A representative for Soulja Boy’s management team told TMZ that Soulja Boy’s management and record label have been working to take the video for “Let’s Be Real” off the internet. In the video, Soulja Boy says, “F*** the FBI and F*** all the army troops,” (see here) and he’s come under major backlash from the United States Armed Forces and veterans alike (see Soulja Boy apologizes here).

The song will not be on the album at all and was even approved for the new album, “Respect My Hustle.” READ MORE

Big Sean Appears In Court For Sex Abuse Charges

Early August, rapper Big Sean was charged with sexual abuse, forcible touching, unlawful imprisonment to a fan after a concert. Yesterday he appeared in court alongside his partner in crime Willie Hansbro. As of now, a judge has ordered a gag order during the trial because the fan is underage (she’s 17). READ MORE

Chris Tucker has been M.I.A. for the past 4 years but that’s all about to change. News is circulating that the comedian is in talks to join two new movies, The Silver Lining Playbook and Neighborhood Watch. If Chris decides to take on a role in The Silver Lining Playbook it will definitely be a must see. The movie is about a man who suffers a breakdown, is institutionalized, and then goes home to pick up the pieces. Sounds like the movie will take on a serious tone which will be something that we have never seen Chris do. The other movie, Neighborhood Watch, will be similar to Chris’ comedy act that will feature other comedy acts such as READ MORE

According the this weeks National Enquirer in print, Beyoncé’s recent pregnancy has helped heal things between her and her father. After recent allegations that Matthew Knowles was stealing money from Beyoncé (see here) the two stopped speaking to each other, he was also the last to know about Beyoncé being pregnant. The Enquirer also says the baby helped Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s turbulent relationship, basically calming down his partying ways.

Beyonce’s joyful baby news is shoring up her rocky marriage to rap mogul Jay Z, and smoothing over her troubled relationship with her estranged father, insiders say.

While Beyonce toured Europe this summer, Jay Z was spotted partying in the Big Apple with model Selita Ebanks on July 20 and at club 1Oak with a bevy of beauties on July 8. READ MORE

Good news! R&B songstress Toni Braxton has just gotten signed with a Los Angeles based company called The Collective for world wide career management. Toni’s in pretty good company also with new signees including Kelly Rowland as well as BC Jean (she wrote Beyonce’s If I Were A Boy). READ MORE

Comedienne Sheryl Underwood revealed a pretty interesting story about herself on CBS’s ‘The Talk’ this past Tuesday. At the round table, the women shared their opinion about the recent suicide of Russell Armstrong, who was the husband of one of the stars of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Sheryl then chimed in about her own personal experience and how she got through it.

“My husband did kill himself and I think he had a chemical imbalance for depression. You marry a guy. I fell in love. We had been dating for 7 years, we got married for 3. I thought I was going to live this great life. I was really young trying to keep my marriage together. ”

While Sheryl did share this tragic story with the public, she couldn’t resist being her humorous self talking about funny moments that happened during her husband’s funeral. READ MORE

Lil Wayne’s “Carter Four” Sells 964K In First Week

Lil Wayne’s new album is officially a huge success. Billboard.com says “Tha Carter Four” is debuting atop this week’s Billboard 200 chart with first-week sales of 964-thousand copies. The record gives Weezy his third number one album, following “Tha Carter Three” and “I Am Not A Human Being.” “Tha Carter Four” also gives Wayne the second biggest sales week of 2011, finishing behind the one-point-one-million sold by Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way.”

Gaga, however, spent two days selling her record for 99 cents on Amazon.com. But while “Tha Carter Four” didn’t post 2011’s biggest debut, it appears the album has set a new digital record. READ MORE

The Game Kicked Out Of Restaurant Because He Is Black

After visiting Hillstone’s in Santa Monica, The Game was refused service and he says its because he’s black! The Game went into the restaurant rockin a white wifebeater and the manager refused to seat him. The manager told him that he was in violation of the dress as he didn’t have any sleeves. According to The Game’s crew, there were two white guys in the restaurant with sleeveless shirts on. The Game called out the restaurant, formerly known as Houston’s, in a recent slew of tweets saying: