Thanks to President Barack Obama, all women who currently have health insurance will be able to receive birth control for free. Health insurance companies will be footing 100% of the bill. While the bill currently offers no relief for women who don’t have insurance, when the law fully goes in 2013/2014, and everyone is supposed to have health insurance, birth control will be accessible to all who request it for free. READ MORE

The Heist, a movie about a ragtag cleaning and service staff that work in an expensive Manhattan apartment building who take to robbing one of the wealthy residents who has defrauded them through a ponzi scheme. Ben Stiller, the manager, asks his childhood friend, Eddie Murphy, a full-time crook, for his help in the situation. From the trailer, the movie will be nothing but laughs, with Gabourey Sidibe (from Precious) playing a supporting role as maid.

Check out the trailer below:

Hosea Chanchez of ‘The Game’ Releases Rap Video

Well, well, well, it seems another actor has made an attempt to take the music industry by storm.Today Hosea Chanchez, who plays Malik Wright in The Game, dropped his new single “Booty Shotz” on us.

The video, which looks like it was directed by Luke or from a scene in Spike Lee’s Bamboozled, is set on the poolside of a mansion with lots of voluptuous women gyrating. READ MORE

Bey is back at it again. The hard working diva stars in a new commercial for L’Oreal’s True Match make up. From the first few glances, one would think that the commercial is talking about some sensual moment when she says, ” And it’s perfect. You know just how to touch me. And work that special place READ MORE

Happy Birthday Mz. Shyneka!

Today, Mz. Shyneka celebrates 21 again!

Check her out on ATL’s Hot 107.9

The Dream To Release Free Internet LP Soon

Just yesterday The -Dream took to twitter to tell everyone about what’s going with him in regards to his music. He told fans about how he will be releasing a FREE internet LP titled Terius Nash EST. 1977. READ MORE

Justin Combs Drafted to Football League (Video)

The college football league that is…Justin Combs has received several scholarship offers from a number of college to play football. But questions arise as to whether it is the Combs’ name that is creating all the hype, or if its real skill. Justin responds to the haters with saying from his father, Sean Combs, READ MORE

More and more details continue to leak about the reasons as to why Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have divorced. READ MORE