The Wendy Williams Show “Jim Carrey Gets Slammed!”

The media went crazy when legendary, Chaka Khan was revealed as Miss Monster and eliminated from “The Masked Singer” last night.

Then, Jim Carrey was slammed on Twitter for telling a woman journalist in an interview that she was the only thing left for him to do on his “bucket list.

Plus, City Girls rapper, Yung Miami is asking her Instagram followers to send her money for her birthday.

She posted her Cash App profile on Instagram and people are sending her up to $1,000.


Omarion pulled up on Big Boy in the neighborhood, and let us know about the new single with T Pain coming this month. He talked about how he’s preparing for tour, what he’s been up too , and his p.o.v. on how social media feel like he should handle certain situations. Watch the full interview here.


[Music Video] Kissie Lee : Real

Kissie Lee releases new video of the title track from her latest ep “Real”. She’s giving you Rich Chick Energy all the way through, play with her you will get left quick. Kissie show you how it look when you upgrade your levels. Can you catch what classic scene from a favorite urban movie that inspired the beginning of the video? Watch video here , shot and directed by Juice Big Fellow.


Nicki Minaj Releases new single. A step closer to releasing her long-awaited fifth album. “Yikes” is Nicki Minaj’s first single of 2020.

Genea Sky — the exotic dancer who came crashing down from a 15-foot pole but kept twerking afterward — is taking a page out of the great George Michael’s song, “Careless Whisper,” ’cause she never wants to dance again. READ MORE

VIDEO : Camila Cabello pays homage to early 1900’s hollywood. With a hot feature from Da Baby in new Hit “My Oh My”. From her latest album titled “Romance”.


Toni Braxton Shares Oprah Encounter: ‘She Was So Freakin’ Mean To Me’

PART ONE: Our Thoughts on Jussie Smollett’s Recent Indictment.. Check of the rest of the videos below : READ MORE