Wayne has been hinting around over the past few months about a line of headphones that would be coming out soon, and now they are here. On September 6th, Lil Wayne hosted a Beats By Dre party at Playhouse Nightclub in Los Angeles to celebrate the launch of his own Beats Headphones as reported by rapdose.


Jay-Z and Beyonce are at it again. The two are very open with their support of president Obama and were very invovled in helping bring attention to the importance of voting during his first election campaign. Jay-Z and wife Beyonce are throwing their support behind President Obama for re-election. The two are planning their second event in support of the president and if this event goes right they could raise which should $4,000,000 just on ticket sales.


Chris Brown’s New Rihanna Neck Tattoo?!?


Already super tatted up, Chris Brown, has added a new tattoo to his collection and this one bares a striking resemblance to his long lost love…….


Happy Birthday Ludacris!

Happy 35th Birthday to Atlanta’s very own, Ludacris, of DTP (Disturbing the Peace). He is celebrating his birthdayt in London with girlfriend, Fab, and friends.  Ludacris is currently filming, Fast and the Furious 6, in London.  READ MORE


Kenya Bell reality star of Basketball Wives and basketball wife or rather ex-wife of NBA player, Charlie Bell, recently finalized her divorce after almost a year of the court and cashes in.


Rihanna Tells Piers Morgan to “Grow a D!@k”


Rihanna has always been known for her style as well as her music. Over the course of her career we have seen her pull off almost every style possible. From grungy tomboy to runway diva, from long red hair to short and jet black. I think she looks great in whatever she wears but apparently CNN reporter Piers Morgan doesnt agree. After seeing rihanna recently  at the Paralympics in London he  made this comment about her on twitter.


Ms. Montana Has A Lot To Say About Frenchie

The wife of Bad Boy rapper French Montana, Deen Kharbouch who has been kept in the shade for most of this rappers career is now coming out and she has somethings to say about her husband and his disloyal ways…..


Williow Smith Wears New Spiked Hair In New York

Willow Smith rocked a new spiked hairstyle at the Toronto Film Festival.  She’s wahsed the bright colors out and now wears a  dark brown short do with a few light highlights.  She hit the streets of New York wearing an army green jacket, black tights, a Beatles t-shirt, and spike shoes.  Freedom of expression is at an all time high in the Smith household.  Check out more photos of her new look and tell me what you think.  Is it a hair do?  Or a hair don’t? READ MORE