Jennifer Williams Talks About Getting SMACKED

Jennifer Williams called into iPower 92.1 to chat with TT Torrez where she got into the juicy details about her getting smacked around on “Basketball Wives.”

Find out what she had to say:

On Evelyn’s assistant smacking her in the face:

“She wants her 15 minutes of fame because ‘I hit Jennifer in the face.” READ MORE

Nicholas Gordon, commonly referred to as the “secret son” of Whitney Houston tweeted:

“Rest in Peace. She has always had the most loyal fans and will continue too. Thank you. The Legend will always and forever live on.”

ValadTV reports “No, Nick wasn’t her secret son, Arnold Schwarzenegger style. Nicholas is the adopted son of Whitney Houston, and like Bobbi Kristina, he too is very distraught over the death of his mother. READ MORE

Watch : The Dream – Roc : New Video

Dream is really showing he’s a freak for the ladies in his latest single and video “ROC,” which will appear on his fourth LP, The Love IV: Diary of a Madman. Check out the video below: READ MORE


VH1 is thrilled to report that the season premiere of Basketball Wives pulled in nearly four million viewers{3.7 million}, a record high for the series. That’s up 42% from the season premiere, which is a huge leap. But then again, this show and especially this season, has reached epic proportions, we’re not that surprised. Check out the press release below for more information about this record-breaking premiere. READ MORE

The homies over at THEJASMINEBRAND reports: Kanye West was spotted wearing a white sweater, cream jacket and denim jeans, walking through the streets of London, during London’s Fashion Week.

The video below is for anyone that has been whipped… It’s so not a good feeling!!! But it always gets better…

Rhymeswithsnitch Reports: at a recent concert in Melbourne, Australia Kanye West went off on a tangent about girls who dog you out, but you don’t care because the lovin is so damn good… (…“Ain’t no sex like the ex…”).

WOW it’s crazy to be Whipped!!! Check out the video for all the broken hearted people that’s Whipped… I once knew your pain… LOL

In other news YBF reports After 34 tour stops in the US this past October-December,Mr. Carter & Mr. West have confirmed they are indeed kicking off the Watch The Throne tour in Europe this summer READ MORE

Ten U.C. Davis students were arrested and two more hospitalized after being pepper sprayed by campus police during a protest last November. The students have now decided to sue the school and the police officers will now face a federal lawsuit.

Nineteen students and alumni at the University of California, Davis filed the complaint in U.S. District Court in Sacramento on Tuesday.

The lawsuit is the latest fallout from the Nov. 18 incident, when campus police pepper-sprayed sitting protesters who had set up an Occupy camp. Widely viewed online videos of the incident generated national outrage and calls for the chancellor’s resignation. {Watch Video Below} READ MORE

Several staffers at the Beverly Hilton Hotel are reportedly out of a job for discussing the Whitney Houston case.


RadarOnline reports the famed hotel pink-slipped a handful of employees who violated hotel policy by speaking to the media about the singer’s death. A source says the staffers were not high level employees, but added that the hotel did not want anyone to talk about Whitney’s passing.


The 48-year-old singer was found dead in her hotel room on February 11th just hours before she was to attend a pre-Grammy Awards night party. Houston was laid to rest last weekend in her homestate of New Jersey.

NFL star and past “Dancing With The Stars” champ Hines Ward will be waltzing lockstep with the Georgia court system for the next year. The Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver has been sentenced to one year of probation after pleading guilty to reckless driving in a DeKalb County courtroom Wednesday morning. Ward’s case stems from his DUI arrest outside of Atlanta last July. READ MORE