Miami Heat Cost Birdman $2 Million Stacks

Aside from the Miami Heat being defeated last night and the Dallas Mavericks taking home the gold, there’s only one man sadder than LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh this morning [well maybe not Chris Bosh] and that’s Baby Birdman Williams.

Cash Money Records CEO Bryan ‘Baby/ Birdman’ Williams made a big deal about betting $2 million on the Heat to win the championship last week. READ MORE

Kat Williams Arrested

Comedian Katt Williams got arrested in California on Saturday and you know it was for something crazy. Saturday afternoon a man on a tractor trailer doing work on a house Katt Williams was staying in was attacked by three women from inside the house who threw rocks and dirt clods at him. After being hit in the face and head the man called his wife to pick him up. READ MORE

Jay-Z Ditched Kanye’s G.O.O.D Music Showcase

Last Thursday night Kanye West held a showcase in Brooklyn for the artists on his G.O.O.D Music record label. Tons of hype surrounded the event and there were rumors that Jay Z would join Yeezy on stage. The rumors were true, too. Except Jay got tired of waiting for Kanye to start the show, so he left.

On Thursday night, Kanye West kept fans — and Jay-Z — waiting three hours before he hit the stage at READ MORE

Welp…. it looks like a lot of people are having to eat their words this morning, with the results of yesterday’s NBA finals game. They won the NBA Finals on Sunday night, with a 105-95 conquest of the Miami Heat, destroying, in an instant, whatever doubts we still had about this team.

I must admit I am a little bitter about the outcome because I am team Lebron no matter where he is. But I will say this has been one of the most enjoyable final 7′s I’ve watched in a while. Hats go out to the Dallas Mavs. They fought the fight to the end and received the victory they deserved after a very long season of beast-ing on the NBA teams.

Lil Wayne Unplugged

MTV Unplugged has to be one of the best was to showcase raw talent and emotion. Last night MTV aired Lil Wanye Unplugged, where he performed an hour long set of his most current material dating from the Carter III to now. The electrifying performance which was done with a live band was one of the best unplugged performaces I have watched! READ MORE

Here is the video from last night’s celebrity boxing match between RL of Next and Darrin Henson of Soul Food. It was a great event all in the name of charity!

Charity Boxing Match RL vs. Darrin Henson

Last night at Center Stage the homie & singer R.L.(Next) and Actor/Dancer Darrin Henson (Soul Food) fought for Charity. They went toe to toe for Charity in the “Celebrity Fight Night” sponsored by The Luxe Group and Atlanta Corporate Fight Night.

The event benefited the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), Georgia Amateur Boxing Association (GABA), and Dream Makers Youth Foundation. The National Anthem was sung by Lil G of R&B Group Silk which was pretty cool because before the anthem, the Lifestyle Specialist Kenny Burns enticed a lil mini concert from G doing a playback of Silks all time favorite hits.

Let’s Get Ready to Rummmble! So to the fight. In the blue corner weighing in at 172 is Darren Henson. In red Minneapolis, Minnesota bread, Atlanta Feed from the Hit group Next R.L. Both of the guys had a crazy entourage Darrin Henson brought in Michael Jai White as his trainer and RL brought out Shawty Lo to do his entrance theme song “They Know” the crowd went CRAZY!

Their dancing in the ring, RL swings, Darrin Swings.

Jab, Stick and Move, Stick and Move, the Fighters Go Back to their corners.

1 to the Chest, 1 to the Face, another punch not landed and its over Darrin Henson wins!

Big Ups to the boys for being good sports! I’d have to give it to the homie RL, the two were unable to finish for a third round because RL had difficulty performing. His dedication to do the boxing association rightful justice while in the ring, went far and beyond during the course of ten days he managed to drop 17lbs just to make weight. But little did we all know that it will have an effect on his performance in the ring causing him to have major breathing complications. Nevertheless it was a great fight and every blow Darrin and RL threw was a blow to fight diabetes.

This event is set to be monthly event, so all you celebs come on and Sign Up!

Recently there was a little debate via twitter with Roland Martin, Boris Kodjoe, and other twitter highly opinionated people. The subject of the matter involving the church being hypocritical, gays and human circumstances that are out of ones control. Check out what the debate that got many tweeters rowdy and involved in a rather heated conversation.

@rolandsmartin Ur right Ro. Still the real issue is the constant taboos and perpetuating secrets in the black community and church.

@rolandsmartin We need 2 change this antiquated belief and embrace everyone regardless of their sexual orientation! 2 me God loves everyone!

@rolandsmartin Only if we stop persecuting and judging, will people feel free and confident to embrace their true selves!! No more lies!

RT @GinaMontana_: @BorisKodjoe Agree with u. We need more open dialogue. It’s funny bc he was SO anti gay.

@rolandsmartin I was saying that the real issue is the perpetuating of lies and secrets in the blk community n church re sexual orientation

@rolandsmartin And that only if we stop persecuting and judging, will people feel free and confident to embrace their true selves!!

@rolandsmartin But they weren't. And this 'hidden gay' issue is a cancer that destroys blk families. All because people r scared to be free

@rolandsmartin Having kids is a choice. Out of wedlock or not. Being gay is NOT a choice. The whole choice of gay life style is a cop-out. (i dont know how many times that has to repeated for people to understand ) READ MORE