And as the lights go dim on another legendary Atlanta night spot we say farewell to Club Crucial.

Young Thug hosted this going away party along with family and friends during this star studded night. Click MORE to see the full gallery plus details.

Okay so first things first shout out to Derrick for having such an awesome club in Atlanta for the past 10 years. A crazy feat in and of it self. Also for this being one of the places FreddyO got his start in photography. First place he met the likes of the then up and coming TI.

Speaking of TI the whole Bankhead came out in full effect. Young Thug along with his girlfriend (Jerrika Karlae) and sisters kept it moving in the establishment that has host everyone from R. Kelly to Lil Wayne.

We bring a close to this club as owner Derrick goes into the restaurant business and Young Thug gears up for the Rich Gang Tour coming off of another Rich Gang mixtape featuring himself, Rich Homie Quan & Birdman.

Great night and great people. Club Crucial will be missed.

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