Gregg Leakes threw an amazing intimate birthday party for NeNe Leakes at STK Atlanta surrounded by close family and friends. NeNe Leakes discovered an earlier surprise party and told her hubby not to do anything special for her birthday. 


Gregg heard her words and decided to fly in close family from out-of-town and to pull together their close friends to throw an amazing birthday bash for his lady. The big homie Gregg does it BIG. He shut down STK Atlanta and we partied the night away with good food, good drinks, and wonderful company.
Check out the fun details below.


The big homie Gregg Leakes shut down STK Atlanta for his wife NeNe Leakes and twenty of their closes friends and family members. Gregg had to be slick because NeNe was not trying to have a big party this birthday. She just wanted to chill. She just wanted to relax. Gregg had planned on throwing a huge party at the Ritz Carlton in Atlanta but NeNe got wind of his party plans and canceled the party.


NeNe told Greg that he was to never ever in this life throw her a suprise party. Gregg allowed the Ritz Carlton party to be canceled but he quickly got on the phone with the homies over at STK to plan this intimate affair. Gregg flew in NeNe’s relatives. Gregg contacted all of NeNe’s friends. Gregg got to work and made sure that NeNe did not know about this surprise party. In fact that slick Gregg had NeNe thinking she was going to have a quiet double date with their friends Chuck and Mynique Smith.


Boy was she surprised when she walked into to STK Atlanta to find her friends but that whole restaurant shut down just for her! The big homie Gregg truly knows how to throw a surprise party!


NeNe Leakes is in a very happy place. She is extremely blessed with a happy family and a career that is running like wild-fire. She has a new production company NeNe Leakes Production!. She will have creative license over her brand and other creative projects. This is definitely the season for the Leakes. Check out the amazing birthday party below.


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