Filming is underway for ‘Escape Plan 2’. This week, we spotted Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson on set, along with singer Chilli, Jamie King and Sylvester Stallone.

What a wonderful and amazing experience working with the legendary actor Sly Stallone @officialslystallone on #escapeplan2 . A true honor! #actor #boxing #film #filmmaking #actionmovie #rocky

This is gonna be a lot more grittier than the first film @50cent Yeaterday on set of ESCAPE PLAN 2 #50cent #escapeplan2 #effenvodka #Gunit #MjeBoyz

Earlier this month, we reported that 50 is re-teaming with Stallone for “Escape Plan 2,” reprising his role as tech specialist, Hush. The first film was released in 2013 and made over $112 million worldwide.

Actress Jaime King, ex-MMA star Dave Bautista and director, Steven C. Miller have all signed on for the sequel, alongside 50 Cent. In the original film, Stallone’s character, Ray Breslin, was an expert structural engineer, who was trapped in the world’s most secret and secure prison of his own design. He hatched a plan to escape with fellow prisoner Emil Rottmayer, portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger. No word if Schwarzenegger will reprise his role.

50 Cent currently stars on and executive produces the Starz hit series Power, which wrapped production of its fourth season earlier this month. He can also be seen in the upcoming film “Den of Thieves” with Gerard Butler, set to be released early next year.

The plot and how it will relate to the original film and production details for “Escape Plan 2” is currently unknown.

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