2011 CFDA Fashion Awards in NYC

The Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards were held yesterday at the Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center on in New York City.

Kanye West, Kerry Washington, Russell Simmons, and Lady Gaga were among the celebrities in attendance at last nights awards.

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So I guess to today would be considered Paternity test Tuesday in the Hill and Marley households. Yesterday the internet was a buzz when Lauryn Hill told the world she is expecting her SIXTH child. Now Lauryn and Rohan aren’t married and from what he is implying no longer together. So if the baby isn’t Rohan’s then whose is it? This is what Rohan said on Twitter: READ MORE

Check out my girl Tiffany Evans on the new cover of BE Magazine. Tiffany is trying a more sexier and mature look. I proud of Tiffany and can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next. This is what BE Magazine had to say on working with Tiffany:

“It’s BEen a long time coming for singer/songwriter/actress Tiffany Evans, but as the old saying goes “good things come to those who wait…”; that’s a statement Tiffany may know all too well, but guess what? IT’S HER TIME TO SHINE!!!! “

Tell me what you all think of Tiffany’s new look by commenting below!

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Next-To-YouThe release of the highly anticipated video of Chris Brown and Justin Bieber has finally arrived. This video is definitely and emotional mini movie suspense, that deals with the great strengths that the characters played by Chris Brown and Justin Bieber to hold on to their true love in times of horrific triumph and obstacles.

This is a must see, Tune in Below:

New Song: Beyonce Ft. Andre 3000- Party

The track, which Beyonce recorded in London with Kanye, who co-produced the track, and co-writer/producer Consequence, hit the web late last night. And this one should get less shade from the haters. Contrary to what you might expect, “Party” is actually a slow jam with an old school feel, featuring a sample from Slick Rick’s classic “La-Di-Da-Di.”

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Carl thomas recently reported, the reason why he left bad boys records was because when his brother died, diddy called him a week later and asked when he was returning back to the studio cause he had some hits for him. He went on to say he was still in morning.

When biggie died diddy went back into the studio immedately to record missing you, according to faith he bullied faith evans into the studio, he actually threaten her.

The record excutive who committed suicide over a sex tape. Their was romor that diddy was one of the men involved in the scandal. READ MORE

Thandie Newton has revealed that she has come to terms with a traumatic relationship with a film director 23 years her senior who she claims took advantage of her innocence as a teenager. nShe spoke about her six-year affair with director John Duigan which she began when she was 16 after travelling to Australia to audition for his film Flirting, which starred Nicole Kidman.

The Bafta-winning actress has said

the relationship left her feeling ‘self-destructive’ and said she has only spoken about it ‘so teenagers can see they can resist and gain self-awareness’.

Speaking to InStyle magazine, Miss Newton, 38, star of Mission: Impossible II, The Pursuit of Happyness and Rock ‘n Rolla, claims Duigan took advantage of her when she was vulnerable.
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Jennifer Hudson Signs Deal for Weight Loss Memoir

E! News is reporting that Jennifer Hudson has signed a deal to publish a memoir about her dramatic weight loss. The as-yet untitled book is expected to be released by Dutton next January.

“I’ve lost 80 pounds,” the Oscar and Grammy winning mom of one told Oprah Winfrey in February.

Hudson has said she decided to lose the weight when she was pregnant with her son, who turns two in August. The memoir will detail Hudson’s “experience growing up in an environment where healthy living was not a priority,” as well as talk of her weight while competing on “American Idol,” according to statement from Dutton.

“Hudson wants to inspire anyone coping with READ MORE