Rihanna hasn’t been able to get a break these past few days…  It seems like lately RiRi’s luck hasn’t been that good, her new album which is considered a flop doesn’t make it any better. Controversies and major promotional tours  no longer count when it comes to sailing albums, because Rihanna’s “Rated R” album is failing. I was told that the album “is a like a bad Rock N Roll album, off key“, – by one of Atlanta’s top record stores mangers … After all the interviews,the publicity,the name-brand producers, writers, and big budget music videos “Rated R” is expected to sell a measly 160K in her first week. Her record is now on sale for 99 cents. While Susan Boyle’s ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ is estimated to sell around 550,000 units and will be taking the top of the charts.

Kredible Alerts is reporting that Rihanna attended the launch party for Cash Money artist Jay Sean this past Friday in London. A source says Rihanna looked ready to party and was dancing, until the DJ played a Chris Brown song, which prompted her to return to her table, gather her entourage and leave the party. The source told Britain Magazine, the DJ was insensitive and probably played the song to get a reaction.  WOW… I think in the end she’s growing up and maybe we are being to hard on her…

reginae pajama jam

Toya and Wayne threw  a lavish pajama jam birthday at Atlanta’s Room Service for their daughter Reginae celebrated her 11th birthday in a party fit for a queen. I have to say I has the time of my life while at the party and her guests got everything from a concert too blingedout  goodie bags.

reginae pajama jam and family

Reginae is truly mommy and daddy’s little girl, and Mama and daddy showed their love by footing the bill lol.  Her guests included Monica and her Sons, Rasheeda and her son, Diamond and lil-Scrappy, Kandi, The new Mama’s Of Day time TV Mama Pain , Wayne , and Loraine  Tiny and her kids, of course her mama Toya and her dad himself were there, so was her little brother by Wayne’s asian baby mama Sara. The OMG Girls were also there in full affect. Her party also had a performance by the New Boyz.


This party was fit for a little princess, and that’s exactly what she is. Shot out to my girl Toya for looking out and showing me so much love and just so yall know she got a new Boo but I will tell yall about that later… Her and James are over…  Shout out to Wayne also for having his baby mama and his ex-wife in the same building and no drama popping off.  I love to see people getting along although the world like to put people against each other. Click here to see all the pictures >>> READ MORE

Zone 4 Gives Back to Zone 4!

DSC_0721I know this is a lil old, but bear with me ya’ll I’m just waking up from my Thanksgiving feast it is LOL. But Last week my dude Polow Da Don held his third annual Turkey Drive at Greenbriar Mall. The Zone 4 family not only gave away 500 turkeys to the Zone 4 community of Atlanta, but they did it with a full blown carnival, filled with live performances. Performers included Rick kids, Monica,Keri Hilson, and Rich Boy. But other celebs came out in support such as: 106 & Parks Terrance J, Teyana Taylor,Ester Dean, and many more.

Although Polow lives back and forth between Atlanta and Los Angeles, he does all he can to give back to the community of Zone 4. He has been doing so much that in fact he was given an award from the City of Atlanta for Community Achievement. Its great to see celebs doing things to give back and help the community that made them. Kudos to you Polow!

Trey Songz Gets In Fight With R&B Singer Joe


Whoever follow the homie Trey Songz on Twitter ( @SongzYuuup ) knows that he celebrated his birthday on many different occasions. But at his party held at Lounge 501 he ran into some altercations. TheYBF.com talked to with some peps that were there, here is what they said…

R&B singer Joe was in the building, BUT he wasn’t a booked act. The club did their best to accommodate him, seating him in the same section that was Trey Songz. When Trey Songz arrived everything appeared to be fine and dandy, but that soon changed.

No one wanted to do the awkward “you have to move because this is Trey’s section” talk with Joe, and sources say Trigga (Trey for you slow ones) and his folks were “side-eyeing” Joe and his people, and they didn’t like that too much, and that’s when things got a little hectic.

Joe’s people decided to get buck with Trey’s folks and little tussle began. Sources say by the look of things Joe’s old ass and his people were not very victorious in the matter. As they were being escorted out the club by Trey’s security, they looked like some sad ass puppies. So at the end of the day Trey and his folks enjoyed the rest of the night and went home without a scratch on them, but as for Joe and his folks, I bet they won’t try to jump buck again. Here are some of the pic’s…


Birthday party with a purpose! Who other than – The Show Stopper Miss So So Sexy Decatur’s Finest  Shon Taylor &  P.I… The 2 have done it agin!! They have managed to shut down the entire S.Dekalb Cinema 12 Atrium after dark with a Birthday Party to remember. They decided to give back to the less fortunate by asking all in attendance to donate to 3 different charities. AID Atlanta, A food Drive for Hosea and A Coat Drive for Victoriuse women ministry and thanks to all that came out to support them, the party was a huge success. If I had to estimate the crowd, I would say a little over 700 people came out, here are some of the pic’s Click Here …. READ MORE


I have to tell yall people in the ATL have been talking and the world is that Ush’s new Boo is causing a little drama with him and his mama …  I really cant tell yall what going on that much yet but yall know I let yall know when that time comes …

Kredible Alerts is reporting that Usher’s new girlfriend Grace Miguel is upsetting his record label by taking over on the decision making for his upcoming album Raymond vs. Raymond. A insider told sources that the situation has become complicated, since Grace is still under contract with Def Jam and Usher has her calling all the shots and taking meetings with the bosses at Jive regarding his album. It was said that this matter has also upset Usher’s mother, who they say is, “mad that Grace is stepping on her toes and meddling in her management affairs”. Walking down the same path as before, sources say this predicament mirrors the one with Usher’s former wife Tameka Foster.