New Music: JoJo ‘Disaster’

After a ton of press about her new single, we’ve finally got it. The singer is free of label drama and is ready to show the world that she’s still got a powerhouse voice with her newest single Disaster. The song aired for the first time on U.S. radio today. This is the first music that we’ve heard from her on an record label since her last album The High Road dropped back in 2006. READ MORE

Someone’s been doing something very naughty we think!!!! Late night talk show host comedienne and confessed bad girl, Chelsea Handler, was allegedly busted last week doing something suspicious with a man in gold shoes in the bathroom of a club in NY.  She was then escorted out by security.

Handler, who is dating hotelier Andre Balazs was attending a party for Standard Hotel employees. The party was being hosted by her boyfriend on a restored boat docked on the Hudson, and things started out pretty normal for Handler. The potty-mouthed blonde was seen with her usual booze, earlier in the night. But at some point, she and the bottle might have parted ways.

They say that she then went to the bathroom to get extra happy but no one really knows what went  on in that men’s stall, but one could assume that she a number of things. READ MORE

T.I. Gets Out Of Jail Wednesday + New Reality Show

T.I. will be released from prison Wednesday 8/31/2011, and will be headed straight into the studio! For all of you T.I. fans prepare for the best, as he’s coming back for the streets! So prepare to have some headbanging beats from Toomp or Lil C, and some heavy catchy club anthems from Mr. Clifford Harris! I’m predicting a hostile street club takeover! Welcome back home Tip!

In other news T.I. once released will start working on a new reality show that will focus on him being released from jail, starting his life over and being a husband. READ MORE

Sad news the daughter of NFL Hall of Famer, Deion Sanders, Deiondra Sanders falls victim to a vengeful ex-boyfriend. After their break-up, he leaked some nude photos of the 19-year-old on the Internet, but supposedly the photos were taken three years ago.  According to her father’s Twitter posts, her computer was stolen.

“Please pray for my family especially my daughter. Computer was stolen and she had VERY ignorant pics on there from 3 yrz ago that were released. She is saddened but it is what it is! To desire to be in the spotlight understand you get exposure that sometimes you don’t want. Pray for her please.”

She seems to be getting through the madness decently. She addressed the photos saying:

“We all do stuff when we are young and dumb. My life is turned around now. I am now a strong follower of Jesus Christ.”

Deiondra Sanders is currently working on a new reality show with several other celebrity kids.

Looks like it happened again…a random man ran up on stage during Jay-Z and Kanye’s performance of “Otis” during the VMAs. Unlike the previous incident at last year’s Video Music Awards Show with Lil Mama, security was on point. After the man made it to the front of the stage near where the two were performing, security pummeled him quick…confusing Jay-Z but didn’t stop him from rapping his line.

I wonder would security have pummeled Lil’ Mama like that?

Check out the performance and pictures below: READ MORE

Chris Brown did his thing on the stage last night and won tons of applause from the crowd…with one big exception. While Kanye standing next to him rose to his feet, Jay-Z seemed to be not excited at all…in fact he’s taking a swig of some beverage. When you see the audience’s reaction to Chris performance  you can see everyone is standing and applauding, except for Jay-Z. Word on the street is that Hov hasn’t be a fan of Chris since the incident with Rihanna. Its crazy that we always here about Jay-Z hating on Chris but this is the first time we see it with our own eye’s…

Check out the video below: READ MORE