Happy Birthday Queen B!!


Today is none other than the most talented and respected female in the rap game up until the day, Lil Kim! Yes, the lovely Lil Kim is celebrating her birthday today and many people again all over social media have been acknowledging her. In fact, Teyana Taylor is doing a tribute to her with her finacé Iman Shumpert tonight!

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Everyone should be tuned in to the VH1 Hip Hop Honors  tonight because I have no doubt that the performances will be phenomenal. Teyana and Iman even stepped into The ShadeRoom before the performance to let everyone know that they are more than excited to be there. Teyana was spotted wearing an all black bodysuit with a hot yellow curly wig and over dramatic circular sunglasses. It was obvious from the attire that those two were very happy to share this special moment with the Queen!


Speaking of performances, can you all name one of your favorite Lil Kim songs? Which one do you think Teyana will sing tonight? Will Iman Shumpert play Biggie on stage too? So many questions that need answers. I hope you all are staying tuned in!


P.S. Who knew that one of the greatest and influential women in the game would share a birthday with me!?

I’m honored and I love you Lil Kim!!

Lil Boosie Speaks!


We all know that the power of celebrity voices on serious social and racial issues in this country are important. The downside to that is that if celebrities are negative the people or fans who are influenced by that artist have negative feelings towards the relationship between the black community and the law enforcement.

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Lil Boosie basically has a pessimistic view on the progression of the black community violence and police brutality. Some people might categorize it as a “realistic” view but I would like to think otherwise.


Here is how I look at it, if we thought like with that entire pessimistic view we as a people would not have been as far as we are now. Again, I am not saying that we have come very very far because we definitely have a long way to go but we have made progress.


I know that we can get on the right track and be better as a people but we have to be willing to be better and we have to be educated. Education is just everything and I really can’t stress that enough!


Jacquees(Singer/Choreographer/Writer) was born on April 15, 1994 in Atlanta, GA. He found his passion for both singing and dancing at the age of 9 with influences from The Jackson’s: An American Dream and The Temptations movies; imitating no less than the greatest. He has already started work on songs written by award winning writer, Ne-Yo and will be in the studio working on his upcoming iTunes album ‘Round of Applause’ with other notable writers including Jagged Edge’s Brian & Brandon Casey, Musiq Soulchild and TC, who has penned songs for several artists including, Beyonce’.


Taylor Swift Has A Stalker?


The reality of celebrities getting stalkers is more than real. We may think it is a joke but many celebrities have to take precautions to avoid crazy people. Remember about a month ago there was a report about someone trespassing Taylor Swift’s property when she was not there? Yup, well I wouldn’t be surprised if this incident is related to her two previous incidents.

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The obsessed fan who made a trespassy plea of matrimony at Taylor Swift’s Rhode Island mansion was arrested just 2 days before exposing his penis on the road. Law enforcement busted the culprit, Joseph Bernatche and he was busted on Tuesday morning for running in the middle of the street and flashing his penist to passing motorist.


He was released the next morning where he made sure that he made it to Taylor’s house and started to confess his undying love to her. He is really crazy and these incidents after incidents became very disturbing.


I do not know if Taylor was home when this occurred but if I was her I would be terrified. We hope that everything works out in her favor!

Travel Advisory!


First, thing is first, I know that there are many bothered white people who think that they are entitled to everything on this earth including people but they are wrong. Those actions are soon backfiring on the U.S. Everyone loves the United States until recently it has been more than evident that this racism that they so call say doesn’t exist is very much so present. With that being said that is not a good look for tourist.

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Just got wind that the people from the Bahamas are not in agreeance with all the headlines of racial police brutality. They have officially put a travel advisory out for their population for traveling to the United States. If no one knows what that means it means that because of the racial tension that has been published recently they warned people to not go to the Unites States until that is taken care of.


Now, I think this is a great thing actually because if more countries do that than these ignorant people will realize how much we need tourist and “immigrants”. I’m so tired of hearing people talk about real america as if that is white america because contrary to what is being portrayed that is a lie.


Never forget that America was built on the backs of slaves and Native Americans. That is and always was the ONLY “real america” if we want to be honest here. Know the facts!

Educate yourself.

Alva Braziel…


You would think that after the countless protest and countless commotion on social media that the racial tension would decrease right? Well nope it is the total opposite for many citizens of the south, especially in Texas. Texas is not the highest with racial tension but it definitely is up there with the most racist states.

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alva 3

The fact that many African American men are becoming hashtags and it is just becoming a regular thing for police brutality to occur without any consequence is not okay. Alva Braziel was shot dead early this morning in Houston, Texas. It is disgusting what is happening.


A by stander who was also black stated that the blacks in that town and city are targeted. He also expressed that he doesn’t feel safe anywhere he goes and it makes you not even want to walk outside of your house for anything.


I need the minorities to come together. I need that, now.

I saw the bloods and the cryptes tie their flags together to show a union and I am more than pleased to see that! That union needs to spread all over, that is the only way we will not fall.




Café Mocha, the #1 nationally syndicated radio show for ‘women of color’, kicks off its 2016 Salute Her: Beauty of Diversity Awards presented by McDonald’s in Atlanta on July 6th and 7th. In partnership with the National Council of Negro Women Greater Atlanta Section, the show will host a series of activities to celebrate the launch of its Mocha Cares Foundation to support housing and services to combat homelessness and domestic violence through mentorship programs.


Darkness Cannot Drive Out Darkness!


In case you didn’t know ignorance doesn’t cure ignorance just like hate does not drive out hate, only love does that. These recent police shootings were uncalled for just as the ongoing MURDERS protected under this immunity, of the black community has been as well. I’m not saying that the cop shooting and deaths were acceptable but what I will say is it wasn’t  a surprising retaliation to me at all.

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There are so many issues at hand but it really starts with being educated about the world and how it works. There are laws that need to be changed in law enforcement and in this “justice system” hands down. But where we need to start is through peacefully protesting and petitioning. Also, we need to vote on all levels, get into politics and still fight for your people don’t be a sell out.


I think making changes is very simple but people just make it hard. White people have no excuse to be mad because they were never enslaved NOR treated as less than human for generations. However, black people cannot be so quick to pull the race card either nor be so furious about police brutality when we are continuously killing in our own communities daily for nothing.


Don’t be a contradiction, talk about the real issues. Minorities should come together and see what happens then. I dare minorities to come together. These racist white people talk about fear?

They haven’t even felt it yet.