B.o.B.’s upcoming sophomore album is going to include an Academy Award-winning actor. The rap star has released the track listing for “Strange Clouds,” with Morgan Freeman appearing on the first song. READ MORE

Questions about Jennifer Hudson’s fame and celebrity are among the numbered items to be answered by potential jurors in Chicago. Jury selection is under way in the case of William Balfour, the man accused of killing three members of the Oscar winner’s family in October 2008. The process is expected to take two to three days as the court whittles down the pool to 12 seatable jurors and six alternates. Hudson herself is on the witness list and is expected to attend the trial once testimony begins. According to the “Los Angeles Times,” nine of the 66 questions for the jury pool focus on Hudson’s accomplishments which, in addition to singing and acting, include her role as a spokeswoman for Weight Watchers. Opening statements are scheduled for April 23rd. Jennifer showed off pics from her fave Holiday–Easter Sunday. She tweeted pics of her sister, Julia, and her boys’ David Otunga & David Jr.’s Easter looks.

David’s birthday, was on Saturday so lil David made him a cake…

An exclusive interview was released today with my homie over at ItsOnly Entertainment</ and Super Producer “Bangladesh” aka The Hottest Producer in the game right now. Seems every HOT ARTIST in the game wants to be 6′ Foot 7 so they can get that Amilli- Amili- Amillionaire Bangladesh Beat that will put them where they need to be #AT-THE-Bank! Check out what Bangladesh aka Shondrae Crawford said about working with Brandy on her 2/11 album :



What’s the vibe like being in the studio with Brandy?

She’s just real into it, intense and still got the passion about the music. She still one of the best vocalist in the game and any veteran star will tell you that.

What’s the sound like on Brandy’s 2/11 album?

The music is new and against the grain. As far as the content, she still the same. You know most females get sexier and they cloths come off and they talking about other stuff. What I appreciate about her is she stays true to herself, she gone do her. If the song is written to sexy she isn’t going to do it. She wants to stay in her lane and the music is on another level. It’s a different sound of r&b, its Bangladesh beats and Brandy’s vocals.

Can you describe the sound of 2/11 in one word?

Refreshing. It’s just refreshing man, if you been listening to music you haven’t got any satisfaction from the music lately. If you a Brandy fan, you gone be satisfied. Its not gone be one joint or two joints, but its gone be a lot of joints on there to rock with that you gone wonder why they not on the radio.

What else can we expect from Bangladesh in 2012?

I worked with Far East Movement, Kesha, I try to do more pop extreme type things. I worked with 2 Chainz, thats like my family. I also worked with Jeremih, E-40 and Kelly Rowland. Actually i’m working on my album. It’s a production based album, I got a lot of features on it. I’m actually putting out a song on Tuesday called “The Opera” with myself, Baby and 2 Chainz.

When that “The Opera” single is released I know my man “Bangladesh” gonna make sure people can say they heard it on Freddyo.com first!  Right????



Tyler Perry is receiving a little support with his claim that he was racially profiled by Atlanta police this week. A man named Malik Kadeem claims he witnessed the incident, and tells TMZ that the two officers appeared to get upset when Perry didn’t roll down his window immediately after he was asked. Kadeem adds that the officers were giving the movie mogul a “hard time” until an African-American officer recognized Perry and took control of the situation. Perry has alleged that he was pulled over by police after making an illegal turn, and harassed by two white officers. READ MORE

Trina Braxton’s new single “Party or Go Home” on iTunes has been burning up the clubs cause even Party Promoters will tell you if you didn’t come to party then GO HOME!” That ain’t Hot! – in my Tamar Braxton voice (no-Homo) If you think you got what it takes to be featured in Trina’s new music video then come on out and audition! Let Victor Jackson (the Choreographer) be the judge! Don’t be late! This will be the opportunity of a lifetime!

12PM-5PM (Do Not Show Up at 5pm)

Mary will never live this down.. Hot 97 has a competition going once called.Chicken Idol. They will have a celebrity come in and basically resinging Mary’s song. You have to vote who does it the best.. Yandy and them toddler teeth better get the hell on. She know she can’t go toe to toe with Mary Janiqua Blige.

So Amber Rose must have been so correct when she made jabs at Kim Kardashian in her interviews. You guys said she was just hating! I got to admit yall women know when we be out on the prowl! How long yall think this will last?  Reported by my buddies at TMZ , Kanye West have been dating for roughly two weeks, but it’s a relationship 8 years in the making … TMZ has learned.

According to our sources, the two have been friends since 2004 — and have flirted on-and-off — but the timing was never right to pursue a relationship … until now.

We’re told both sides always felt a spark, but they NEVER acted inappropriately while Kanye was with Amber Rose … or while Kim was with Kris Humphries.

In fact, we’re told Kim was recently kicking around the idea of reconciling with Reggie Bush … but after hanging out with him in Miami a few weeks ago, decided the two weren’t compatible anymore.

Kim finally reconnected with Kanye in Paris when she attended his fashion show … and shortly after that, both sides decided to “give dating a shot.”

And so far, we’re told Kim has been super-impressed with the rapper … who pulled one hell of a surprise when they hit up FAO Schwarz in NYC a few days ago.

Sources say Kanye made some calls and had an entire floor of the toy store roped off so they could get a private lesson from a guy who taught them how to play “Chopsticks” on the over-sized piano featured in the movie “Big.”

Kim’s currently back in L.A. … but we’re told she plans to get her ass back to NYC as soon as possible to see him.

Mannnn! How in the heezy can anyone fix their mouths to say “All I got is 6.45 Million dollars to my name? And then file for Bankruptcy! If he is dead broke then I am cremated dead broker! According to our good friends at TMZ Future NFL Hall-of-Famer Warren Sapp has filed for bankruptcy … claiming he’s racked up millions of dollars in debts … but worst of all, dude claims he LOST his 2002 Super Bowl ring.

Sapp — who played in the NFL for 12 years — just filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Florida … and in the papers he gives a full rundown of his dire financial situation.

According to the docs, Sapp owes more than $6.7 million to various creditors … including hundreds of thousands of dollars in child support payments and alimony to at least 4 different baby mamas.

Among the debts, Sapp says he owes $853k to the IRS for 2006 and another $89k for 2010. Sapp says he also owes $2,858 in medical bills for “Corrective Speech and Language Therapy.”

Sapp says he only has $6.45 million to his name … and lists all of his assets in the documents … which include:

— 240 pairs of Jordan sneakers and sandals
— Large Nude women painting
— Lion skin rug (female – lioness)
— Nike golf clubs
— De Grisogono watch (scratch on crystal, nicks and scratches on band)
— A boxing glove signed by Muhammad Ali

But most interestingly, Sapp notes he has LOST two of his most treasured and valuable possessions — the 2002 Super Bowl ring he won with the Tampa Bay Bucs (example below) and the National Championship ring he won with the Miami Hurricanes.
In the docs, Sapp also lists his current salary as an analyst for the NFL Network as $45k per month … $540k per year. Sapp says his deal with the NFL Network expires in August and he’s not sure if the network will extend his deal.