After being sued by Allison Mathis for getting her kicked off of reality television show Basketball Wives, Miami Heat power forward Chris Bosh has decided to return the favor. Bosh recently filed papers in Orange County saying that he had nothing to do with Mathis getting fired.

Allison says that she had already filmed two episodes and was to receive $250,000 in compensation from the show, but that the threat of a lawsuit against the show got her fired. READ MORE

A guy in suburban Phoenix accidentally shot himself while putting his girlfriend’s pink gun into the waistband of the his pants. The couple was walking towards a grocery store when the gun fired, hitting Joshua Seto’s penis and passing through his left thigh. The couple then called 911 and were instructed to apply direct pressure to the wound with a dry cloth. The police were unsure of the type of gun used, but suggested people carry guns in a holster, not in their waistband.

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Jaleel White Plays Cee Lo In New Video

Cee Lo’s camp just released the video for his newest release Cry Baby, but it turns out he didn’t even know they were filming it! The people behind the video decided to get Jaleel White to do the video, in which he acts and dances to the song. The video is set in the 1950’s and casts Jaleel, AKA Steve Urkel from Family Matters, breaking up with a real fox, saying “We’re two trains passing. You’re going left, I’m going right.” The song has hit potential and is a great break up song.

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Happy Birthday Whitney Houston, She Turns 48 Today

Today is Whitney Houston special day and I was told she spending it with close friends and family. I was told Whitney is currently looking over a big movie role (can you say Waiting to Exhale 2 or a sequel to The Bodyguard?) Here’s Whitney singing Happy Birthday to her father John Houston who has now passed away from heart disease after years of fighting diabetes. I was told this video is one of her most loved performances… Happy Birthday Whitney and many more… READ MORE

Mindless Behavior and Diggy Simmons Visit Atlanta

Crowds of screaming tweens lined-up outside of DTLR, a hip-hop clothing store, in South Atlanta to welcome to town R&B boy band Mindless Behavior and rapper Diggy Simmons.

                       Jason Terry of the Dallas Mavericks and his kids posing with Diggy

The signing event took place just hours before their sold-out performance at Masquerade and including about 800 people. Football Wives co-star Chanita Foster was even there with her daughters and husband.

Ray Ray, Princeton, Roc Royal, Prodigy and Diggy signed autographs and gave out kisses to little girls as the crowds swelled on a steamy ATL Day


The People’s Station – V103 – sponsored the event and had Copy, Paste and Mrs. Right on repeat, but that couldn’t save you from the ear-piercing shrieks and crying girls.


Here’s Video Recape ….


Here are all the photos and videos READ MORE

Keri Hilson took a break from her tour with Lil’ Wayne, I Am Still Music, to sit down and give an interview to WILDAtlanta. They talked about a number of things ranging to her diet on tour, what separates the boys from the men, as well as how she is VERY unforgiving towards men who have done her dirty. What stood I out to me was when the interviewer asked her if it felt great to be back at home. READ MORE

A day before her trial was set to begin, Felicia Pearson, AKA Snoop from The Wire, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute heroin. The judge accepted the plea and suspended her 7-year sentence and ordered her to 3 years of supervised probation. She has been credited with time served and has will be allowed to travel out-of-state for work. READ MORE

Kelly Rowland Lands a Television Show

Kelly Rowland, after dropping a hit album, seems to playing her cards right. Word on the street is that the deal, which was just put on paper yesterday, will have Kelly Rowland with her own sitcom. The show has not been named yet and the filming of the pilot would take place in January of 2012.