IMG_0222Frank Ski, legendary radio host, restauranteur and philanthropist hosted his annual extraordinary event to raise funds to benefit The Frank Ski Kids Foundation. The evening unites his love of wine and philanthropy. Hailed as one of the most anticipated annual events in Atlanta, Ski’s fundraiser was absolutely EPIC from the guest and the charitable givers. Check out the details below.

The wine tasting featured rare and vintage varietals from the vineyards of Silver Oak, Opus One and The Hess Collection. The live auction boast premium items. Past favorites being authentic sports memorabilia, trained French bulldogs, a harmonica autographed by Stevie Wonder and an exclusive VIP wine tour and dinner in Napa Valley, California, article via Fresh Tix… Of course you know team Freddyo was in the building to capture this great event. Celebrities such as Demetria Mckinney (Singer, Actress and new member of Atlanta Housewives), Claudia Jordan (Radio Personality and another new member of Housewives of Atlanta, Actor Extraordinaire Carl Payne, former Mayor Bill Campbell, Frank Ski’s lovely wife Tanya Rodriguez served as hostess, just to name a few were definitely in the building ! Check out the photos courtesy of Briana Crudup !


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