Christina Milian Shows Off Her Body In Malibu

Christina Milian was seen earlier today showing off her fantastic body out at the beach in Malibu. Looks like she had a ton of fun there too with a number of friends. Seems like she’s really been enjoying some time off being that the last time we saw here she was out vacationing out in Spain with hottie Cassie. READ MORE

Teairra Mari Denies Assaulting A Police Officer

Teairra Mari’s finally out of jail and she has something to say about these allegations against her stating that she assaulted a police officer during her arrest. She says, ” I take full responsibility for my actions, but I absolutely did NOT “attack” a Beverly Hills police officer and I’m very confused by those allegations”. She might be confused because she was drunk. She went on further to say in her statement that the entire ordeal is very embarrassing for her and that she knows that she has disappointed a lot of people including herself.  READ MORE

New Music: K. Michelle “Bring On The Rain”

K. Michelle shows that she can persevere through anything with her new single Bring On The Rain. She talks about the woes that she has gone through already as a songstress and even addresses all of her haters. K. Michelle is all about positivity and even tells people who have sent her hate mail that she loves them.  I’m sure people will find this song uplifting being that we all go through our up’s and down’s. READ MORE

Amerie Shows Up To A Celebrity Poker Tournament

Singer Ameriie was spotted yesterday out in Hollywood for a Celebrity Poker Tournament. This tournament was something a little different. It was hosted by the Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment. It’s cool to see her supporting the different cultures that make up her background. READ MORE

Kim Kardashian Wedding Drama!

Today is Kim Kardashian’s big day to marry basketball player Kris Humphries but some shady stuff has been going down. The whole Kardashian clan and their friends are staying in Santa Barbara for the wedding and they are causing drama for the city of Santa Barbara and everyone else. Locals say that usually Santa Barbara is a quiet and calm place but since Kim has come into town it has been everything but that. In addition to that, because of Kim’s security for the wedding, another bride’s day has been ruined! Security blocked the bride from attending her own pre-wedding party that was taking place at the Four Seasons Biltmore. READ MORE

You need to be careful who you leave your kids with! Just yesterday, a woman by the name of Keyona Davis, put an 8 month old baby in a stroller in the back of a pick up truck. A motorist stayed behind the pick up truck the entire time until it turned down a road where the police picked the pick-up truck at. While anyone would immediately notice that this is dangerous and not okay, Keyona Davis went to court and tried to act as if she didn’t know this was wrong. She says she got her first kid at the age of 16. She went on further to say that they don’t give people handbooks on what’s neglect and what’s not neglect. READ MORE

50 Cent Gets Into It With His Baby Mama

50 cent got into a slightly heated discussion with his son’s mother, Shaniqua Tompkins, about how many pairs of shoes their son should have for school. Apparently his son called him and told him that he needed 50 pairs of shoes because another boy at his school “stunted on him” because he actually had 50 pairs of sneakers and his father is only a lawyer. READ MORE

Mariah Carey’s Slimming Down

Mariah Carey is doing everything in her effort to shake off her baby weight from her twins Moroccan and Monroe. Earlier today she sent fans this picture of her exercising with about 5 puppies. She looked to be having fun while taking her puppies out for a jog. Looks like her efforts are paying off too. She’s slimming down at a great pace. Just the other day she was working out in the ocean. I guess it’s good to switch up your exercising habits so you can work on specific parts of your body. Go Mimi! Do you think Mariah’s losing any weight? What are some creative ways you try to workout?