50 Cent Has A Crush On Jill Scott

Jill Scott has always carried herself with the utmost class and grace, so 50 Cent’s nasty comment about her recent weight-loss really rubbed me the wrong way:

While the rapper is free to not be attracted to big women, did he really have to compare Scott to a “station wagon”? All he had to say was “she looks great’; the station wagon analogy was totally uncalled for. READ MORE

Amber Rose took time out from working on her new reality show to stop by “Millions Of Milkshakes” to debut her new Milkshake. The name of the Milkshake is the Amber Rose Blondie. Amber appeared with her mother and we see where she gets it from. 50% of the proceeds from Amber’s shake will go to the Trevor Project. READ MORE

Kim Kardashian Releases Her Butt X-Rays

So the jury is no longer out on whether or not Kim Kardashian’s a** is real or not. Recently newly engaged Kim took a visit to her physician to get x-rays done on her buttox. She was determined to convince the world that she in fact was born with an African American build.

She verdict is in! Kim’s a** is REAL! Her sister and my personal fav Khloe released a statement via twitter:

<strong><blockquote>Hey dolls. The PROOF is in the X-ray. Kim’s a*s is 100% real!!!

Jennifer Hudson aka J-Hud just released her second video to her top selling album “I Remember Me”. This is the first album she has released since the travesty involving her family. But since then my girl has been on her grind and has America saying WOW. Her first track released “Where You At” was a hit and now I have a strong feeling that this song and video is gong to blow up.

Check out the new joint:

If you haven’t heard of Sheneka Adams then you must be living under a rock without internet access. Sheneka is King Magazine’s Web Girl of the year…yea, she’s having a good year. Now to be completely honest — when I first read about Video Model, Sheneka Adams, I was a little uncomfortable with my findings, most of the headlines and stories showed this beautiful young lady in shall we say very compromising positions. In respect to her I wanted to dig a little deeper into this seemingly one faceted beauty.

Sheneka granted me an interview, and I must say, after hanging up the phone with Ms. Adams, all I could think is “you never should judge a book by its cover” Sheneka’s an intelligent woman, that has learned from her mistakes, and is strong enough to open up and share her stories. She has definitely had fair share of pain, including losing a child, and public scrutiny and embarrassment, but what’s amazing is her outlook on life, her bubbly personality and laugher is almost contagious.

Follow Sheneka Adams @Sheneka_Adam
Check the interview out below:

FO–Hey Sheneka, How are you?
SA–I’m great blessed, having fun.
FO–Now currently you on tour, right?
SA–Yes, I’m touring as King Magazine’s web girl of the year, and I’m having so much fun, I never expected any of this, every week I’m in a different city, it’s just crazy, but I love it and I’m having so much fun, I didn’t know so many people admired me…it’s a blessing
FO–How are you and your family adjusting to your Celebrity?
SA–It’s different for my family, there handling it, but I have to be careful, you know with so many different stories that come out, I have to be careful , of the things I do and say, especially on twitter.
FO–Growing up in Athens, did you ever image this life for you self? READ MORE

The homie Quinnes Parker (aka Q of 112) and his son, Quinnes Jr., cover the May/June 2011 issue of Urban Lux magazine. It’s a good look to see father’s being involved in their childrens lives. Now we haven’t heard from Q musically since he sung a couple Bars of the 112 hit “Only You” at ATL Live. Below is a video of Q taking on Beyonce’s 1+1 written by the Dream. The Man’s still got it! Check Out the video below and tell me what you think! READ MORE

BETs Rocsi Arrested For Stealing In Miami?

Recently Rocsi of BETs 106 & Park fell a victim to a silly twitter joke that went terribly bad. Some random dude decided to create a fake story about Rocsi being arrested for stealing from a Wet Seal store in Florida and it spread on Twitter like fires in Arizona (and not started by undocumented immigrants, Senator McCain). Rocsi was shocked to find that she was a trending topic on Twitter and now the random dude got buyer’s remorse for trying to play this stupid joke and has been apologizing all morning. But, Rocsi ain’t having it.

She released a statement: READ MORE

Beyonce MANIA!!!!

As we gear up for the next Beyonce album, her team is going into overdrive to make sure we get out and buy the album. Beyonce who just finished her second night of her 3-night french takeover in Lille, France last night, check out the pics below! READ MORE