Beyonce’s Baby Breaks Twitter Records

Just like the baby’s power parents, Jay-Z and Beyonce’s new baby-to-be has broken records. Once Beyonce hit the red carpet and showed that baby bump, everything went crazy.

At that point, Twitter reported 8,868 tweets per second! The previously record setter occurred when Japan beat the U.S. Women’s soccer team this summer. READ MORE

Solange Knowles is sticking by her story about Miami police pulling a weapon on her and her friends over the weekend. A rep for Beyonce’s little sister tells E! News it all started when Solange and two friends were denied entry into a Miami Beach nightclub while carrying a large balloon they were planning to give to a friend the next day. According to the rep, two police officers then approached Solange and her friends when they took the balloon across the street to deflate it. The conversation with the officers apparently started off casual and lighthearted, then one of the officers allegedly pulled out a switchblade and threatened to pop the balloon. READ MORE

It’s almost like Michael Vick has come back from the dead! The Philadelphia Eagles reached a deal with the quarterback for $100 million dollars over the next 6 years.  He’ll be paid a little more than $16 million during each of his first 3 years and has the potential to earn $16.7 million each season. It looks like Michael Vick is back on his grind and after receiving three endorsements this year alone (click here). READ MORE

Waka Flocka Flame Fight

We’ve been seeing Christina Milian out and about everywhere this past weekend and perhaps we know why now. Just recently, sources have leaked saying that Christina Milian is going to have a lead role on an ABC comedy. The show which is going to be named Maid In Miami is about a young maid who aspires to be a singer. Somewhere between a ton of singing, there is supposed to be some comedy. READ MORE

Amber Rose hinted last night that her and boo Wiz Khalifa might be teaming up to do some music together. At the VMA’s she was quoted as saying, “We’re working on some music for me…It’s going to be very mysterious. You may not even know it’s me. We might just throw it out there, might give it out and see what’s up”. I don’t know about you, but I’m curious as to what this is going to sound like. READ MORE