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Petey Pablo Sentenced to 35 months

It’s a done deal. Rapper Petey Pablo has been sentenced to 35 months, in federal prison, after pleading guilty to charges of possessing a stolen handgun, TMZ reported. Last year, we told you about the 37-year-old rapper getting arrested at Raleigh-Durham International Airport in North Carolina while trying to board a flight headed to Los Angeles.

In case you forgot, authorities found a loaded firearm in his bag. The “Raise Up” and “Freak-a-Leek” artist claimed to own the pistol, but investigators later discovered the gun to be stolen. Sources say the gun had been proven to be stolen during a burglarly of a home in Gardena, California back in 2005. Petey Pablo was tried in a Greensville, North Carolina courtroom.

TMZ says there is no word on when sentencing will begin.

Spotted @TMZ

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