At first appearance, Attack The Block – a new British film set in the apartment blocks of South London, seems like a cheesy movie about aliens attacking earth. Upon watching the film, I was pleasantly surprised to find the movie to be witty and provocative. The film also is socially critical, highlighting many of the underlying issues that caused the explosive events in South London and across the United Kingdom. John Boyega, a 19-year-old newcomer, plays the lead, Moses – a rough, neglected teenager who leads a ragtag gang of four other boys. Born and raised in the streets of South London, Boyega easily connects with the role, leaving very little doubt as to the authenticity of the character he portrays.

Attack The Block opens with fireworks over London and in the midst of them, Moses and his crew begin robbing a woman as she walks home alone. An alien decides to crash-land on top of them, ruining the party. The alien then attacks Moses while he is trying to rob the car it destroyed in the process of landing, so he chases it down and kills it…and the trouble begins. READ MORE

Your boy Trey Songz put down a mean rhyme on this ‘Gucci Gucci’ beat, the original song being rapped by Hipster Hop artist Kreayshawn from Oakland. Think dude should rap a lil more often or stick to the singing?

With an onslaught of rain hitting NYC Saturday night, Beyoncé stans were still not deterred from attending her sold out performance at the Roseland Ballroom on 52nd and 8th. While the concert was sold out, the internet is buzzing with photos and video clips from the event. She performed all of the songs from 4 and a few of her hits from previous albums (Single Ladies & Irreplaceable) and rocked a dress created by her mother, Tina Knowles.

Prior to the event, husband Jay-Z got on the air with Power 99 host Lorenzo Thomas and said that Beyoncé was the second coming of Michael Jackson. We’ll let you hear and dispute this. Skip to 9:50 if you wanna hear it: READ MORE

Mayor Kasim Reed opened up the 2011 school year with a celebrity-studded pep rally at Jean Childs Young Middle School in southwest Atlanta. Sending out the call that morning, rapper Diamond, actress Terri J. Vaughn and R&B newcomers K. Michelle and Tiffani Tyree, as well as Jazzy McBee from Hot 107.9,  came running to support the great cause.

Aside from the mayor, Councilmembers H. Lamar Willis and Keisha Lance Bottoms and Board of Education member Brenda J. Muhammad participated in the event. Here are all the pic’s… READ MORE

Dani’ Wright hit it right collaborating with Rock City – a U.S. Virgin Island R&B duo. The song combines classic R&B beats with Caribbean vibes that will make the song a banger at any college party. Dani does her thing on vocals…but what is she about do with that bat? In any other hood in America, she would’ve been stopped by the police and have a charge or two against her.  The official video just dropped, check it out: READ MORE

Austin Powers Reborn! Mike Myers will be return to the silver screen in the form of Austin Powers for the first time in over a decade.  While the storyline hasn’t been released yet, nor has a director been assigned, rumors are already swirling. Rumor has it that Jay Roach, who directed the last three Austin Powers films, will be in the director’s chair again.

You remember Beyonce’s single from the movie right? Check it out. READ MORE

Nicki Minaj Gives Drake A Lap Dance In Toronto

After Drake called out Nicki Minaj saying they don’t talk like they used to, the two showed up together on stage together in Toronto. Britney Spears and Nicki are currently on tour and did a show in the Canadian city. Drake’s visit was a surprise to fans where he rapped a couple of lines from “Moment 4 Life.” Nicki Minaj then surprised the Canadian rapper with a lap dance to the hit “Super Bass” and ending it with a long kiss. Wow! It looks like the two have made up!

Check out the fan footage of everything going down: READ MORE

A rep for Queen Latifah says forget what you heard about the hip-hop royal competing on the next season of “Dancing With The Stars” — it isn’t happening. Reports about Latifah’s involvement in the ABC celebrity ballroom dance-off first surfaced late last week and quickly circulated around the Internet. READ MORE