Apparently according to an inside source someone in the house called the cops (911) after a family dispute turned physical. Flavor Flave’s 19yr old daughter Lasagna I mean Dazayna got into a dispute with one of his step sons. When the clock-wearing hip-hopper and reality TV star tried to break up a fight, Dazayna wound up hitting her old man, and when the dust settled, she evidently found herself in police custody. She will appear in court tomorrow.

We are told that DFCS the “Department of Family and Children Services” YALL KNOW WHAT IT STAND FOR. Well they suggested that Halle’s Ex Gabriel Aubry go to Anger Management classes and he agreed. He really loves this little girl of his and that is apparent but him Pushing Folks and Yelling at Halle Berry all the time is just NOT working out. Looks like Halle met her match! She decided to play in the snow probably thinking she would avoid the ANGRY BLACK MAN retaliation from her own screaming and acting a fool & demanding ways with folks as she did Allegedly with past boyfriends Christopher Williams, Wesley Snipes, and former husband David Justice. Seems Halle is getting a taste of her own medicine “FROM THE SNOW”. LOL!

I think the biggest shock that came out of the story about the alledged “TALK TO THE HAND” gesture that Evelyn Lozada’s assistant, Nia Crooks had with Jennifer Williams; was the fact that Evelyn even had an assistant to begin with. I wonder what the job qualifications were and how many other applicants didn’t get the job. Hmmmmmm What stood out that qualified Nia Crooks. Inquiring minds want to know. Well, at least we know Nia will not be getting fired after having Evelyn’s back by having Jennifer Williams literally “Talk to the Hand”… Seems like the Hand talked back too. Jennifer filed a police report after she turned the other cheek. SMH! To read the entire story click the link

Seal was NOT playing when he said he is going to do everything to “Save His Marriage”. When spotted wearing his ring as early as Thursday of last week Seal responded he wears it “because I’m still married to an incredible woman”. Heidi was also spotted wearing her ring while taxi’n the kids to Karate class in Brentwood. I think whatever it is she may forgive him and stay. How many of you think this is a big publicity stunt to boost record sales?

 Even though Jennifer Hudson has dropped over 80 pounds and trying to restart her life after her family was tragically killed. now they are saying Jens going to have to relive everything only this time it’s going public.

The tragic 2008 murder of Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother, and nephew is finally going to trial, but could it be coming to a TV screen near you?


The Illinois Supreme Court has decided cameras and microphones can be allowed in the court room during the trial.
Many are wondering if this will open the door to televising the Hudson family murder trial.


Proponents argue that allowing cameras in the court room ensures transparency. READ MORE

Trey Songz 27 is getting ready to promote his upcoming CD, Anticipation. To help get the word out, he spoke to EUR associate Mo’Kelly.

He has more than 3.6 million Twitter followers (and growing).  Most of whom are female and absolutely love everything about Trey Songz and his music.  But what was more impressive to Mo’Kelly was that in our extended conversation today, Trey was genuinely humble, although the world and circumstances surrounding him likely push him in the opposite direction towards absurd arrogance like many of his contemporaries. READ MORE

DMX Hospitalized for Food Poisoning : 2 New Albums

TMZ is reporting that DMX was rushed to the hospital with food poisoning Wednesday night (Jan. 25). According to the website, the rapper was boarding a plane from Miami, en route to Charlotte, North Carolina, when he became violently ill. When the plane landed in Charlotte, DMX hopped in a limo and was rushed to Gastonia Memorial Hospital, just outside of Charlotte. READ MORE

Forever Young Fashion and Accessories boutique, with the help of celebrity friends and Atlanta fashionistas, rolled out the red carpet for their premiere boutique launch event. The host for the evening was R&B Singer, Dondria, Radio & TV Personality, Nina Brown, Dj Traci Steele, Hot 107.9 Personality, Maria Moore and Taking Pretty. {Pre}-Scene, a fashion soiree and socialite mixer, featured a mini makeover beauty lounge sponsored by Glitzy Lips and The Greenroom Agency, Lamik Beauty, & Eye Lash International. The new Hpnotiq Harmonie was the drink for the night w/ a splash of VIP Energy Drink. (Click Here To See All The Pic’s)

The back drop of the event was of course the chic fashions of Forever Young showcased by an upscale live fashion installation highlighting the boutique’s unique styles and brands.

“Forever Young Fashion and Accessories boutique summed up in 3 words would be stylish, elegant and trendy,” says owner DeAndra Tucker & Judson Jeffries. This boutique is one to look out for in 2012.

Special Attendees include: DJ Trauma, DJ Princess Cut, Mychael Knight, Celebrity Makeup Artist, Day Hill, World Famous GMACK, Super Producer, Mr.Hanky.. READ MORE