There are reports that a minister is infecting women in the  Full Gospel Church in Atlanta congregation with HIV. Not only is he passing along a deadly disease but he is reportedly married as well which means he is also committing adultery. Since the story hit the media the pastor of the church has decided to speak out to try and separate himself and the congregation from the incident saying that he is not a minister there, but only the husband of his assistant and is not a member. This is what Straightfromthea reports:


The man he is speaking of is Craig Lamar Davis and while the Bishop attempts to separate himself from the chatter, he actually just made it a bit more interesting.

Morton admits that Craig is the husband of his assistant, but he states it’s not a Full Gospel problem.

Bishop Paul Sylvester Morton, who heads Full Gospel the church, recently issued a bit of clarification on the matter via the social networking site, twitter.


What do you think about the tweets by Bishop Morton. Do you think he is correct in feeling like this is not a church issue? Do you think he helped the situation, or just made himself look bad now?

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