New Music: Akon Ft. Usher “Weekend”

We haven’t heard from Akon in a hot minute! He’s back and trying to go hard with his new song Weekend which features Usher. The song tells a tale about what sounds to be a one night stand. The lyrics are more than honest with lyrics that state:

cuz shawty your face and your booty/ make you a cutie/ baby you’re more than a dime/oooh listen girl/ I want you to do me really and truthfully/ baby I don’t wanna waste your time/ cuz after tonight/ you may never see me again/I’ll be the story that you tell to your friends

How’s that for honesty? If all celebs could keep it real like this they might avoid some tell all books. The beat reminds me of something like leftovers from Justin Beiber’s album. This of course is probably what will make it skyrocket to number one on the charts. If they come out with video and Usher does some of his signature dance moves, I know all the ladies are gonna be in love with this.  Check the song out below. It has a ton of tags in it but you’ll get the point.


Actress, producer, and soon-to-be married Vivica A. Fox offered up some words of encouragement at the Life Changing Youth Summit in Jackson, MS on Wednesday. Fox and other actors such as Joe Torrey travel across the country to inspire some of their youngest and biggest fans to stay focused, be successful, and pursue their dreams, be it a basketball player or an accountant.
The actress gave out compliments and hugs throughout her speech and told “generation next” to “bump the naysayers and follow your dreams.” She also mentioned how God and her family kept her grounded but always soaring in the right direction.
At the end, the kids had a chance to ask Fox anything they wanted like “how did you know you wanted to become an actress,” “Do you still do movies,” “how can I grow up to be like you,” and “ARE YOU MARRIED?” Fox told the crowd no, but that she is set to marry ( promoter Omar “Slim” White) this fall and that she was shopping for a wedding dress in Miami the night before. (Go, head chick!)
Approximately 100 boys and girls participated in the Life Changing Youth Summit. The program offers scholarships, enrichment programs, and character building and uses celebrities to help spread the message.
For more information on the summit and the city it will hit next, visit
Just FYI: VIV10 is OurGlass Media’s Kamikaze, rapper and formerly of the group Crooked Letters (David Banner was the other half). He promoted the event.

Ja Rule Sentenced To Over 2 Years In Prison

While his rap career has taken a spiral, Ja Rule has still found a way to be relevant. The rapper has been sentenced to 28 months in prison for tax evasion. It has been reported that Ja Rule has failed to pay taxes that amount to $1, 137, 912. Sources over at CNN say that Ja Rule received royalties from ASJA Inc. as well as performance income from Rule Tours Inc. between the years of 2004 and 2008. He plead guilty to the first 3 years but U.S. Magistrate Judge Patty Shwartz says “taxpayers do not have the luxury of deciding whether to comply with laws”. She meant every bit of that when she showed she had no mercy and sentenced him. Keep in mind he’s already in prison for possession of a loaded firearm. Once he finally makes it out of prison, Judge Shwartz has also sentenced to him to a year of supervised release. These celebrities just can’t seem to stay out of trouble. What’s your take on the situation?

Marquis Daniel’s shut the city down! He had one of the biggest all white parties that the city has ever seen. Everyone who was anybody in Orlando was there to support Marquis. A ton of his NBA celebrities friends were in the building. I couldn’t get pictures with all of them though. You know how it is with these basketball players and photos. Sometimes they can’t take pictures.


Rajon Rondo took part in the kickball game as well as the all the white affair. Marquis and Rajon kept things spiffy with their all white.

Tony Allen and Lester Hudson and friends stopped to take a party that was hosted by Kelly Rowland. The event went down in the posh Mercedes Benz Star Lounge. Click Here To See Photos From The Celebrity Kickball Game

Chanita Foster and Kelly Rowland stop to take a picture. Check out Kelly’s shoe game. She sported a hot pair of Louboutin’s. The event was sponsored by the Q6 Foundation, Henry Promo, Monster Cable, Slam Magazine , Ciroc  and the V-firm PR. Check out the rest of the photos from the all white party below.


Here are the Rest of the pic’s READ MORE

Sugar Shane Mosley’s Belts Taken In Divorce

While Jin Mosley filed for divorce back in 2009, it appears that it isn’t over yet. Divorce is real yall and boxer Sugar Shane Mosley is here to prove it. His ex-wife Jin is taking him for everything he has and that includes his 3 belts. Supposedly their 3 minor children will receive one upon their 18th birthday. It doesn’t just stop at the belts though. Jin’s getting half of the profits from all videotapes and DVDs that include his big fights with Oscar De La Hoya, Fernando Vargas, and Miguel Cotto. To put the icing on the cake, his ex-wife is also getting half of the 854, 410 American Express points that they gathered together as a couple. Do you think she deserves all of this?


Click Here To See Photos From The Celebrity Kickball Game

Kelly Rowland’s Motivation showed that she could stand on her own two feet when the song hit #1 on Billboard’s R&B/HipHop Songs chart.  The singer is now dropping a new track to keep the heat going this summer. Her newest song Lay It On Me features another rap feature this time by Big Sean. I’m predicting this song to be yet another hit with sexy lyrics like:

What time do you get out? I wanna see you tonight
What time would you be? I wanna hold you tonight
I wanna just kiss you now, I wanna just touch you now
I wanna just give you all my love tonight

And tell ‘em you’ll be here in the morning, oh no
And tell you little friends that you’re rolling solo
Tonight boy make my body go…oh!
Lay it on me…

The song also features a really catchy chorus as well. Hopefully we can get a video for this song soon. I can’t lie the Motivation video was a definite turn on and I’m waiting patiently for the video for this one. Her third studio album, Here I Am, is set to release July 26th.  Do you think this is a good follow-up to Motivation? How are you feeling about this song?


Fox News Criticizes Chris Brown

It should come as no surprise that Chris Brown is in the media again due to more negativity. This time Fox News’ Laura Ingraham is the one with the issue. This past week Chris performed on the Today show’s summer concert series and Mrs. Ingraham had a real problem with that. READ MORE

Lamar Odom Has A Car Accident In NYC

According to sources, Lamar Odom was in Queens, NY  for his cousin’s funeral this week. This is the same reason why his wife Khloe was unable to participate in R&B singer Monica’s wedding. Khloe was then replaced with Koby Bryant’s wife, Vanessa. Meanwhile, this past Thursday, Odom was in a car wreck! Lamar was NOT driving but instead was being driven by a car service while on his way to a barbershop in his old neighborhood.

The car hit a motorcyclist along with a 15 year old boy and left both of them seriously injured. The motorcyclist and the 15 year old pedestrian are currently being treated at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens. READ MORE