Paris Hilton Signs to Cash Money Records

PrettyWriter1 May 22 13 2 Comments


Paris Hilton is the newest member of the Cash Money Records family.


Is this a joke?


Does Paris Hilton even like black people? Does she rap? What is really going on down there!

This is soooooo funny man!

Not a joke or a rumor so it seems that socialite Paris Hilton has signed a recording deal with Cash Money Records. That is right Paris is the newest non talented artist to join the label headed by rapper/skateboarder/NBA groupie/multiple baby father Lil Wayne.


If you are still saying WTF….I am right there with you.

If you remember Paris released an album in 2006 that went double wood so what would make anyone take her serious enough to sign her a record deal.

She claims her new album will be mostly house music which is nothing more than fast heavily auto-tune music.

Can you imagine a song with Paris Hilton, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne….yeah me either!!!! #Epic Fail


Let us know your thoughts on Paris Hilton being the newest member to Cash Money Records.

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Pictures via: Instagram.

2 Comments to “Paris Hilton Signs to Cash Money Records”

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