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Tyler Perry Forced To Cancels Encore of “MADEA’s BIG HAPPY FAMILY”

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Tyler Perry Forced To Cancels Encore of "MADEA’s BIG HAPPY FAMILY"aw

I have to give it to Tyler Perry and all the work he has done in the last year. If yall didn’t know Tyler filmed 2 movies, was on tour with 2 different plays, and shot a TV show. On top of all that craziness he had too deal with the lost of his mother. IF you haven’t seen “MADEA’s BIG HAPPY FAMILY”,  you need to rent the video when it comes out later this year. To me “MADEA’s BIG HAPPY FAMILY” is his best play. “Just  looking at the faces of my mama and granny mint the world and was one of the best times I have ever had.” Heres what Tyler wants you to know.. Read More »

Lil Jon, Star Jones, & La Toya Jackson, Will Be On “Celebrity Apprentice”

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Lil Jon, Star Jones, and La Toya Jackson will be among the many Celebs that has reportedly been selected as one of the next celebrities to compete on Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice”.

The King of Crunk, Super Diva, and Miss I don’t have it all, will be joining the likes of Supermodel Nikki Taylor, former MLB star turned steroid finger-pointer Jose Canseco and the original “Survivor” winner Richard Hatch.

Sugar Ray’s frontman Mark McGrath, Dionne Warwick, David Cassidy and Lisa Rinna round out the 10 who will be competing on the 4th season of “Celebrity Apprentice”. Shout to StraightFromTheA for story.

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Lisa Wu-Harwell Says That All This Reality TV Is Fake & Has No Integrity

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Lisa Wu-Hartwell recently spoke with Vibe.com about her time with “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” her book and domestic violence. She said the first season of the show was a hit because it was real, raw, and untainted. But as the show became more popular, producers began to create drama and turned the ladies into characters. Read More »

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Rescued Chilean Miner Wants To See Mistress And Not Wife

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While he was trapped at 2,047ft     below ground struggling to survive his wife had made a startling discovery.
Marta Salinas, 56, found out that her husband of over 25 years had had a side chick for five of those years. And that mistress had set up a vigil in Camp Esperanza. Their first meeting was not nice. A public display of hate came. The framed photograph that Mrs Salinas’ rival kept on a hillside shrine was smashed and to make matters worse, the first letter Mr. Rojas sent up from the deep was to Susana Valenzuela, not to his wife. That is crazy the sidelines are getting first dibs?The two women were separated by Red Cross workers in tent after almost coming to blows. Read More »

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My First Speaking Engagement: Newton High School

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Today, I got the opportunity to speak to Ms. Quinita Morrow marketing class at Newton High School. While there, I spoke on the importance of good marketing and promotion. Big shout out to the class for showing so much love. “I think it is so important to give back to the youth and making a difference in young people’s lives.” Here are all the pictures. Read More »

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T.I. Saves Man Life, Man Tried To Jump Off A Roof

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Today T.I. talked a man down that was depressed and trying to jump off a roof in Atlanta, Georgia. After talking the man down he called into the  Ryan Cameron Show to break down what happen. He also told Ryan and all the people he let down to please forgive him, “he will make it up to everyone he let down, some way some how”. Read More »

ASCAP Honors Women Behind The Music: Kelly Rowland, Hannah Kang, Rashan Ali, & Sandra Brown,

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Last night ASCAP held a event honoring outstanding females in the entertainment industry”Women Behind The Music”. Honorees in Atlanta included Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Kelly Rowland; Hannah Kang, General Manager of Grand Hustle Records; Rashan Ali radio personality, and Sandra Brown, Entertainment Attorney.


I have to give it to Kelly she looked really nice. It was rumored that Kelly is dating choreographer-turned-music mogul Devyne Stephens but that is completely untrue. Kelly is dating someone but its not Devyne. Devyne is on of her managers

Shout to my boi Emjstudios for the pic’s

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Ne-Yo Has A New Comic Book Coming Soon “Libra Scale”

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Comic Book

Ne-Yo is collaborating with someone outside of the music industry for his upcoming “Libra Scale” album. Billboard.com reports the vocalist is partnering up with former Marvel Comics president Stan Lee to create a comic book. The two appeared together at last Saturday’s Comic-Con in New York to talk about their new joint venture. The 87-year-old comic book impresario joked about giving the R&B vocalist “pointers on his rapping.” Lee says he and Ne-Yo have “big plans” to merge music, comics, and super heroes in the future. Read More »

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Warrant Issued For Petey Pablo’s Arrest + Old School Video “Vibrate”

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Petey Pablo is a wanted man. We just found out that a grand jury indicted the rapper last week on charges of possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of a stolen firearm, and attempting to take a weapon onto an airplane. A federal judge has now issued a warrant for the emcee’s arrest. Petey Pablo was originally arrested on September 11th after security at Raleigh-Durham International Airport found a pistol in his bag. Read More »