Emergency Plane Landing!

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Rapper, Lil Wayne suffered a round of seizures earlier today that forced his plane flying overseas to have an emergency landing in Nebraska. Lil Wayne has had these seizures since more than once before and the cause is his addiction to cough syrup. Honestly, I’m still surprised that he is alive now because these severe seizures have happened in 2012 and 2013, back to back. Thoughts?

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If anyone else had this issue with multiple seizures over and over again you would think they would want medical help right? Well, that was the opposite desire for Mr. Carter. When he landed and finally got himself together sources report that he refused medical attention.

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I wonder if his condition can be passed down to his kids. Even though he wasn’t born with this illness I wonder if he could develop a gene that could be passed down through his bloodstream. What do you all think?

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Refusing medical attention is too risky if you ask me, I think he already knows what the doctor is going to tell him about his addiction and if he isn’t stopping soon then it probably isn’t looking good for him.

However, we have to stay positive in a world filled with such negativity and hate.

Prayers are going up for him and his family.

Parade Lockdown In Los Angeles?

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As if the massive shooting in Orlando Florida, and the recent killing of the young singer Christina Grimmie was not enough the world gets more violent. Apparently, around 2 pm today cops have arrested a 20 year old guy who was walking around the parade today in West Hollywood very suspiciously today. James Howell from Indiana, was arrested with the possession of explosives and many assault rifles.

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There must have been an ongoing investigation on this man because another man was arrested Sunday night after giving up the whereabouts of this James today. The authorities say that they do not think that any of these attacks are related, however it is ironic the time frame of all of them.

We are very grateful that James did not get a chance to blow up whatever he was planning on because that is just too much.

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Weapons are out of control in this country. Until people realize that just attacking one race of people for any distinct reason is also an attack on themselves we will not resolve the issue.

The gun laws again need to coincide with the beliefs that we supposedly have as such a diverse, and equal nation.

Pray For The World!

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Here. We. Go. Again.

I know  that everyone has heard about the mass shooting that just happened in Orlando, Florida around 2:00am this morning. The shooting was carried out by 29 year old Omar Mateen, and is being categorized as a domestic terrorist attack by authorities. The authorities also report that 50 people are dead and 53 people are injured from that shooting alone. What is happening in the world?

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I will go back to my main point when I said that gun control and explosives control is OUT of control. Someone can get a gun as easily as buying an ice cream cone these days and many people see nothing wrong with it but then pretend to have so much concern when unfortunate events like this occur. President Barack Obama knows this but when he tried to do something about gun control, guess what party had an issue?Republicans, yes, the conservatives in congress would not budge. Why? Because they are scared of change, like the rest of the world still living in the 1950’s and 60’s.

It’s also funny (sarcastically) how Omar is automatically considered a terrorist because of his ethnicity which is Muslim. I am not justifying anything that this crazy man did obviously but I am saying that if he was white the assumption would be that he had a mental opposed to being a thug or terrorist as if that label makes him less of a threat because it is something he couldn’t control. Can we say: “Constantly playing the victim!”.

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Anyways,the man was killed by authorities and later pictures were found on his social media of him with in NYPD apparel, disturbing? surprising? or all the above?

Yup, the answer is definitely all the above!

We need to keep praying for this world because this hate is detrimental. Love is stronger than hate and we need to be the ones to put that into action.

Pray for Orlando, of course, but also for the world while making sure you are doing everything that you can for the good of humanity as an individual on this earth.

Devilish acts, thoughts could be happening right now as we breathe but so are positive and pleasant ones.

Which one are you?

‘Voice’ Star Shot & Killed!



The runner up for ‘The Voice‘, Christina Grimmie was gunned down last night at her concert in Orlando, Florida. The man apparently came up to her while she was signing autographs and taking pictures and opened fire. Her brother was standing near by and was her hero by attempting to stop the man. This is so unfortunate and all our thoughts and prayers are with her family.

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It’s true when they say that you don’t know when your time is and that life is short I have no doubt about that. However, with this serious gun control situation that is not under control at all, people’s lives are being taken very prematurely. I’m not sure if Christina knew this man but it seems as though he knows her personally unless he had a mental illness.


I say this because it is too random for some one to just shoot her with out having a true motive. He shouldn’t have been able to get that close but the bottom bottom line is that the access to guns in this country should not be as easily accessible as it is, at all.





Raising The Smoking Age Again?


I don’t know how many of you all smoke or know people who do smoke but as we know the younger generations are becoming more and more bold every day. Children in middle school now are more prone to be “educated” on sex and engaging in adult activities such as smoking. Smoking and drugs in general is a growing problem at a younger and younger age each year. This has been so apparent that in California, Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill to up the age from 18 to 21. Thoughts?

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This bill bands the use of electronic cigarettes in public places and in general. Not only cigarettes but also all tobacco products. This action shows the supportive gesture to go against the growing adolescent addiction.


I’m not sure what it is but kids now want to grow up so fast. Everyone thinks that it’s cool to be pregnant, sell drugs for a living, not go to class, disrespect elders, and waste time trying to “get rich quick”. This right here, is the reason I write, the reason I want to create art, hoping that something I say will reach a young person in need of that creativity.

It is also important to give back to community’s through community service of course as well because the kids need mentors. They need people to care and guide them and I am more willing to do that.

What about you?

It’s A Little Boy!!

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Congratulations, to Angela Simmons and her supportive fiancé, Sutton Tennyson on finding out that they will be having a new baby boy! Angela is so excited and ready for this baby that she posted a picture of her first sonogram. I wonder what her dad and siblings think about bringing the new little chunk into the family. Does anyone know if this is Rev. Run’s first grandchild?

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I remember when they used to have a show and I remember  Angela was the second to oldest, with an older sister by the name of Vanessa Simmons. I just checked and Vanessa actually does have a little girl so this won’t but the first grandchild but it will be the first grandson!

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Angela must have all the anticipation and excitement of a new mommy. It has been evident from her instagram that she is still staying active and I believe working out a little is good for the baby’s health.

I haven’t had a child before but I can only imagine all the things that I would want to try out in order to have the smoothest pregnancy, right?


We hope everything goes well with her further doctor’s visits, and we can’t wait to see pictures and find out the baby’s name soon!

Justice For All?

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Davontae Sanford, a 24 year old Detroit man has finally been released from prison after being wrongly convicted of a quadruple homicide. This man served 9 years. Yes, nine years, so you do the math. This means he was 14 years old when all of this happened to him, he was a child. Of course he was tried as an adult and of course he is an African American who was held to the normal stereotypical standard which is why the process of releasing him probably took so long. What are your thoughts?

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Seeing stories like these break my heart because they just make it so hard for us to win. He has lost 9 years of his life that he can’t get back, was tried as an adult, and experienced the hells of the jail atmosphere and all that for what? He was coerced into pleading guilty after being terrorized by investigators for 48 hours none stop.

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How is that even legal? Why is there not a stricter regulation system on top of the people who have the most amount of authority? Authority abuse is such a real thing that it is costing people their lives literally or big chunks of it.

Now, this charge is permanently attached to him and he is only 24. Thank God that he was released since the real killer confessed years ago but it will be hard for him to live a normal life again.


God bless you Dvontae and I apologize on behalf of this unjust justice system of America!

Hillary Clinton Democratic Candidate!



So the race has been going and going and I know the anticipation is getting greater but the votes are in and it is official that Hillary Clinton is the democratic candidate! The race with her and Bernie apparently has not been that close this entire time and now we all can be sure that Hillary is our only hope. We know this so much so after Barack Obama has endorsed Hilary!

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I honestly think that Obama wanted to endorse Bernie but since he found out that his chances of beating Hillary were clearly slim to none the he just gave in. For me the thing is I just don’t trust Hillary because she is good friends with Trump. My thoughts are if she does win that her intentions will lean towards trying to please everyone and that’s too much.


What do you all think about the race this far? I feel like we really only have one option when it comes to the presidents this year. The United States of America cannot claim the diversity and equality that it does now if our leader is the opposite of that.

Let’s keep moving forward !