Did Teyana Do Janet Justice?

Teyana Taylor has paid homage to Janet Jackson by recreating her iconic Rolling Stones cover. Music songstress stripped down to her jeans and channelled her inner Jackson for a shoot with actor Lance Gross. READ MORE

Keyshia Cole is back. Check out the exclusive behind the scenes footage of her new single “Enough Of No Love.” The song is the lead single off of Keyshia’s upcoming album Woman to Woman.

The Oakland songstress, who stars with her husband in the upcoming BET reality series “Keyshia & Daniel: Family First,” goes “psychotic” in one Gothika-inspired scene and performs some choreographed moves with her tough female co-stars. READ MORE

Nicki Minaj Releases 'PTA' VideoÂ

Nicki Minaj is at it again. Check out the Benny Boom directed “Pon De Alarm” video. The 29-year-old performer had a blast performing on the streets for fans dressed in an elaborate red costume adorned in feathers and afterwards tweeted, “Just wrapped an amazing video on an amazing island.

In addition to featuring the most beautiful Trinidadian women, Nicki shows fans what true carnival looks and feels like! READ MORE

Phaedra Parks & Apollo happily spotted at Cynthia Bailey's Launch Party

Recently, we heard reports and rumors that one of our favorite Bravo reality couples Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida, were calling it quits, and possibly heading down the aisle for divorce. According to Miss Jia, there’s been some relationship issues between the Real Housewives of Atlanta couple. We hear that there have been some reports about conflicts over them arguing during filming, along with Phaedra out in public without her wedding ring, etc. While neither have yet to comment on their relationship status, all seems to be well in public. After investigating, we found out that the two attended cast-mate Cynthia Bailey’s Moscato P.T. Rose launch in Atlanta. Phaedra, who wore her wedding ring, was all smiles around, while she and Apollo seemed affectionate throughout the evening. We love Phaedra and Apollo and are glad they are not splitting.


Last weekend, a new poster hit the net which had everyone all excited about a possible “Last Friday” movie in the works.

Although the Fake poster looked real, we told that you that it was indeed fake. Mike Epps also took to twitter to confirm the poster was fake but not only that mike claims anything dealing with him and the movie was a lie…


Ice Cube has been doing a lot of different interviews telling the public that he would be putting his 1995 “Friday” movie series to rest with a final film.


Rumors first started after TMZ  did a interview with Debo, who said  the entire cast would be back, including past cast members.


Cube also quickly confirmed reports in an interview with MTV that the final movie, “Last Friday”, was a go, we’ve received conflicting reports.  According to Epps, reports about ‘Last Friday’ are false. Epps writing on twitter: READ MORE

I Recently  sat down with Vhl Love and Hip Hop Atlanta co -star “Momma Dee” she is one character that keeps it real and lets you know what time it is. Boy did she have lots to say. One thing I can say is that I have mad respect for her and her movement and as she would put it  “And IN That Order.” I know you all have heard the buzz going around with Momma Dee on the stripper pole. Many fans took to twitter to ask her and even her son who is cast member Lil Scrappy why would would she do a thing like that. According to Scrappy, “Momma is beautiful and she has a nice body. I tell her get your money.”

According to Mama Dee ” In all reality women now days try to get poles in their bedroom to keep their husband’s/boyfriends from going to the strip clubs.  There are actual pole dancing classes available. Mama Dee said she just wanted to show the ladies how you are suppose to do and still have class. It’s not all about taking off your clothes.  Momma Dee said, as K. Michelle another cast member of the show said, “SHUT UP”.  Don’t worry about what I got going “AND IN THAT ORDER.” She went on to say I love me and Scrappy’s fans and I thank you all for your

support just sometimes some people take things out of content and you got to put them back in check. READ MORE

Stevie J & MiMi Counseling Session

After last week’s sit down with Joseline, Mimi seemed to be headed toward the light and away from Stevie. K.Michelle has a surprise for her at the studio, but not before Mimi says she wants to go to counseling. “Is the counseling for this to be a relationship, or is the counseling for you to raise your child together, to co-parent?” asks K.Michelle. We were wondering the same thing because if you’re truly leaving someone, counseling would be unnecessary, right? Now is as good of time as ever for K.Michelle to unleash the song she wrote for Mimi, which is the three minute version of Mimi’s soap opera of love. It looks like Mimi is a bit uncomfortable hearing everything she’s gone through with Stevie J in a song. READ MORE

LHHATL Star <a href=

LHHATL Star Stevie J and Soon-to-be baby mama, Tammie Grant

Reality TV star Stevie J, of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, is known for producing music for wannabe singers.

According to a source, Stevie is expecting a baby, and No, It’s not by Joseline. Love & Hip Hop’s “Steebie” is involved in a “serious” relationship with the ex-wife of a former NBA player Gary Grant. Tammie and Stevie reportedly only recently became romantically involved, they are thrilled with their “planned pregnancy” and have had talks of marriage. The couple is said to want to keep their relationship details “private.”

Stevie J and his rumored new lady have known each other for years and worked together on the album for Grant’s daughter Taryn. Taryn Grant is a 20-year-old aspiring singer/songwriter who collaborated with Stevie J after being signed to his SJ Music label in 2010. Taryn has yet to speak on rumors of her mother’s alleged pregnancy.