Hoopz’s been putting in work lately to make her big comeback. For the longest I had been wondering what happen to Hoopz, my homie told me that she is working on a new calender and reality show. These pic’s of her and Chad Ochocinco who plays footballas a wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals where posted on twitter and the homies over a GosspinBitchies.com posted them on their site. I was told the Shoot got a little hot and more than just pic’s went down. What yall think? Here are some of the pic’s..

P.S. I really dont know what the Shoot was for so if you know please tell me…

Vivica Foxx Alter Ego Shoot

The homie Necolebitchie posted an article about Vivica Foxx and her new photo shoot with the homie Derek Blanks. When asked to explain the concept behind the shoot Vivica says “Choices: Life is about choices! Dare to walk on the wild side.,, Or Live right on the right side! Enjoy life to the fullest!”

I know yall are wondering why is Derek Blanks always doing all of these Alter Ego’s? Derek is getting ready to put out a book that shows all of his work… He’s got so many that yall haven’t even seen yet… I will tell yall more about the book when it is about to come out. Here are some of the pic’s..

Youtube Clip Of The Year : Scarlet Takes A Tumble


If you haven’t seen “Scarlet take a tumble”, you probably haven’t spent much time on the Internet. I have to tell yall one of my top Youtube videos of the year would have to go to Ms. Scarlet for making millions laugh and cry after watching her video. As she takes one of the worlds biggest Tumbles…

Akon & AG Entertainment Give Back In A Big Way


This year so many families were without Christmas because love ones where out of Jobs. Akon and AG decided to team up and make sure over 400 kids had a good Christmas.. Here are all the Pic’s.

Yo yall have to Check out Akons Car

Is This Your Son & Daughter Top Pic’s Of 2009!!

Is _this_your_son_tby

All year, I have been posting some of the most outrageous pics ever. Well today, you get a review some of your all time favorite “Is this your son” and “Is This Your Daughter” pics of 2009. Vote on your favorite picture in the message box!!

Is _this_your_son_soulja_boi

Have fun laughing, and remember all the “Is This Your Son” pics from 2009!!!

Happy NEW YEAR!!

Here are some links that will show you more pics..

Is This Your Son 1

Is this Your Son 2

Is this Your Son 3

Is this Your Son 4

Picture 5
I got to tell yall that the Chipmunks are back and better than ever… If you have a child they are going to want to see this movie and I have to say its funny as hell.

The new movie “Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel” was released to theaters last week here is one of my favorite parts of the movie is when “The Chipettes” (rivals to Alvin and the Chipmunks) performed Beyonce’s hit single “Single Ladies.” Continue reading to check out this hilarious video! Shot out to Gossiponthis.com For the Video… Click Here To See The Pics and Video READ MORE