Mel B Endorses Jenny Craig

Mel B recently announced that she is the newest spokesperson for Jenny Craig Australia and New Zealand. The fab mom who recently gave birth to her daughter, Madison wants to lose 33 pounds with the weight loss program in order to become a healthier mom for her family. She says that it is important for moms to be healthy and in shape and to also be comfortable with their bodies again, after giving birth. READ MORE

T.I Attends Son’s Football Game

While the media was busy scrutinizing rapper T.I’s every club appearance, they missed his daddy appearance at one of his son’s football game. T.I son Clifford “King” Harris III was proud to have his father stand on the sidelines cheering him on. Check pictures of T.I and Tiny inside. READ MORE

If you’re a Bow Wow fan and go over and beyond for him, don’t worry, he’s feels the same way about you. In a recent video, we see rapper Bow Wow going off on the police for cutting his show short out in Indianapolis for the Circle City Classic Weekend. In the video, we see all of his fans screaming and hollering his name while he’s goes around greeting them….on his way out. READ MORE

Unreleased Song In 2Pac Sex Tape Going For $1M

The alleged Tupac Shakur sex tape continues to generate a lot of financial interest. is citing sources who say the CEO of the anti-hangover drink NOHO is willing to pay one-million dollars for the rights to the unreleased Tupac song heard in the background. It isn’t known who currently owns the rights to the track, but the CEO apparently wants to make it his drink’s official theme song. The head of the website “” has already offered to pay 150-thousand dollars for the video itself. However, Tupac’s estate recently threatened to take anyone who attempts to distribute the footage to court.

Reports started in back in July of this year regarding inhumane treatment to the prisoners at the Secure Housing Unit at California’s Pelican Bay State Prison. A hunger strike begun and now has spread to other prison facilities in Arizona, Mississuppi, and Oklahoma. The strike started becasue prisons claim that the prison officials allowed  nearly half of Pelican Bay’s 1,111 prisoners to be held in solitary confinement for more than 10 years. Prisoners now say they face harsh retaliation from guards as the strike wages on. READ MORE

Drake Pushes Back ‘Take Care’ Release

Drake fans may not like this, but the anticipated “Take Care” album release from the “I’m on one” artist has been pushed back to November. In a released statement, The Young Money rapper confirmed the new release date, which was originally set for October 24, saying that he has to deal with clearance issues. READ MORE

100 Year Old Grandmother Gets Stripper For Birthday

When Clare Ormiston was asked what she would like for her 100th birthday her reply baffled relatives but her wish was granted once a stripper arrived and put on the show of a lifetime. Ms. Ormiston wanted to bring her milestone birthday in with style and her relatives made sure that came true for her. Check the video inside. READ MORE

Beyonce stopped in Australia to give an exclusive interview with ‘Sunday Night HD’ where she talked about her baby bump, the inspiration of Michael Jackson, and the past and future of her popular girl group Destiny Child. She glowed with enthusiasm during the interview as she even dished that the baby should arrive in February. Check inside for excerpts and video of the interview inside. READ MORE