Move over Diddy! Pharrel is now in the liquor industry with his new beverage Qream Liqueur. The liquor is geared towards women with it being 95% lactose free and low in calories. He even went so far as to name the liquor with a Q which stands for Queen. Pharrel says he felt the need to target the women audience because he felt as if the women audience had been neglected in the liquor industry. This past Thursday he hosted a lavish party in Los Angeles where stars attended such as Serena Williams (where has she not been?), Lauren London, Eva Marcille and video model Rosa Acosta. Qream Liquor is a partnership that Pharrel has formulated through Diageo (the same company Diddy went through).Ladies have you indulged in Qream Liquor yet?

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It definitely came as a surprise when rappers Q-Tip and Kanye West came on stage and performed Award Tour yesterday at the 7th Annual Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival. Q-Tip was the main headliner for the festival but things got crazy when he brought Ye out on stage. Kanye changed his swag up a little bit and looked more down to earth with a snap back (guess they’re really back if Kanye’s wearing them), a tank, and faded jeans. Nonetheless, he was a fashion symbol as always.

I’m surprised by the duo performance because of all of the news coverage that Kanye and Jay-Z’s new album Watch The Throne has been receiving. Supposedly Watch The Throne is schedule to release on August 2nd. But we’ll see. You know how these artists are with release dates.  Kanye also took the time to perform his hit All Of The Lights and Dark Fantasy. Personally I would have thought that the next time we saw Kanye on stage would be to promote he and Jay-Z’s new album. The performance was hot though. Check out the amazing set here:

What are your thoughts on this collaboration?

Casey Anthony Is Released From Jail

One of America’s most hated women, Casey Anthony, was released from an Orange County jail. As you know she was acquitted of killing her daughter Caylee and since then tons of hate pages for Casey Anthony have popped up all over the net. Her release was just another media frenzy as tons of protestors watched as she was lead away from the jail by her lawyer Jose Baez. While it was her lawyer who drove her away, an escort as well as two sheriff deputies who were armed with semi automatics accompanied her from the jail.

I wonder what’s the next step that Casey is going to take her in life. Photos like the one below, make it appear that she’s living some superstar lifestyle. A spokesperson for the Orange County jail tries to refute statements like this by saying, “We have made every effort to not provide any special treatment for her. She’s been treated like every other inmate”. Sure she has. If you didn’t know who she was, you could assume she was leaving a 5-star restaurant with her security. I’m just saying.

The entire situation is one of great sadness. How do you feel about Casey Anthony being released from jail? You think she’s going to head out to any parties anytime soon?

Chris Bosh and Adrienne Baillon Married…Again

Off the smoke of Monica’s wedding comes Chris Bosh and Adrienne Williams wedding. The event was a star studded one the included a guests such as Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, and Gabrielle Union. As the two cut their wedding cake, fireworks even went off in the background. Hot girl Serena Williams attended the wedding as well with all of her voluptuousness.

The wedding was estimated to cost at least $300,000. Fireworks, a multi-tiered wedding cake, and a rumored Aston Martin as a wedding gift from Adrienne? I wouldn’t be surprised if the wedding cost more. Nonetheless, it appears the wedding was something out of a fairy tale and I’m happy for them. Congratulations!

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Ace Hood takes a different turn with his  new song Body 2 Body. Chris Brown is also featured on this track and his vocals create a sensual feel that is definitely for the ladies. This week Chris Brown was accused of being homophobic and his friend Ace Hood stood up for him. This is the song that Ace Hood was talking about in his tweet when he stated, “don’t believe what you hear. My brother Chris Brown was at my video shoot on June 29th shooting my video #Body2Body and not at the gym”. We’re finally able to hear the song, now when is the video going to drop? In the meantime, check out the song. You feeling it or not?

The NBA may be in a lockout but that didn’t stop Sacramento Kings forward guard Marquis Daniels from hosting his 5th Annual Celebrity Foundation Weekend. The main event for Saturday was kickball which took place at his old stomping grounds Edgewater High School.

Boston Celtics Rajon Rondo and Tony Allen also added to the star studded event. Rondo tweeted about the success of the kickball game stating “Of course we won. 7-3″.  READ MORE

Black Men Survive Longer in Prison Than Out

I was very disturbed when I heard on the radio about a study that proved that black men live longer if they are in jail. It came as a real slap in the face being that I have a father and an uncle who live productive lives outside of bars. The study was conducted on 100,000 men in prisons located in North Carolina who’s ages ranged between 20-79. Of the 100,000 men, 60% of them were African Americans. The study showed that the top reasons that black men tend to live longer in prison basically was because they had better healthcare in prison than they did outside of prison, they were protected against alcohol- and drug-related deaths, as well as lethal accidents and certain chronic diseases. Check out more of what the study found: READ MORE

If I didn’t know any better I would venture to say that 50 Cent had hacked the Teflon Don’s twitter account. Early this morning, a stream of crazy tweets came out promoting all things 50 cent. Whoever the hacker was definitely loved them some 50 cent. What’s confusing is, if they love 50 cent, why did they come for 50 cent’s new addition to D4L Shawty Lo?

I can’t believe they called Shawty Lo out like that though. They diagnosed dude with a slew of STD’s. The hacker even mentioned trying to get with Wiz Khalifa’s girl Amber Rose. Then they tried to make it seem like it wasn’t 50 Cent who hacked into the account.

The Maybach Music Group’s twitter page has announced that Rick Ross’s account was indeed hacked. Who do you think the culprit was? 50 cent himself or somebody in 50 Cent’s camp? Or just an overly obsessed 50 cent fan?