Taren Guy hosted Luv & Learn Your Hair Tour featuring the owner of Carol’s Daughter Lisa Price, Too Groovy Salon Owner Robin Glover, and others for a night of natural hair disucssions, beauty tips, and Hairfinity.


Ladies I am trying to get your all “RIGHT” this season.  FreddyO loves the girls and want all his readers to look good and to feel good. What better way than to get that head together. A head full of healthy hair is an instant upgrade. Shawty let me upgrade you! Let me upgrade your hair!

Check out the details below.

The Luv & Learn Your Hair Tour swept through Atlanta dropping off hair products, discussions, and vitamins for all of the ladies who came out to this wonderful event. As a man I found myself in awe of all the pretty girls. Man there were some hot girls in the building. As I strolled around 595 North taking pictures and introducing myself I learned that hair is a BIG DEAL for the lovely ladies in Atlanta. Many wore expressions of happiness and excitement as they hung on to every word of blogger/vlogger Taren Guy who rocked a halo of blond curls in a hot girl dress. Yes Taren I saw you girl!


Taren was joined by the visionary and co-sponsor of the Luv & Learn Your Hair Tour the lovely Ms. Lisa Price of Carol’s Daughter. Lisa Price is a shining example of being true to one’s values and providing a quality product that the marketplace need and want. Ms. Price is that BOSS chick in hair care and black entreprenuership. Lisa Price graciously worked the room between the discussion to take pictures and answer questions about her wonderful hair products, hair care tips, or just to recieve a little love and admiration.


Atlanta beauty salon owner and master stylist Robin Glover was on site giving hair advice and doing improntu public big chops. For the men a big chop is when a woman decide to cut off all of her hair and go natural. There were a couple of ladies brave enough to get their hair cut in front of an audience of 300 onlookers. I had to get those pictures! When my homie Leslie of Hairfinity told me they were cutting off hair live and in living color. I could not believe it and had to see it for myself!


It was definitely a great evening for the women of Atlanta. The lucky ladies of Charlotte are up next for the big event that will include Hairfinity, Taren Guy, Carol’s Daughter and tons of fun.


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