Beyonce To Release A Cookbook?

Today several sources have been swarming with  news that Beyonce is planning to release a cookbook. This comes as surprising news being that the superstar is known for her singing, dancing, and acting. Beyonce did recently open up about how she wants to start a family by the time she’s 40 so I guess she’s planning accordingly. Sources say that she was inspired to author a cookbook because READ MORE

Al Reynolds isn’t playing any games out here. He’s gonna get his money no matter how he has to…even if that means showing up to his ex-wife’s book signing and serving her with court papers. To say that Star was pissed would be an understatement. Apparently, Reynolds went out of his way to serve Star the papers because she broke an agreement between the two of them to not make “disparaging remarks” about each other. Al wants $50,000 from Star all because she said that their marriage was “kind of booty” during an interview with Wendy Williams in March. Supposedly he had been having a rough time getting in contact with her because she has been super busy promoting her book Satan’s Sisters. I guess he figured that he’d catch her at work. Do you think Al Reynolds was out of order for doing this to Star? What would you have done if you were Star?

Spotted @New York Post

Chris Brown Shows Off His Grill

It’s not enough to be one of the hottest pop stars out right now. You’ve gotta take it the next level and that’s just what Chris Brown did when he rolled through his friend Kevin McCall’s birthday bash sporting a grill (on the top and bottom). We spotted this picture over at crunktastical and hilarity ensued soon after. READ MORE

New Video: Miguel “Quickie”

Miguel gets super sensual in his new video for Quickie. He looks to be having a threesome that most guys only fantasize about. The video, which was shot in black white, is sure to be a classic. He keeps it all the way real in his latest joint saying “I don’t wanna be loved/ I just want a quickie/No bite marks, no scratches, and no hickies”. It’s gets no realer than this ladies. You feeling this new video?

My granny loooooove herself  some Sister 2 Sister Magazine, she has to see what Jamie Foster Brown has to say. The August edition of Sister2Sister Mag will showoff the lovely Nivea! The Dream and Lil’ Wayne’s baby mama will dish the dirt on family, career, and the fathers’ of her children. Check out the excerpt:

 Jamie: Are you going to do a reality show?
Nivea: Honestly, I’ve been approached but I wasn’t interested because, like I’ve been saying, I’m a very private person. And on some real, it ain’t even about the kids and all that; it’s about that I don’t think people are ready for my kind of real. (laughs) I’m not trying to “be” a certain way; I’m just passionate about whatever I’m talking about and what I’m doing, and people tend to use that against you. And I’m not ready for that type of backlash ‘cause I’d wanna fight everybody. Like, “What’d you say?!” READ MORE

Rihanna Gets Glammed Up For Glamour Magazine

The fire engine red hair wearing songstress Rihanna is covering the September issue of Glamour magazine. She took a ton of sexy photos and gave commentary on being a role model to young girls and how she likes it in the bedroom. Read on for more details from her exclusive interview with Glamour. READ MORE

Keri Hilson Pummeled by Winehouse Fans For Tweet

Ms. Hilson is taking some serious flak from Amy Winehouse fans on Twitter after she tweeted a pic of a women she thought looked like Winehouse.


Fans quickly jumped on Hilson and berated her post: READ MORE

Last night, Kelly Rowland and a ton of her celebrity friends partied it up at the Moet Lounge in New York City. Beyonce and Michelle were in the building and for a second had what seemed to be a Destiny’s Child reunion. Unfortunately no pictures were snapped of the three together.

It was great to see Bey come out and support Kelly. Do you think she tried to dress down to not cause so much attention to her self? Regardless, Bey still looked fashionable in this loose black jumpsuit. There were a ton of other pictures snapped of the sexy Kelly Rowland who looked stunning in a black strappy dress. READ MORE