I was blessed to have the opportunity to capture images for the 2016 BET Hip Hop Awards green carpet. Some of the biggest and brightest stars all made their way to the ATL for a dope week of Hip Hop Fun.

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If not YOU, then WHO?


Heard the phrase “to whom much is given, much is expected!” You may look at yourself and think that you don’t have “much” to give, so people shouldn’t expect much from you. But I’m here to tell you that we ALL have something that we can give. READ MORE


Shawty Lo’s Children

He is survived by 11 children, who came together for a joint tribute. After sharing individually, they spoke as one: “He will always be our king.” In one touching, emotional moment, the older children helped his youngest say goodbye.

Hundreds of friends and fans came out to show love to Atlanta’s own Shawty Lo. It was clear that he was definitely loved and will be missed by many.

check out video clip of the funeral highlights..



Last night was epic ! Wolfcreek ampitheater held it’s last old school performance last night for the 2016 Old school season with Maze feat Frankie Beverly, Ken Ford, and the Whispers ! The crowd was hype with all of the performance and everyone did a spectacular job. Ken Ford played his ever so popular song on the violin “Moments in Love, ” along with other jams, the Whispers had almost every couple in the crowd dancing to the soulful classics from back in the day that never gets old, and last but not least, Maze featuring Frankie Beverly closed the show out with nothing but bangers ! Take a look at some of the photos courtesy of Briana Crudup


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The homies Mindless Behavior announces their #NoParentsAllowed Fall Tour Presented by Ones To Watch Sponsored by Alcatel. The trio decided to follow their dope summer 16 album “OffIcial MB Music that made the Top 5 of Billboard R&B Chart!

Yall get ready because Mindless Behavior is BACK!
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Who Is Jacques Johnson

Who Is Jacques Johnson Photo Credit Peachtree TV Website

Jacques Johnson is not only your “not so typical rapper” but is the youngest executive producer of his reality docu series set to air on Peachtree TV October 9th, at 3 p.m. Johnson’s squad/support team will show you why Atlanta is the new Hollywood. Check out the trailer after the break READ MORE

100 Cream “Biggie” ft’ T Top – New Music Alert

100 Cream ft' T- Top

100 Cream ft’ T- Top

Anthony Langston is a very unique artist. His entire persona is based on real life experiences. Being raised by the hard knots life of the streets landed him in prison at a young age. Fortunately upon his release he was wiser, more perceptive and used the time to plan his vision for turning his future around and using music as a tool that would create 100 Cream. Check out new single “Biggie” f’ T Top after the break. READ MORE


Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown did his thing at the Old school affordable concert!  It was definitely his prerogative to wow the crowd and he did just that! I tell you, despite whatever obstacles this man has gone through, he continues to please his fans through his love for music. Salute Bobby !