The lovely Demetria McKinney and Cynthia Bailey was spotted at Kontrol Magazine’s Fabulous at Every Age Launch Party last night at Bar One. The party was epic as we cheered on the homies over at Kontrol Magazine and celebrate the beauty of my girls with drinks, food, and delicious cupcakes.

Check out the details below.


In the Pre-Fall issue of “The Fabulous at Every Age,” Kontrol Magazine is celebrating the hustle of Demetria McKinney and Cynthia Bailey. As you know these two have taken the I PLEDGE TO HUSTLE mantra on as a way of life.


They are not only fabulous but truly ambitious and winning. Cynthia Bailey and Demetria McKinney will be the faces of “The Fabulous at Every Age” issue that showcase summer and pre-fall fashion, feature stories from Terri J. Vaughn, Andre Hall, Africa Miranda, and beauty secrets from Liberty’s makeup artist Jeremy Dell. The issue was released on August 18th and is now available for purchase.


The homie Julian Lark and crew were there to toast an amazing issue and a great event. There were many notables in the house including


Peter Thomas cheering his boo on!


Reco Chappele showing the girls lots of love and support!


The beautiful Bo Talley showing her love and support.


Nothing Bundt Cakes tried to steal the show. They were so good!

It was a fun evening at Bar One. Check out all of the sights below:

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