Big Boi Arrested On Drug Possession

Today rapper Big Boi from the Atlanta based group Outkast, was arrested in Miami, Florida on charges of drug possession. Documents from the Miami-Dade County Department show that he was charged with three counts of possession of a controlled substance and one count of possession of drug paraphernalia. Supposedly he was carrying ecstasy, MDMA powder and Viagra. READ MORE

Big Sean Brings His Mom Out On Stage (VIDEO)

Rapper Big Sean brought his mom out on stage recently. Some have already accused Sean of doing this as a pr effort to help his image being that he was recently arrested for forcibly touching a fan. In my opinion, it was a heartfelt dedication as he told fans on stage, ” My mom been paying for my studio sessions since I was 13 years old. Man I been doing this rap stuff. When times was looking damp, when a lot of people was saying, when my family was looking at me crazy for not going to college, man she was always there”. READ MORE

Basketball Wives start Royce Reed had a seizure yesterday during a charity softball game. TMZ reports that she was not taken to the hospital. The event took place in Wilmington, Delaware, in which she signed autographs and played in Duffy’s Hope Celebrity Softball Game. She pulled a hamstring during the game, went to sit down and passed out. Once she woke up, she had no clue that she had had a seizure and said that it was the first time she had a seizure. She blamed the heat, stress, her diet and exhaustion for the incident, and while paramedics were called, she didn’t get go to the hospital as she was feeling fine following the experience.

Good to know Royce is doing fine…

Keri Hilson Hosts At The Moet Rose Lounge

Last night singer, Keri Hilson strutted her stuff as the host of The Moet Rose Lounge. The event took place in the ATL and she showed out for her hometown. She came through with her blonde uneven bob, cat eye sunglasses, a corset bra top that revealed her awesome body, and some high waisted gray pants. READ MORE

TMZ reporters have gotten a hold of footage showing funny man Katt Williams on the outside of HIS show with his shirt open. Apparently Katt was thrown out of HIS show because he was being a too belligerent towards the crowd. In the video, we can hear a fan asking, “What happened?”. He tries to utter back a response, but fans continue to ask him questions and we can even hear one yelling out “It’s because you weren’t funny!” WOW! After getting kicked out of the show, he tried to get back in and then the cops were called him. READ MORE

Friday we saw Rihanna showing off her slim body in a strappy white number and now we’ve got her showing off her body in a one piece Bob Marley swimsuit. She’s still in Barbados even after throwing down at her LOUD concert that took place Friday. It appears she’s taking some time off to hangout with friends and family. We know she loves the water so what better way to relax than on a boat? Looks like a ton of people were there to kick back and relax with the popstar too. READ MORE

Jennifer Lopez Finds Her True Match (VIDEO)

Jennifer Lopez has found her one true match!  In a new commercial for L’Oreal’s True Match make up she tells consumer, “Ok, I admit it. You were my first. The others…what can I say? They tried to make me into something I’m not. But from you’re very first touch, I knew. I finally found my one true match.” If all we heard was audio, one would think that she had moved on already. READ MORE

Jay-Z and Kanye West have released yet another trailer for their Watch The Throne album that will be out on Monday. This time it features the music from their latest single Otis in the background with black and white cinematography. The trailer is more so for the album than the their tour. The end also promotes the album on iTunes. We told you a while back that their album will be released on iTunes first and then available for purchase at Best Buy four days later. READ MORE