Tyler Perry Mother, Willie Maxine Perry Has Died


My thoughts and prays are with Tyler and his family after hearing that his mother passed. Tyler Perry’s mother, Willie Maxine Perry, died Tuesday.

“My mother is the wisdom of Madea, ” Perry said. She was 64.

“Thank you for all your prayers,” Perry said on the “e-mail messages from Tyler” section of his online site tylerperry.com.

Perry said he based his most popular — and notorious — character, Madea, partially on his mom. Late Tuesday morning, he sent out posts on his FaceBook and Twitter pages directing fans and followers to his Web site saying, “I just sent out an email that I’d like to share with you. Please check it out.”

According to the FaceBook page “Please Pray for Mother Maxine Perry — Tyler’s Mom,” she has been sick since late August, although no details about an ailment werementioned.

Maxine Perry was a pre-school teacher who worked at the New Orleans Jewish Community Center most of her life. Perry said he and his siblings endured the abuse of their father Emmett R. Perry Sr., for whom Tyler was named before changing his name. But he said his mother bore the brunt of the abuse when he was younger.

Perry was reportedly planning to go on the road for another tour of live “Madea” shows, according to StraightFromTheA.com, but it is unclear how his mother’s death will impact his schedule.

Nas Says DUI Arrest The Result Of Racial Profiling


New York emcee Nas has an explanation for his September arrest on driving under the influence charges.  TMZ.com recently caught up with the rap star, who says his arrest was the result of racial profiling.  Nas proclaims, quote, “You know what it is…profiling man,” adding, quote, “they can’t stop a good man from shining man.”  Last week it was reported that Nas was arrested back in September on DUI charges in the Atlanta, Georgia area.  The police report stated that the emcee had a “green tongue with raised taste buds” and a pulse that reached 116 beats per minute.  The officer on the scene also reported that Nas’ vehicle smelled of “raw marijuana” and that he had, quote, “eyelid tremors in both eyes and body tremors.”

Nas admitted to smoking marijuana at his friend’s house earlier in the evening, and proceeded to fail a field sobriety test.  The charges were eventually dropped when Nas’ drug test came back negative.


Tiger Woods’ mother-in-law has been released from a hospital near Orlando, Florida.  Barbro Holmberg was taken to Health Central Hospital Monday night after apparently complaining of stomach pains.  Hospital spokesman Dan Yates said Holmberg was feeling much better but provided no information about her treatment.  He said she’s resting at home.


Peter Gammons Leaving ESPN


Baseball analyst Peter Gammons is leaving ESPN.  The network has announced it and Gammons will go separate ways after this week’s Winter Meetings in Indianapolis.  ESPN Executive Vice President of Production Norby Williamson said the Massachusetts native was leaving for new challenges and a less demanding schedule.  Gammons spent 20 years with ESPN.  His career started in 1969 when he became a reporter for the “Boston Globe.”  He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2005 as the winner of the Spink Award.  The following year, he suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm that sidelined him for two months.

puffy-diddy-chris-brownChris Brown came to ATL for his fan appreciation tour which sold out in 3 days and to promote his new album Graffiti. After having the chance to be around him and meeting all his people I have a new found respect for him. He is a really good dude.

Chris who at times we forget that he is stilling growing up is just so thankful of all the love and support his fans friends and family has giving him. My Homie Polow Da Don invited me to the party he threw for Chris at Opera night club to honor him for his new album Graffiti that comes out next week. Puffy wanted to make sure Chris knew he had much love for him, so he left the party that was thrown for him at the Velvet-room and came to party with Chris’s… WOW The homies Ester Dean, Samie, Lil-Scrappy, Chubby Princes, Kato and Jazzie, also came out to show their love…


I wanna give a shout out to Mia, Krista, and Chris Manager for all the love. Make sure ya’ll go pick up his album on Dec.8…I know I’m going to pick up 4 copies. LOL Here are all there pics… P.S. I love the Album..


I have to say these past few day have been crazy for the Woods family, all there dirty business is now out in the streets. My homie asked me do all men cheat I replied NO!!! She then said “Really – Really FreddyO,  you know you lying”… I then started thinking about all the people that ask me not to take their picture becuase they were doing things that they should not be doing… Some even going as far as to ask me to see all the pic’s to make sure I didnt get a pic of them…. So now that that was said I would have to say most do, but still their are some who dont… What do you think?

Tiger Woods’ alleged extramarital saga now extends to reports that his wife is being paid a seven-figure amount to stand by her man. The couple is also reportedly now in intense marriage counseling sessions that are occurring several times daily. A report by the “Chicago Sun-Times” says the money has been transferred to an account controlled solely by the golf star’s wife, Elin  Nordegren Woods. A reported demand to revise the couple’s prenuptial agreement is also said to have been met. READ MORE