Singer D. Woods formerly of Danity Kane is back on the scene with new music, new goals, and a fresh prespective, and she shared her thoughts with us at her private listening party at Atlanta’s The BQE Lounge.

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Singer D. Woods says “it was nothing personal and that doors open and close in life and partnerships for a reason” when asked about her departure from hit girl group Danity Kane. D. Woods is in a great place in life working on music, building non-profits, and working on iconic music collaborations that feeds her passion for music.


The lovely singer has been putting in time and refining her hustle by doing focusing on her sound, working on a non-profit to help high school aged youth called “The Foolish Dreamer” inspired by song with the same title she collaborated with her sister on a couple of years ago. She was exicted about working on the stage play “A Mother’s Love” that was set to hit 30 cities before it was prematurely pulled.

D. Woods wants her fans to know that she is shaking and making things happen. D excitedly shared her first single from her forthcoming new solo project called “Your Tattoo” featuring Paul Wall coming this winter.  She proudly shared that she’s now in charge of her music which means we will hear D. Woods loud and clear.

D. Woods is in a great place musically; you can hear it in her voice as she jams with Rapper Paul Wall. The singer charmed her guests at The BQE Lounge with music and promises that her upcoming project is going to be EPIC.

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