NeNe Leakes On Glee {Photo}

 NeNe Leakes is slowly claiming her spot as a certified businesswoman. Besides appearing on Real Housewives of Atlanta and Celebrity Appearance, Leakes is gearing up for her role on GLEE! Breakout star Nene Leakes plays Coach Roz in the January 17 episode, titled Yes/No, where she’ll not only school Sam in swim-etiquette but also become a major foe for Sue Sylvester. Check out a sneak peek of NeNe in action!

What do guys think of Nene Leakes making her mark on Glee?

He learned a lot from his Aintie Nem. 2Chainz visits Cosmic Kev at Power99; talks independence and drops knowledge on the importance of the “Cocaine Cowboy” investing in his own career. Having performed over 151+ shows, his own merchandise, owning his own recording studio “it’s important to believe in yourself and invest in yourself” to gain appreciation for what you have achieved. Even though he can “ride around and get it he says you have to “GET IT” before you can spend it. Check out this street knowledge from a business man’s prospective. I respect your GRIND 2Chainz!!!!

Adult Twins. At What Age do You Let Go?

Let go of the whole twin thing that is. I guess the question is when you are little it’s cute to wear the same clothes and and shoes and purse and hairstyles. But is it genetic for twins to gain the same amount of weight at the same time? Use the same tired hair sytlist? Shop at the same place? I mean at what age should you get your own identity? There are plenty of celebrity twins but I am going to focus on everyday Joe and JoAnn. Or should I say Ragedy Andy and Ann(s).

Basketball Wives Favorite, Tami Roman, sat down with National TV/NYC Top Ranked Radio Personality, Egypt Sherrod, following reports that she was being sued by her ex-manager, Jerry Silverhardt. According to reports, he called her UNGRATEFUL. However, in typical Tami form, she keeps it all the way 100% REAL. She shares that Basketball Wives Season 4 will not disappoint. Tami is doing big things as an entrepeneur and film director. Lastly, she reveals who her new boo is. Here’s part of the interview…

Tami Roman Exclusive Interview

Tami, you were there with a front row seat. What really happened at Shaunie’s birthday party between Jennifer and Evelyn? Did they fight?

I can’t really give too much away but I can tell you this. This season is filled with a lot of twists and turns. Alliances that were there or that people have followed through the “Basketball Wives” journey that they thought were solid, some of those fall by the wayside, some of those alliances are re-established. You know everything is kinda all over the place and I have to tell you honestly the past two seasons that we’ve been on…we end the season and I feel that we’re all gonna at least be cool. READ MORE

Is Reality TV Busting Up Happy Homes?

Acccording to TMZ, Chad Bono (Cher’s Son no daughter No Son/Daughter) was spotted outside his LA home hauling his own luggage away. His fiance was arriving as he was leaving looking crazy and distraught as well. The two had been together for 12 years and got engaged 8 mos ago on Chad’s Reality show “Bein Chazz” and now the engagement is off! Hmmmm 12 years together now one season of reality TV and it’s Quits! READ MORE

Wisconsin Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner was recently overheard insulting the first lady’s physique during a recent phone conversation.


He was said to be recalling a previous speaking engagement attended by himself and the first lady about her “Let’s Move” campaign.



As some of you may know first lady Obama has been traveling the country with the campaign encouraging healthy eating & living to the masses.


Congressman Sensenbrenner however believes that she is a hypocrite which he addressed on the phone call by making statements such as…. READ MORE

The institute for Global Labour and Human Rights has launched an investigation, amidst claims that K-Dash by Kardashian (which Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian are all involved with), the Kris Jenner Kollection and ShoeDazzle are inhumanely produced. With factories reeking of stench from sewage and temperatures north of 100 degrees, an official from the group says conditions in the area are “horrific. READ MORE

Fashion Alert! Fashion Do…or Fashion Don’t?


Back out or Back In? Sometimes women just can’t see themselves from the back. LADIES…there is a reason for the wonderful invention of SPANX. There is a reason LA Fitness always have specials for enrollment and then there are just good old fashioned push-ups you can do right in the comfort of your own home. There is also the option of NOT wearing your back out in public. You be the judge! Observe the pics and vote. Fashion Yes or No’mam?
read more…. READ MORE