RHOA’s Sheree Whitfield recently joined Celebrity Chef Rob in the kitchen of his wildly popular Atlanta restaurant “Chef Rob’s Caribbean Cafe” for a special CNN segment that will soon air nationwide.  A long time patron of the restaurant, Sheree put on the Chefs hat for a day to learn some of Chef Rob’s secrets to making her favorite dishes! 


Prior to celebrating 6 years of success with his cafe, Chef Rob was hand selected by P.Diddy to open the Justin’s restaurant in New York and Atlanta. Chef Rob Gayle has prepared cuisine for Atlanta’s Mayor, Coretta Scott King, Usher, Akon, Jennifer Lopez, LA Reid and more. 

Usher at Chef RobsHe has become a staple in Atlanta’s culinary circuit, and was most recently voted “Fan Favorite” at the 2013 Atlanta Chef’s Expo.   Now channeling his business savvy into an additional venture, Chef Rob’s Upscale Lounge, guests can rest assure that it will equally satiate their appetite for the ultimate lounge experience.

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ChefRobsUpscaleLounge.com / ChefRobsCafe.com

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