I’m usually no fan of sequels…especially to movies I deem classic.

But The Best Man 2 already gets a thumbs up from me.

You can stop your speculation because Taye Diggs (SEXY) has confirmed his role in the 1999 classic movie.

According to Twitter, Diggs confirmed that both he and his onscreen love interest Sanaa Lathan will return for the new movie. He posted on Twitter this weekend: “Ran into talented @justsanaa (Sanaa Lathan) at a holiday party.

We chatted about The Best Man 2. Will be so great to work w her again. READ MORE

Soulja Boy Sues Ex-Manager Over Contracts

 Soulja Boy says the man who used to manage his career took advantage of him financially when he was a teen.

According to TMZ, the rap star has filed court documents in Georgia Superior Court alleging that ex-manager Philip Ransom persuaded him to sign contracts that were “unconscionable, oppressive, and unjust.”

Soulja, who is now 21, claims that one of Ransom’s management deals will forever entitle him to five percent of Soulja’s income for work completed while Ransom was the manager.

A second contract reportedly gives 50 percent of all of Soulja Boy’s music copyrights to his label, which Soulja Boy says is “commercially unreasonable.” Ransom is denying the allegations, and has filed his own legal documents stating that Soulja Boy still owes him money. READ MORE


Wendy Williams has always been known to be a little messy and nosy but, T.I. was not having it when he and his wife, Tiny, made an appearance on her show last week to promote their new show, “The Family Hustle” which airs on VH1.  T.I. quickly stopped Wendy when she started asking about his previous jail stints and run-ins with the law. This disaster of an interview set Tip’s fans off  and they quickly began to bombard Wendy’s Facebook and Twitter with criticism about the way the interview went down. Now, Wendy has responded to his fans in an ‘After the Show’ vlog to address the critics and give us the inside scoop of what really happened. Keep reading to check out what Wendy and T.I. had to say about the interview READ MORE

Brandy Talks Music And Acting

R&B singer Brandy has been very busy working on her sixth studio album and taping BET’s show “The Game.”

The “Full Moon” singer has finally shed some light on both projects plus more.

“This is a dream come true.  With ‘The Game,’ I’ve joined the talented cast of a smart and entertaining TV show and I get to work with the amazing [show creator] Mara Brock.

And I’m working on a film with Tyler Perry, who’s a genius and someone I’ve always wanted to work with, AND I’m back in the studio working on a new album!

Talk about being blessed! I’m surrounded by inspired writers and producers who believe in me as an artist and who want to bless the world with timeless music. Music gives my life a purpose and I’m thankful it lives in me.” READ MORE

112’s Q Parker To Release Calendar & Solo Music

R&B singer Q Parker of musical group 112 has released a new calendar and single. Q, known as the founding member of 112 released a fitness to help with cancer prevention. Along with photos for the year, the calendar will also provide health facts, inspirational quotes, and workout tips. A portion of the sales will help prostate, breast, and ovarian cancer research.

Besides working on his calendar, Q is about to release his official solo single “Show You How.” The single will be featured on his debut album “Q Parker: The Manual,” which will be released in 2012. Look inside to check out the new single. READ MORE

There is sad news out of Georgia this week.  A seven year old girl named Jorelys Rivera was abducted from her apartment complex playground, sexually assaulted, then later stabbed and beaten to death. Little Jorelys lived in a “modern”, “sprawling” complex with her mother (who was at work at the time of her daughters abduction) and two siblings. She was being watched by a teenage babysitter who left Jorelys outside for a few minutes to go get drinks for friends when Jorelys Rivera disappeared. Keep reading for more deets on this horrific case READ MORE

Wale, Dj Greg Street and Steve Francise got to gather and is giving back in a major way. The three are talking over  Fly Kix  and giving out over a 1000’s pairs of Brand New Nike Shoes and more tomorrow(Only for those who are in need).

T-Pain says fans shouldn’t get too excited about a possible collaboration album with rap superstar Lil Wayne. The hip-hop singer tells Rap-Up that his joint effort with Weezy came to an end when Wayne went to jail for a weapons charge. T-Pain explains that they had finished most of the records before Lil Wayne’s legal problems took over everything. Here’s what he said:

“When [Wayne] got into his litte trouble, that was right at the peak of when we was like, ‘OK, let’s go. Let’s do this now.’ He finally had time, then he went to jail,” said Pain, who recorded eight or nine songs for the project before it was scrapped. READ MORE