for his oldest daughters birthday and it was wonderful. His son by his half/asian babymama Sarah was also in attendance.

Seeing Wayne with his kids and just how well he interacted with them was priceless. You could see the look of admiration and love in their eyes. Not only that Wayne looked like he was at peace and was genuinely happy to just be there with them.

So for all of ya’ll out there talking $hit about Wayne and his daddy techniques need to lay off and speak on what you know! P.S.

Tiger Woods Issues Apology For “Transgressions”

The AP is reporting that Tiger Woods is apologizing for what he calls “transgressions” in the wake of reports of several affairs. Scrutiny of the golf star began late last week when Woods crashed his SUV into a tree near his home. The golfer responded directly to speculation about the conduct of his wife leading up to the accident, saying, quote,

“the stories in particular that physical violence played any role in the car accident were utterly false and malicious.”

He ended the statement with a “profound apology” to those who have supported him.

Kasim Reed Elected Atlanta’s 59th Mayor!


Kasim Reed is now Atlanta’s 59th mayor! Last night he held a watch party that turned into a celebratory party at the Hyatt in downtown Atlanta.. Jermaine Dupri and Dominque Wilkins, famed NBA player, came out in support, as well as Ryan Glover. It was an amazing thing to see the emotion in the room when everyone heard the news that he won. I am proud and happy to say that I had the opportunity to work with this campaign almost from the very beginning. This was also my first political party. I am a proud supporter of Kasim Reed and would like to tell him congrats from Freddyo.com!

Reality TV Mayhem: Fantasia


Reality tv has been causing quite the mayhem and isn’t done yet! This time around its starring Fantasia, who is one of my favorite singers! According to VH1 the show will be giving her fans and viewers a close up and in depth look into her life. A life that they say is very relatable. The cameras wile following Fantasia as she juggles her career, being a single mother, and diving head first back into music. The 8 episode series will be thirty minutes in length and will be premiering January 11, 2010 at 10pm on VH1. Yl make sure you keep an eye out for it and support my girl Fantasia! How do ya’ll feel about the new show?

Ryan Cameron All Star Bowling Tournament


Ryan Cameron hosted his 18 Annual Celeb Bowling Tournament recently, over the holiday! Some of Atl’s finest celebs came out to show love and shell I say try to bowl.  In attendance was Ludacris, Big Boi, Chris Tucker, Neffie and Sollow, Sean Garrett, Elle, CJ and many more who helped show support to my homie Ryan Cameron and his foundation. Click here to find out more about RC foundation

Ester Dean Really Can Sing…

I have to say I love me some Ester Dean… Miss Dean recently came to the ATL to preform her hit single “Drop It Low” and  I have to say she sang her but off …

But what alot of people dont know is that Ester got a hit with Gucci Man called “I Think I Love Her” Yall better get on it cause its a hit…