PETA Dog’s Chris Brown Over Puppy Selling Business

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Chris Brown’s pitbull puppy selling venture isn’t going over well with animal rights activists. In an attempt to fizzle out some of the backlash, Chris Brown attempted to show off his softer side by tweeting a picture of himself looking after his adorable pets. Brown posted an image of himself relaxing at home with his pooches, kicking back on a sofa as he did a spot of dog sitting. 

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is blasting the R&B star for selling the animals at one-thousand-dollars a pup.


PETA tells E! News that while Brown counts his money all the way to the bank, animal shelters are counting bodies in a barrel.


They say wonderful dogs are being put down in shelters across the country for lack of a good home.


The SPCA is also against Brown’s selling of the pups saying,

“The one-thousand-dollar price tag for a Chris Brown puppy could be better spent saving the lives of shelter animals.”
The singer’s reps previously defended Chris’ pitbull puppy sale through the website  They say Brown loves animals and is just making sure the pups find good homes.  The litter reportedly came from Brown’s family dogs in Virginia.

3 Comments to “PETA Dog’s Chris Brown Over Puppy Selling Business”

  1. stacy says:

    I am so sick of these bullies harassing and trying to force famous people to do what they want its sad. if they not harassing someone to pose nude they throwing paint at u. get a life

  2. [...] dogs in Virginia. However, Chris Brown has come under fire from various animal rights groups, like PETA who say that selling the puppies for $1,000 dollars each isn’t right, especially since the money [...]

  3. punkim says:

    PETA needs to go jump off a cliff. These nut cakes really need to get a life. They are Bullies and the nerve to tell somebody what they cannot sell their puppies or dogs for. What are these people smoking; mushrooms, LSD how crazy can people get. Damn and the wealthy sociality let them get away with this crap? You need to get a list of everyone of PETA’s members name and take them to court for infringing upon your rights. Or just turn the tables around on them if PETA members want to throw paint on you then return the favor double fold go to their homes and throw permanent paint on them and all their belongs. Real life Bullies

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