Neighbors Finally Move Chris Brown Out

After months of drama and major beefage with neighbors (for more details, click here), Chris Brown has finally moved out of his West Hollywood condo where he and neighbors have been feuding for awhile. In a spat of recent tweets before the VMAs, Brown went into details about the love that he and his homeowners association have for each other.


Photos From The VMA’s

Is it just me or does it seem like all anybody is talking about this morning is Beyonce’s pregnancy? Her announcement was one of the biggest highlights of the night. It took everyone, including myself, for surprise. In addition to Beyonce and the news of her new pregnancy, a ton of other stars were there displaying a number of outfits.

Nicki Minaj was there in full character as normal. Last night she came to the VMA’s as a harajuku Barbie. Her outfits don’t even surprise me anymore.

Surprise, surprise! Wiz and Amber were spotted at the VMA’s giving each other the ultimate PDA. I guess Amber didn’t care if Kanye was there or not. READ MORE

Here’s Nicki Minaj  new video that aired during the VMA Pre-Show, hosted by Selena Gomez, Nicki Minaj, 28, showed a preview of her next single “Fly.” The track off of her platinum-selling “Pink Friday” features Rihanna.

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Here is Beyonce – Full Performance At The 2011 MTV Video Music Awards (VMA) Yes and she meant it… B sounded great but I have to say, “I am not feeling the song”…

“The Love she has Growing inside of her”

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Chris Brown had me lost for worlds and I have to give it to him he killed it !!!! READ MORE

The 2011 Video Music Awards had Nicki Minaj lost for words as she walked away with her first VMA award ever.

Minaj has won for Best Hip-Hop video for her Billboard Top 10 hit “Super Bass.” As the only female in the category, the Harajuku Barbie beat out Chris Brown “Look at Me now,” Kanye West “All of the Lights,” Lupe Fiasco “The Show Goes On,” and even her Young Money mentor Lil Wayne’s “6 Foot 7 Foot.”

Video: Watch “Super Bass” here.

The Young Money femcee is nominated for Best Female Video for “Super Bass” and for Best Collaboration for “Moment 4 Life” featuring Drake.

During the VMA Pre-Show, hosted by Selena Gomez, Nicki Minaj, 28, showed a preview of her next single “Fly.” The track off of her platinum-selling “Pink Friday” features Rihanna.

Confirmed: Beyonce’s Pregnant!

Beyonce was shown tonight on MTV’s VMA red carpet looking stunning and doing something out of her diva like character — holding her stomach! Yes! This isn’t the usual rumor mill churning, Beyonce is indeed pregnant as she has confirmed it to paparazzi. It all makes sense now why she hasn’t released any tour dates. Bey had been hinting in interviews that she was ready for children but we didn’t know she meant this soon. READ MORE

Swizz Beatz is endorsing yet another product. This time it’s something that may seem a little out of the ordinary for a hip-hop figure: Bing search engine. In the video, it shows Swizz Beatz in NYC typing in a club called The Foundry on the search engine Bing. He then clicks share which then goes out to a number of people’s smart phones. Everyone seems in a rush to get to The Foundry where they get to see Swizz perform live. After the concert, Swizz uses the Bing search again to find somewhere to vacation and calls up his wifey Alicia and tells her it’s time to jet. READ MORE