Terrance Howard may be in a little bit of hot water with his female fan base as his wife Michelle Howard filed a restraining order against the actor for allegedly beating her and threatening her life. Terrance and Michelle were married in a secret ceremony in January 2010 and Michelle filed for divorce in February of this year citing irreconcilable differences. Read the rest to get the details of the abuse. READ MORE

The Harris family is continuing to show us just how grand their family hustle really is.

With T.I. and Tiny’s new reality show premiering to rave reviews (click here to watch the first episode) to T.I.’s son Domani following in the foot steps of his father (click here to see Domani rap) the Harris family continues to win.

And now we have Tip’s little brother, Bryyce, showing off his rap skills in his new video for his song ‘Win, Lose Or Draw’.

Check out the video inside. READ MORE

Nick Cannon Talks About His New Babies!!

Nick Cannon is a proud father and not afraid to show it!  The Nick Cannon is a proud father and not afraid to show Nick Cannon is a proud father and not afraid to show it!  Theit!  comedian/actor/host recently spoke to US Weekly about his twin babies, Moroccan and Monroe stating that the two are saying words now!

“They say words, they do! Not too many words. Just mamma, dadda, and babba. That’s it!”

Aww how sweet! The doting dad went on to say to talk about how his outlook on life has changed since “dembabies” arrived. Continue reading to see what Nick had to say about fatherhood READ MORE

Our good friend Keyshia Cole showed off her new look via her twitter page (@keyshiacole) earlier this week and we are loving it.

Keyshia cole has always been a chameleon as far as hair goes so it’s really no surprise that she is rocking a longer look these days.

Keyshia also appears to be wearing the new “it” make-up trend with the leopard print temporarily tattooed lips.

Check out another photo of Ms.

Keyshia below and also take a look at the new video for the ‘Frankie Leg’ by her mother Frankie Lons after the cut. READ MORE

Astro Says He Did Not Get Signed To Roc Nation

Astro, also known as the Astronomical Kid, has entertained audiences around the world as the first rapper contendant on the ‘X-Factor’ competition and although he was recently eliminated from the competition the world has been anticipating who would sign the Brooklyn native rapper. Rumors soon began circulating that the rapper made a deal with Jay Z and his Roc Nation label but upon his first visit to B.E.T’s 106 and Park the rapper said that that deal has not been made. Check inside for more of what Astro had to say to his many “astronaunts”.  READ MORE

Ludacris Launches Educational Website For Kids

Atlanta rap star Ludacris is known for his contributions to the rap game, movies and various charities. He’s now adding  something extra to his lenghtly resume bylaunching a new educational website called, dedicated to his 10-year-old daughter, Karma Bridges.

The website is an interactive world for kids, featuring original pop songs with educational lyrics, as well as games and stories that kids can teaches children from grades 1 to 3 and 4 to 6 academic lessons about math, science and geography, as well as ethical and social responsibilities like manners, honesty and kindness. That’s very clever of Luda! READ MORE

Shaquille O’Neal has come clean with his past in his new tell-all-book and even made light of his many infidelities with his comedic abilities but one of his old sidepieces, Vanessa Lopez, is not going away so easily. Vanessa Lopez has filed a lawsuit against the former NBA star,  claiming he has assaulted her, caused her emotional distress, as well as some other claims. See what happens when you keep putting your hand in the cookie jar? I guess Shaq learned nothing from Kobe. Shaunie O’Neal is somewhere sipping a glass of wine and laughing her head off..check inside for more deets on Shaq’s newest legal woes. READ MORE

A jury on Wednesday convicted a former professional wrestler of 14 felonious assault counts alleging he had sex with women without telling them he had tested positive for the virus that causes AIDS. Hamilton County jurors deliberated over two days before returning the verdict against Andre Davis, of Cincinnati.

 Prosecutors said the 29-year-old Davis, who wrestled using stage names including Gangsta of Love, Sweet Sexy Sensation and Andre Heart, violated state law by not telling a dozen sex partners about his HIV status or lying to them.
Davis’ attorney, Greg Cohen, told WLWT-TV he would appeal the verdict. He said the state law regarding HIV and felonious assault is poorly written because it doesn’t require proof that there has been “harm or an attempt to commit harm.”


All 12 of the women who accused Davis testified that they had unprotected sex with him and he either never told them or lied about HIV, which can be transmitted through unprotected sex.

The judge, citing medical privacy laws, prohibited attorneys from bringing up whether any of the women was infected with the virus. Prosecutor Amy Tranter told WLWT that the case involved a great deal of testimony and that jurors considered evidence “step by step.” READ MORE