My homie Lil Scrappy is going to have a case thanks to a bunch of racist salon owners. Catch this; Scrappy and Erica had planned to host an ultra girlie birthday party for their little princess. They picked the spot. They paid the money. They were turned away because they are BLACK PEOPLE.


What the what?

Check out the details below.


“Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Lil Scrappy saved the day after his daughter experienced a little racism as a birthday gift. Erica and Lil Scrappy had to console their baby girl after a RACIST salon refused to serve them because they are BLACK! Can you believe that?

Scrappy placed a down payment on the salon. When Erica arrived for the pamper party the salon wouldn’t let them in. They said because she was 20 minutes late for a 2.5 hour appointment but we know the truth.


When Scrappy complained, citing the down payment they already paid … he says the people running the place — who are white — allegedly told him they didn’t want to serve “you people.”

Cops were called — because Scrappy didn’t want to leave without a refund on his down payment — but officers got him half the money … and the salon agreed to mail the rest, so he left.

But that did not spoil the day they just took the party to the party to a kid friendly spot and I got the opportunity to hear all about the drama and wish baby girl a very happy birthday!

Check it out below.

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