It seems like these days Eddie cant get a break. Eddie Long is back in the news after the church decided to close the “New Birth Christian Academy School.


Here’s what happen!!!!


A school affiliated with Bishop Eddie Long’s Georgia megachurch is shutting down.

Parents received letters, just two days before Christmas, telling them the school would close on January 4th.

Bishop Eddie Long Steps Down As Pastor Of “New Birth Church”

New Birth Christian Academy, which enrolls students in kindergarten through the 12th grade, has been struggling financially for years, officials said. A financial deficit and declining enrollment left its board of directors with no other option but to temporarily close the school, said a church statement. READ MORE

Man Sued For Stealing Twitter Followers From Company

What do you usually do when leaving a company? Hand over company mobile phones or car keys? Well, you may have to hand over your twitter followers as well in the future. A mobile phone retailer company has sued an employee named Mr Kravitz for taking his Twitter follower with him as he leaves his job.

Kravitz reportedly was employed by Phonedog as a blogger who had gained 17,000 followers on twitter account under his name. The company has sued him claiming that each of the 17,000 followers is worth $2.50 a month as his follower list was equivalent to a list of customers the company has which is their property. READ MORE

Oprah Winfrey earlier claimed that Kim Kardashian’s trip to Haiti was just a show-off. Other witnesses also reported that she attended parties and was being mean to the local people. However, this realty show star has spoken up against all the reports saying that her trip to Haiti was not for show.

The claim of her Haiti trip being just a show came on National Enquirer.


Kim recently took to her website  answering the reports published in the magazine.




Oprah Says Kim Kardshian Doesn’t Give A Fawk About Haitian People


Kim said, her mission in Haiti was to learn more about Bello actress from television show “Prime Suspect”, Marai’s charity.


She added, “We Advance, meet the Haitian people who have made such amazing progress since the devastating earthquake in 2010, and celebrate the women of Haiti, who inspired me more than I ever could have anticipated.”  READ MORE

Kelly Roland has recently been named as global ambassador for luxury watch designer TW Steel’s 2012 campaign. According to sources, she will release her own signature styles through the Dutch company in 2012.

The company recently held a party at The Box in SoHo where Kelly was spotted rocking some TW Steel on her arm in casual dressing as she posed for photos with celebrity guest Estelle.

She told the press that it was so exciting for her, especially because she was naturally a fan of the brand. She said, “I was captivated by TW Steel when I was first introduced to their watches.” She said that fashion plays an important role in the music industry and that’s why she loves fashion, which ultimately leads her to love these stylish and fun watches.

See some photos from the party below: READ MORE

Nicki Minaj And Her Boyfriend Got Matching Bentleys


Nicki Minaj and her boyfriend Safaree ‘Scaff Beezy’ Samuels have got their hands on two Bentley Continental GT matching their pink and red color in the car. Scaff Beezy tweeted the photos of these cars along with the caption, “‘S/O to my New Bent…Matte Red Only 1 In USA! Continental GT…”Even tho I hate it dey force me to 2get da new bent’.

Regarding the amount spent, he wrote on his Facebook that he got over 600k in insured jewels. “I think I can afford to buy a Bentley, I shoulda bought a Civic…,” he wrote.

Here are more photos of the matching cars.

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The Dream Revealed Cover of “Love : The Gift, The Curse”

The Dream is making a comeback on the industry with  new project he’s currently busy in.  Although we still don’t know when the album will hit the stores, we at least got a chance to take a look at the cover of his upcoming “Love: The Gift, The Curse” project. READ MORE

According to a source, all GSM-network (Smart phone)  phones are vulnerable to a new hacking attempt that remotely lets hackers make calls and send text messages from your mobile phone.

The GSM is the normal mobile phone network that majority of people use today (as opposed to CDMA). 80 percent of the global mobile market is covered by GSM network. But the security strength of this network dates back to 1990 as a new threat is discovered and demonstrated by Karsten Nohl, head of Germany’s Security Research Labs. READ MORE

Keri Hilson’s last album “No Boys Allowed,” released in 2010 gave a clear signal that she isn’t interested in anyone other than grown-a** man.


However, she added one more filter that leaves rappers behind.


To be more exact, she isn’t interested in anyone who is famous in any field.


Keri Hilson, 29-year-old singer recently told that she isn’t interested in sport players, ball players and people from categories like this. She says she wants something real.


Real love. She isn’t interested in so-called Hollywood red carpet love as she thinks they’re easily penetrated.

“I don’t want publicity. I want love,” said the singer. Looks like someone finally is pursuing for real love among all these make-up break-ups we hear these days. But we’re still in doubt as she singer carefully said, “I would never say “never”,” which makes us think that there may be possibilities. Check out the audio here.

Keri Hilson on why she won’t date famous guys by CherieNic

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