T.I Defends His Right To Club And Party

Ever since his release, Tip has been seen in the media celebrating and partying but not everyone feels his partying is justified. His club appearances over the weekend have been followed by drama including the Ciroc/Diddy incident. Things haven’t exactly looked good in Tips favor but the hip hop star believes his appearances are justified. What do you think? READ MORE

I recently  hit up Tyrese’s private listening party. Tyrese has been in the studio  for the pass few months working on his new album which is going to be, I think, one of the biggest R&B albums of the year. And to me, I think he’s going to feel that role for the for all the ladies that Trey Songz has been dominating for these last years. Quickly grabbing back all his females fans and letting them know he still has it.

During his private listening session, he talked about how when he put out his first album, he was only 16 and didn’t know anything about the music that he was singing. And how Usher, who came out at the same time, dominated the younger audience, while he dominated the older crowd. He wanted the younger crowd, but the record label took control of his career. It was a really interesting conversation and it made me look differently at Tyrese as an artist.

He then started playing the new album, Open Invitation. The album is really one of those albums that you can dance to at the club and then go home and have you some good nasty (if your an adult). I have to say I liked almost every song on the album and it’s definitely something worth buying and not downloading for free. He picked every song on his album, so you know its gonna be hot.

Here’s Video:

P.S. to all you Brandy Fans, there is a duet on the album which probably be the wedding song everybody uses for the next five years.

BTW – I think Tyrese has some of the wildest fans I’ve seen.

Tyrese just filmed his new video with Taraji P. Henson. Check it out: READ MORE

Trina just released images from her new video “Red Bottoms”. Video and the song almost never happen because the Christian Louboutins brand had been trying to shut the video down until legal says its ok. Yall know Louboutins don’t play about there name and on the rights to “Red Bottom” name usage .

The song appears on her ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ mixtape out now. P.S. I will be giving a away a free sign copy of the mix-tape soon so stay tuned here’s the song and all the pic’s. Let me know if you are feeling the song? READ MORE

NBC Buys Snoop Dogg’s New TV Comedy

One of rap music’s biggest names may soon be turning into a sitcom star. NBC has purchased a family sitcom that will feature Snoop Dogg in the lead role. The series will revolve around a father, played by Snoop, and his family of misfit children. Snoop will also serve as the show’s producer, along with Don Reo and Ted Chung. NBC has yet to decide if they will actually air episodes of the show, so a debut date is still not known. READ MORE

Usher will be celebrating the holidays with his protege. Justin Bieber has revealed via Twitter that Usher will be one of the many artists featured on his upcoming Christmas album, “Under the Mistletoe.” The Biebs also announced that Busta Rhymes and Boyz II Men will be on the record, along with country group The Band Perry. Pop diva Mariah Carey will also be teaming up with Justin for a re-recorded version of her holiday hit “All I Want For Christmas.” READ MORE

Apple CEO: Steve Jobs has died At The Age Of 56

Sad news Apple says the company’s co-founder Steve Jobs has died. Many of hip-hop and R&B’s biggest stars took a little time out of their day Wednesday to pay their respects to Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Jobs. Both Diddy and Snoop Dogg sent out an “RIP” tweet, while Q-Tip wrote that he will always remember Jobs as a “genius.” Black Eyed Peas rapper will.i.am wrote that kids should look up to Jobs, noting that the world needs “more innovators.” While Alicia Keys didn’t specifically address Jobs, she tweeted shortly after his passing that she’s sending her “blessings 2 any1 whose lost some1 they love.” READ MORE

Ne-Yo Hits Up Fashion Week In Paris

Singer Ne-Yo was spotted hanging out in Paris for Fashion Week. Surprisingly he was seen with Lindsay Lohan who we all know that he had a beef with because of his song with Pitbull where the rapper used her name. I guess they made up and all is well. Glad to see that the beef is squashed. However, does that mean she’s dropping the case??? I’m not sure of that. Check the inside to see what other celebs Ne-Yo was spotted with.The soon-to-be-daddy of two was also seen with Ciara. We showed you pictures of Ciara as she bombarded Fashion Week over in Paris looking every bit of hot. Check the two out together below.Check out Ne-Yo with Ryan Leslie. Ryan Leslie is known for producing some hot joints. Do you think the two will work together for Ne-Yo’s upcoming mixtape? I hope so!

Ne-Yo also got to hang out with designers of Dsquared2, Dean and Dan Caten. Perhaps Ne-Yo will pull some ideas from them for his hat line.

The next picture took me by surprise. Looks like Ne-Yo is smoking a cigarette. I never knew he smoked so this is news to me! Who would have ever thought that???

I was most excited to see that Ne-Yo was also in the studio. I’m waiting for that mixtape or album (whichever comes first). Ne-Yo is known for making hits! I can’t wait to hear this new music!

Ne-Yo is set to perform during the Michael Jackson tribute concert over in Wales this Saturday at the Millennium Stadium. This seems like a fun way to past time.

Are you excited to get new music from Ne-Yo? Plus what do you think of him and Lindsay Lohan looking all buddy buddy?

The ladies from The View are known for getting into some pretty controversial conversations. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that more drama has arisen amongst the ladies. On a recent show, Barbara Walters takes it upon herself to use the n-word after hearing co-host Whoopi Goldberg use the term. However, after Barbara Walters used the word, Sherri Shepard was sure to let her know that she wasn’t feeling it! READ MORE