In a recent interview with Vulture, Idris Elba was quoted as saying “The less I talk about being black, the better.”
The quote can be very misunderstood and will quite possibly could set off a firestorm in the media.  The entire statement that goes with the quote reads: better.”

“I’m so bored of answering that. Are there differences between black actors’ opportunities and white actors’ opportunities? Yes, there are. It’s been said. I’d rather a young black actor read about success as opposed to how tough it was. I get these roles because I can act and that’s it. Hopefully that’s it. The less I talk about being black, the better.”

Idris Elba will also be playing Nelson Mandela in an upcoming biopic about the African leader.

Today Towanda Braxton is launching her new business.  “The Secret Squirrel ” is a Celebrity Personal Assistance / Concierge Firm that will offer a 6-8 course program and job placement for opportunity students. So for all of you who have always wanted to know how to become a Celebrity Personal Assistant, This is your chance!! READ MORE

VIDEO Robin Thicke – Exhale , Shoop Shoop

A few months back, Robin Thicke’s cover of Whitney Houston’s classic, Exhale (Shoop, Shoop) from the Waiting To Exhale soundtrack.
Now, we’ve been graced with some beautiful visuals to go along with that SEKSI voice of his!
The video features Robin strutting down the street in black and white, accompanied by powerful images, including an homage to Whitney. Check out the video below… READ MORE

Lil Kim, Eve and Missy Elliott may join femcee forces to go on an exclusive tour with one another!

The ladies shared the stage with Kim at the Paradise Theatre for her “Return Of The Queen” tour.

Kim is also writing a book about the year she spent in jail (with pictures).

The manuscript will include the stories of other women she met and. Kim’s new single, “Look Like Money”–produced by the Rockwilder– will be released next week! Check Out Photos and video below: READ MORE

Floyd Mayweather Jr. turned himself in Friday in a Las Vegas courtroom to begin serving a three-month jail sentence for attacking his ex-girlfriend in September 2010 while two of their children watched.  According to , “Floyd Mayweather Jr. may be one of the richest prizefighters ever.
According to my sources Floyd has been trying to kick it and relax with all his friends hint hint but for he’s locked down.
The unbeaten five-division champion is about to trade life in a posh five-bedroom Las Vegas home for almost three months in a cell about one-third the size of a small boxing ring.
Mayweather is scheduled to surrender Friday before a Las Vegas judge who sentenced him for his guilty plea to reduced domestic battery charges in a hair-pulling, arm-twisting attack in September 2010 on the mother of three of his children.
Mayweather’s legal and ring advisers didn’t respond to messages Thursday about his scheduled Friday morning surrender before Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Melissa Saragosa.” READ MORE

DC Comics Superhero Green Lantern Is Now Gay

DC Comics has announced that Green Lantern, a.k.a. formerly straight husband and father Alan Scott, is now coming out of the closet. Drjays Reports..


“It’s a realistic depiction of society,” says Earth 2 writer James Robinson. “You have to move with the times.”


A DC Comics mainstay for the past 70 years, the Green Lantern character will be revealed to be a gay man in next week’s issue of Earth 2 immediately, when he gives his boyfriend a “welcome home kiss” (meaning the personal storyline has been entirely rebooted, removing his wife and two children). Making Green Lantern young again meant erasing his son, who was gay, and actually making him gay instead. READ MORE

The Oklahoma City Thunder is storming back from a two-game deficit against the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA playoffs and Lil Wayne is missing out on the action. The rap star says he was denied entry to the arena in Oklahoma City to witness the Thunder’s comeback on Thursday night. READ MORE

Justin can’t get a break from drama!!! Doctors say Justin Bieber will be fine after suffering a concussion Thursday in Paris.


The pop star was performing on stage in the French capital as part of his recent press tour when he went backstage in between songs and ran into a wall of glass.

Bieber tells TMZ he felt disoriented, but was able to return to the stage to finish the show. He says he later passed out for about 15-seconds as he walked back to his dressing room.


Bieber later tweeted that he was going to get some rest before getting back to work this weekend, and joked that he would have his revenge on the glass. READ MORE