Bloods and Crips Call It A Truce!


The rapper, The Game has been making moves lately in regards to the big headlines and issues we have in the black communities. He was recently at the LA Police Department with Snoop Dogg discussing possible solutions to make sure that everyone is doing their part in being just and fair. And guess what else he did just now?

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The Game brought the two biggest black gang bangers around the world to make peace, Bloods and Crips. I know for a fact that the game sees the bigger picture in all of this turmoil.



It will do us no good to march the streets yelling “BLACKLIVESMATTER” after tragedies happen with white and black people but disregard the reckless and careless actions we have toward one another in the black community.


We are only not a force to be reckoned with when we come together and realize that the war is with the ignorant and uneducated people filled with fear and hate. We can not keep killing one another and make it easy for the oppressor.

The only way to win is to think smarter together!


Officers Killed In Louisiana!


Today about a few hours ago there was another shooting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. There were 7 cops injured and 3 cops dead. Apparently, the cops were mixed in race I believe but that shouldn’t even be relevant however it is. We all know that there is a war going on, but it is not a new one at all.

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One of the shooters was caught and he again claimed he was doing it under the movement of black lives matter. Again, another ignorant person using that as an excuse for taking that anger and killing innocent people.


How does killing officers who are there and protect you help anything? It might make you feel good for the moment but at the end of the day that was someone’s father or mother that you just murdered for doing their job as they were hired to do genuinely and honestly.



We are so lost as a people and all I can do is pray every time I see news reports like these on my timeline. Think about all the black lives that have been taken by black lives! C’mon people wake up!!!!

We are so much better than this, so much better.

I had a blast covering the 2016 V-103 Car and Bike Show over the weekend. It’s nothing like music, cars, and bike, and the homies over at V-103. If you missed the 2016 Car and Bike Show don’t worry we got you covered. Check out the overview of the day’s event by checking out the photos after the break.



The beautiful Kelly Rowland was in the ATL over the weekend to connect with her hometown, enjoy V-103’s 2016 Car and Bike Show and most importantly she showcased her dope new girl group June’s Diary for the world to see. The girl group is the stars of Kelly’s hit docuseries for BET entitled “Chasing Destiny”.


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Zika Has Been Contracted In New York Through Sex!


The Zika Virus is something that we all have been aware of for the past 3 months or so, correct? With that said we know by now that it has been brought to the United States and people have been trying their best not to get infected. Well, according to the latest news apparently they have not been trying hard enough. It has just been reported that 3 people in New York caught Zika. Guess how? Through sexual intercourse people!!

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Zika virus is carried by mosquitoes and it is a bacteria that started in South America from the lack of clean water. Think about it, If you have no choice but to use the same water as an animal or where people decompose things, then a virus is bound to develop.


One man uninfected man contracted it from a 20 year old woman who had just traveled abroad and came back with it. They obviously had unprotected sex and the man no less than a week later started showing symptoms of Zika!


Is that not the most scariest thing you have ever heard of? This is a warning for everyone to please urge your sexual partners to get checked out.

These things are very real and it can happen to you!

Biodiversity Extinction Alert!


The earth is losing a huge number of species everyday. From the plants to the animals, natural processes of life are being weakened daily and it is taking a heavy toll on the ecosystem. Whether we are aware of it or not it has been projected that we lose from 100 to 200 of new species of plants, insects, birds, and mammals every 24 hours.

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Now, I know you want to know the answer to the question: “Well, why should we care?” You should care because if the ecosystems natural processes are below the safety level and we need the ecosystem to stay alive, guess what that means?

We will be extinct right with this ecosystem.


The reason for this rapid extinction of species comes from our growing population on earth and our high, selfish and greedy demands. We are putting our own selves at risk and the facts do not lie.


The most recent study found that 58% of the earth’s land surface, the biodiversity — the overall number of animals that make up this ecosystem have fallen significantly below the safe level.


If we do not change something soon we will all pay the price for it.

Nick Cannon Dating Chilli!


Nick Cannon and Chilli are allegedly dating. How does everyone feel about this because I don’t know about you but this sounds weird and random. How in the world did Nick Cannon and Chilli apparently meet? I know that celebrities all have connections one way or another but this seems really random to me. Thoughts?

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According to The ShadeRoom the press caught Nick Cannon and Chilli out and about. So of course we are all going to ask what exactly is going on here right? The question was asked to Nick if he was dating her and guess what his response was?

“Ask her.”


Nick is in the process of getting a divorce with his current wife Mariah Carey. Now, I know that divorces are not smooth at all. So legally I know that counseling is mandatory and if that is the case I don’t think that dating is necessarily permitted but it has already be done.


Chilli was also in a relationship with Usher and I wonder what he thinks about it? He might now care because it’s been so long but I always believe that when you had something special with someone you really have a hard time seeing them with someone else.

Am I right?

Alton Sterling Home Going


Today marks the first day that the family and friends of Alton Sterling have gathered to acknowledge his great life all together. The family is mourning and mourning over this unnecessary tragedy that happened with no mercy or care in the world of racist cops. I believe the cops when they say that I they are scared of African Americans because we can run the world and that loss of control is something very precious to them as its been for years. However, none of this justifies them killing us day by day.

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Now although these white on black crimes are disgusting beyond measure can we talk about the real issue or not?


Because I’m going to tell you right now that “black lives” never mattered the day we started killing ourselves ruthlessly. See, when we start to talk about what really needs to take places for us to be taken seriously as a people no one wants to say a word. I personally have a problem that.


If we can’t address and try to fix the real issue then shut up about racial discrimination when the discrimination in our own race is outrageous.


Nonetheless, our sincere prayers are with Alton’s family and for all the fallen to racial discrimination and discrimination, fear and hate period within our race.