Friday we saw Rihanna showing off her slim body in a strappy white number and now we’ve got her showing off her body in a one piece Bob Marley swimsuit. She’s still in Barbados even after throwing down at her LOUD concert that took place Friday. It appears she’s taking some time off to hangout with friends and family. We know she loves the water so what better way to relax than on a boat? Looks like a ton of people were there to kick back and relax with the popstar too. READ MORE

Jennifer Lopez Finds Her True Match (VIDEO)

Jennifer Lopez has found her one true match!  In a new commercial for L’Oreal’s True Match make up she tells consumer, “Ok, I admit it. You were my first. The others…what can I say? They tried to make me into something I’m not. But from you’re very first touch, I knew. I finally found my one true match.” If all we heard was audio, one would think that she had moved on already. READ MORE

Jay-Z and Kanye West have released yet another trailer for their Watch The Throne album that will be out on Monday. This time it features the music from their latest single Otis in the background with black and white cinematography. The trailer is more so for the album than the their tour. The end also promotes the album on iTunes. We told you a while back that their album will be released on iTunes first and then available for purchase at Best Buy four days later. READ MORE

Desperate Housewives Cancelled

I know somewhere Wendy Williams is crying her heart out after finding out that one of her favorite TV shows is being cancelled. Say goodbye to “Desperate Housewives” and to Vanessa WilliamsEva, Longoria, Marcia Cross, Felicity Huffman and Teri Hatcher. The popular long running hit show is being cancelled.
“Desperate Housewives” of ABC will finish up the show this next season. The show has been on the air for 7 years, this will be the 8th. The show premiered in 2004, was a huge hit and was responsible for boosting all of the housewives from Wisteria Lane to instant fame. The girls are shocked as they thought the show was to continue through season 9.

After her nip slip yesterday, Nicki Minaj took the time out to give a mini interview to Sam Champion of Good Morning America. Surprisingly, he didn’t even mention the nip slip, but they talked about a number of other things included her water proof outfit and her harajuku wig. What stood out most to me from the interview was when Sam asked her, “If there’s one thing in your heart that you feel like, I just can’t wait to do this?” READ MORE

Michelle Unsure of Album Release Date

Destiny Child’s third member, Michelle Williams, is currently in the studio working on a new album. Problem is, she has no clue when it’s going to drop. In a recent interview with Celebrity Café, Williams said,

“I am working on it now and doing the recordings for it. There are so many artists coming out, so I’m not exactly sure when it’s going to come out, but we’re expecting to have the official news about the album coming out soon.”

The album is set to be Michelle’s 4th and will be a combination of dance and spiritual tracks, READ MORE

Kelly Rowland Performs At The Splash Bash (VIDEOS)

Yesterday, singer Kelly Rowland hit Washington to perform at the Splash Bash. She hit the stage in a ab baring top with pants that showed off her small waist. Songs that she performed include Lay It On Me, Bad Habit, and of course everybody’s favorite Motivation. READ MORE

Rihanna Performs Her LOUD Tour In Barbados

Last night Rihanna performed in her homeland of Barbados. Fans had to wait over an hour to see the starlet perform. However, when she finally came out she rocked the stage as always with a number of sexy outfits such as her famous 2 piece that displays colorful rocks and rhinestones, a black piece with leather, and even a blue silky overcoat. Altogether she had 7 wardrobe changes. Of course in every outfit she sported fish net stockings to accompany her signature legs. READ MORE