Wyclef Jean’s Yele Haiti charity is once again under fire. The “New York Post” has obtained the organization’s 2010 tax filings, which reveal that less than a third of the money donated to Yele Haiti was actually spent on post-earthquake emergency efforts. Shortly after the January 12th 2010 Haitian earthquake, Yele Haiti’s coffers ballooned to 16 million dollars. But just over five-million dollars wound up being spent on relief in Wyclef’s home country. Check inside for more deets on thsi controversial situation. READ MORE

When Keeping It Real Goes Very Wrong! This woman with 15kids (12 of which are minors) then fell on her head and lost her mind! Ok maybe it wasn’t her own head she kept falling down on. LOL!!!!! Not only is she not being at the Mercy of the Court after getting “Evicted”, she was thrown in jail after refusing to answer the judge when asked if she was pregnant? Well, I mean when has she NOT been pregnant? She’s 35. Now her kids have been turned over to the state after she was found living in a 1 bedroom hotel with 12 of the kids with no change of clothes for 3 days and no shoes on.

Not to be mean but photo above is the person that need to be paying for the kids not the Government… (her baby daddy) How many of you think the kids are better off NOT WITH THEIR MOMMA? Check out the Video

SMGH! When I think of all the couples who wish they could have kids and then Fertile Myrtle over here is out of control!

Nicki Minaj Fans Battle Legendary Cher Via Twitter?!?

It looks like Nicki Minaj’s fans GO HARD for their favorite Barbie as they took to the rappers defense when a tweet went wrong and sent fans in a frenzy. Apparently a fan of singer Cher tweeted the singer about a line out of Nicki’s song “Did It On Em” that referred to Cher and was assumed to be a diss. Cher of course sent her response to the diss which caused Barbz and Kenz around the world  to let Cher know how they really felt about the situation….. Check inside for the hilarious tweet battle. READ MORE

I suppose when everyone is running around claiming that you might be gay, you have to do the most to prove that you’re not. This past weekend Rev Run’s son JoJo Simmons was caught in a strip club dancing all up on naked women. Sure the act is common and not in the least bit surprising. However, what a funny coincendence that he would be “caught” in the club after almost have a sex scandal with a transsexual. Personally, I think it was staged and it’s a fight to prove he’s a real man. Look inside for more pics of him in the club. READ MORE

Atlanta’s V-103 & Ryan Cameron’s 2011 Celebrity Bowling ChallengeDSC_1026

Atlanta radio station V-103’s Ryan Cameron hosted his annual celebrity bowling event which raises money for the Ryan Cameron Foundation Leadership Academy. The foundation was created to set a positive avenue for our youth by developing mentor programs and after school tutoring.

Many of your favorite celebs were in attendance including T.I and the Harris family, Lil Chuckee,Young Jeezy, Frankie, and many more. Check inside for more pictures of the event.

This years theme was all about family. The Ryan Cameron Foundation’s mission statement includes its’ dedicated to creating healthy transitions from childhood to adulthood with resources and programs designed to empower, inspire, educate and encourage positive growth. Through the help of his foundation Cameron has given back 100% of his proceeds to social service and other community organizations which included giving away over 500 Atlanta Hawk tickets to local youth.

Atlanta’s own Big Boi and Lil Chuckie  came through to show some love

Uncle Luke was in the building showing off his bowling skills

Big Boi Team Won for the 7th year in a row!!!!

T.I and his wife Tiny was there. They also brought along their entire family to the event.

YMCMB’s Lil Chuckee and his whole familly came out to lend there support

Young Jeezy brought out his son

Looks like everyone had a good time bowling for a great cause! READ MORE

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Last night on twitter I got alot of people hitting me up talking about how much they love my intview with a male prostitute in ATL. Crazy! Wow!

What yall thing?

Sad News: Bow Wow Owes Back Taxes?

Seems that either Bow Wow needs to find that Lottery Ticket or go audition for another Tyler Perry film so he can pay his back taxes owed to Uncle Sam in the excess amount of over $90,000.

According to TMZ and A Florida tax lein filed on Shad Gregory Moss, which is Bow Wow’s government names, owes taxes unpaid in 2006.

I am just hoping there is another Shad Gregory Moss out there and that would explain that this is just one big mix up! 

It’s weird how celebrities who can afford the best accountants are typically the ones with the worst accountants! SMH!

I’m getting a lot of mixed comments on Beyonce’s New Video and her booty rolling moves. Obviously shot before she started to show (baby bump). (Mixed comments more on the Song than the Video). I love it! I think Bey gets better by the day or should I say by the week since it seems she’s putting out a new Video every week lately.  This Black and White  Sultry Sexy look is HOT!! What do you think her detective onlooker is thinking? I know he was hired for the Video but do you think in his mind he really thought he had a chance after they finished shooting? The Video doesn’t show whether they hook up or not. Hmmmm… Beyonce! Hands Up!? The Video Hands up?

What’s your vote? READ MORE