Apparently tis the season to be sued but this time the fight is not over money owed. A 500,000 dollar lawsuit was filed against Tami Roman for buying the hair, wearing it and promoting it as her own. It’s over acknowledgement Hair Rights?? “THAT’s MY HAIR IN YOUR HEAD GIRL! Admit it! “, alledgedly claims owner of Bella Dream hair Constance Corleone.

Several months ago a rep from #BBW Tami Roman’s camp contacted Bella Dream hair (according to TMZ) so she could be a rep for the hair. Not only did Bella Dream Hair not get any quotes from Tami Roman on how well the hair was working out but next thing that happens “Tami announces her hair line “Curls by Roman” and was alledgedly wearing the Bella Dream hair in the picture advertisement. Shame! Shame! Tami mailed hair back to Bella Dream hair but it was NOT the hair originally sent to her (claims a very reliable source). #wheredeydodatat

This is the TMZ version of the story and information from a reliable source. However, I’m sure my good friend to the site Tami Roman will be calling me and setting the record straight. Stay tuned. Weave Wars continues. Check @belladreamhair and @tamiroman twitter war tweets. Wow! C’mon yall it’s X-Mas. WWJD?

Quad City DJ’s What You Want For Christmas

its not Christmas in the hood if this songs not playing … Here is 69 Boyz performing “What you want for Christmas” live… Merry Christmas

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Christmas

5. George W Bush sent the most Christmas cards from the White House in 2002, sending 1.5 Million cards out.



4. The tradition of sending Christmas Cards began with a lazy Englishman.


In 1843, wealthy English businessman Sir Henry Cole had forgotten or not left enough time to write Christmas letters to his friends and colleagues wishing them well. So he instead commissioned an artist to draw a scene of friends raising a glass in toast with a message of well wishes below. He printed cards en masse and sent them instead.

3. Coca Cola made Santa fat. READ MORE

“All I Want for Christmas Is You” is a song by American singer-songwriter Mariah Carey from her fourth studio album, Merry Christmas.  It was released by Columbia Records on November 1, 1994, as the lead single from the album. The song was written by Carey and Walter Afanasieff, who also served as co-arranger and producer. As an up-tempo love song, it incorporates pop music and traditional beats. This song is one of my favorite christmas song AND I WANTED TO TELL YALL THANK YOU….


Charlie Sheen #Winning w/Ex- Denise Richards

Charlie Sheen never ceases to amaze me. He has been seen vacationing in Mexico with ex Denise Richards (according to TMZ recent news).


Denise Richards (Babymomma of 2 of his kids)and recipient of about 52,000 per month in child support and a 7 million dollar divorce settlement, and residules from Sheen’s sitcom “2 and Half Men”.


I guess when you receive a settlement worth close to 40 million dollars (being married only 3 years)  it’s easier to stay friends with baby daddy. Especially when his last name is #Winning! I mean Sheen.

Jennifer Hudson has come a long way from her American Idol days. Not only has she upgraded her career with roles in “Dreamgirls” and “Sex in the City”, singing for the president, etc, but she has lost over 80 pounds and has succeeded as the spokesperson for weight loss brand Weight Watchers. Now in the newest Weight Watchers commercial, Jenny revisits her old American Idol self and the two sing the song that won her the most acclaim while on the show,” I Believe in You and Me”. Check out the clip after the jump  READ MORE

Rapper Young Vito Police ID As Suspect In Slim Dunkin Murder

Things in Atlanta are getting crazy. AllhipHop is reporting that Police are seeking an Atlanta rapper in connection with the murder of Slim Dunkin. Rapper Young Vito is being sought in connection with the shooting death of Slim Dunkin, who was killed in an Atlanta studio last Friday (December 16).
Police believe Young Vito shot Slim Dunkin in the chest, during an altercation that allegedly started over a piece of candy.
Atlanta police have urged the 28-year-old suspect born, Vinson Hardimon, to turn himself in immediately for his own safety. READ MORE

NeNe Leakes On Glee {Photo}

 NeNe Leakes is slowly claiming her spot as a certified businesswoman. Besides appearing on Real Housewives of Atlanta and Celebrity Appearance, Leakes is gearing up for her role on GLEE! Breakout star Nene Leakes plays Coach Roz in the January 17 episode, titled Yes/No, where she’ll not only school Sam in swim-etiquette but also become a major foe for Sue Sylvester. Check out a sneak peek of NeNe in action!

What do guys think of Nene Leakes making her mark on Glee?