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Tina Knowles Launches Her New Clothing Line “Miss Tina” At Wal-Mart

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(10/9/2010) Tina Knowles is more than Beyonce’s mama. She launched her affordable chic fashion line: “Miss Tina” at Walmart. You could get a whole wardrobe for under $140.00. The colors are of warm hues. Knowles started the clothing label about three years ago, originally partnering with HSN. It was a great experience that afforded her the chance to get feedback from customers. Her clothing line is for every woman sizes 2-20. She didn’t want to leave anyone out. Supporters and fans were everywhere inside of Walmart. One customer drove from South Carolina just to meet her.

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Folks Are Mad About Columbus Day

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(10/11/2010) Columbus day is more than a day off work and/or school to many. The school systems taught us that  Columbus landed and discovered the states when it was already inhibited by others. Watch this video and tell us what you all think?

I bet you just thought it was just a holiday. – Another post by Courtney L.

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New Video: Ciara “Gimmie Dat”

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She been gone for to long and now she’s really back. I have to give it to my girl CiCi she is killing it in her new video and is giving us that old school Ciara.  I have loved this song ever since I saw Angela Simmons dancing to it. CiCi going to kill me cause the video is not suppose to be out until tomorrow but was just leaked to the net. Read More »

Christina Milian Credits Mother For 45 Pound Baby Weight Loss

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Christina and Friend Not Mother, Mom Pictured Below

Christina Milian had a lot of help at home when it came time to lose her baby weight. In a recent interview she said that her mother played a big role in peeling off the 45 pounds she gained while pregnant. Milian explains, quote,

“She cooked me a lot of raw vegetables and raw salads and proteins — and it worked! I also drank a lot of water.”

Milian adds, quote, “I have a very supportive family, so between my mother and my sisters, they are helpful.” Christina Milian and The-Dream welcomed their daughter, Violet, into the world back in February. The couple — who tied the knot in September 2009 — announced in July that they had been separated since late last year.Christina Milian Credits Mother For Loss Of Baby Weight.

Here are some pics of Christina baby Violet, and her lovely mama as they went to lunch at Cafe Med in LA.

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Eminem Says “I Don’t Cuss” In My House

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I really don’t know if I believe this one but in a recent interview Eminem says he leaves the profanity in the studio. In a interview with Anderson Cooper during Sunday night’s “60 Minutes” . Eminem said that while profane lyrics may work on his records, he keeps the conversations clean when he’s at home. Read More »

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Kim Kardashian & Reggie Bush Are Back Together

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I always new these two were long lost soulmates. Sources are reporting Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush are “back to talking” now that Kim has parted ways with Miles Austin. Friend close to Kim say there has been “more communication of late” between the pair and that Kim is anxious to have Reggie around for when she hits her milestone 30th birthday later this month.

Even if this is only a rumor Reggie knows he wants to be with her, she helped make him who he is; don’t ya’ll think so?

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Oprah Meets Katherine & Joe Jackson

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Oprah Winfrey spent her weekend interviewing the parents of Michael Jackson for her show. Here are photos of Oprah visiting Joseph and Katherine Jackson at the family compound in Encino, California inside….. I only have one question Katherine we love you, but why you always have on that same Blue suit. The interview focused on Michael, with Katherine talking about his life, his kids and the book she put together about his life.

No word yet on when the episode will air.

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Jamie Foxx Thinks Katt Stacks Is Ghetto Fine

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(10/10/10) R&B singer, Jamie Foxx thinks Katt Stacks is ghetto fine. I guess she influences the masses.LOL. Click  after the jump to listen to his radio show, Foxxhole. Read More »

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Jeremih Calls Bishop Eddie Long A Gay Liar.. WOW

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Jeremih holds nothing back in a recent interview he did with Lowkeymessy. The singer spoke about and gave his feeling’s on Bishop Eddie Long he even goes as far as calling him a “Gay lier.”(WOW) Just so yall know Long wasn’t the only person Jeremih talked about, but he was the most important. I have to give it to him, some of these Newbirth members don’t play about their pastor and will not like this statement considering Long has not been found guilty . I don’t know what Jeremih was thinking but clearly he gone say what he thinks. Shout to Bossip for the story.

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